The Editorial!

Steve Erdmann’s Dissenter/Disinter Group Editorial Comments

“Warning” to those who join the Dissenter/Disinter Group: Facebook’s new algorithm automatically ‘subtracts’ members rather than add them correctly! It was not like this a few months ago. This has been reported to Facebook numerous times, without result! An accounting has been started today of all members added to the Dissenter/Disinter Group to document their miscreant functioning. I ask ‘you’ computer programming and mathematician experts out there: what kind of accounting is Facebook using and how would you address this problem? Please help me investigate this and make complaints. A Facebook Help Desk comment on Google says they are “scrubbing-out” non-active Group members: Who and why are they making those indiscriminate decisions (they don’t do that with Friends on Timelines): sounds more like censorship, that would actually be a private matter between Administrators and the members, and not done arbitrarily and against their will (why even try to get members if they’re going to be knifed in the back (or, solicit new members to a Group)?

SE – Once again, we try to explain (as we have done in the past several times) our general approach to news, the media, politics. Here is a reproduction of private comments in a reply to one of my critics:

“We like some of your ideas, facts, and thoughts, and we welcome them – if presented within reason and decor. This is what we don’t like and try to avoid: Stephen Erdmann: We promote very few human endeavors in an absolute sense, Russian or otherwise, as all fail and all fall within the scope of the loop of human evil and frailty. We look for those foes that all humankind seems to be battling from ‘any’ corner they are hunkered in.

“This Group is not a ‘platform’ for one single person’s private opinions or ‘sermons.’ It is a ‘forum’ whereby ‘all’ have an opportunity to add to the ongoing investigation. Hopefully, most will participate and not just become ‘observers.’ Likewise, this Group will not become monopolized by the thinking and propaganda of just one individual – this was not its purpose.

“We are not affiliated with the KKK or any other political faction said that many times, over and over, as well as has explained why we present all sides of news and media questions, without censorship, if possible. We are against the Military/Industrial/Corporate/Complex/Matrix (MICCM) and all its ‘isms,’ ‘cants,’ ‘crats,’ ‘cans,’ and  ‘doms.’ All it takes to see this and prove it, is to use your mouse or enter scroll and have a strong browser and investigate back to 2011. We refuse to become any one person’s private, personal pulpit (that is why you have your own Timeline). We allow most to speak their minds continually here — even to the point of opulently and often stuporous ferociousness — over and over — but apparently that is not good enough for a few. It takes a strong mind and will to live under the 1st Amendment and really abide by it.

“When I say ‘we,’ I usually mean ‘me’ – though I am speaking editorially on behalf of all those members who follow and agree with the Preamble religiously — they get the idea and message — and are giving me their full support.

“All the twisting, stretching, and manipulating of my stated words and intended feelings will not help these matters, and being completely uncompromising, unreasonable and deliberately uncouth certainly won’t help either.

“Please, read my text and postings in their full context and their entirety, if possible, to adjust to the real story and picture I present. Don’t settle for ‘half-baked’ interpretations or careless understanding.

“When any one person begins to use these spaces as solely his or her private podium to demonized (and shout down or otherwise badger) all other voices, he will be informed and given a mandate to cease and desist. This is a ‘forum’ Group and that connotes some fairness and inspection and equipoise of one’s behavior: we hope that each member will reflect on their behavior and not allow it to become effluvium.”

(This does not mean we will allow boring, tiring, inaccurate propaganda about the alleged Israel-cabal of so-called Zionism, which in many cases is far too short-sighted when it concerns the worldwide Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix (MICCM). Well documented pieces on ‘how’ Zionism is part and parcel of the “overall” MICCM, might be tolerated; but, singling out propaganda trying to prove Hitler was virtuous and the killing of the Jewish population as justified, will not be tolerated.

We do not automatically share anti-Semitic views and do not state everyone should or does. In fact, those that appear to be promoted from a Hate standpoint usually won’t coexist on this Group. This Group does not endorse, knowingly, anti-Semitic propaganda per se and any Hate Speech that is the basis for it.)

We are here to promote ‘news’ from all different angles and sources, it is not my or anyone else’s purpose to knowingly or even unknowingly ‘prejudge’ the news, unless it becomes so apparent it is false there is no other alternative. But getting to that point can be a rocky and wearisome struggle. We have no prejudice about exposing ‘multiple’ viewpoints, because we realize that reality is multi-sided, often multidimensional, complicated and not always easily discernible: so we present many sides of that struggle. If you read my editorial comments, you should see that I have no particular stake in the sordid political fights and feel such political ‘gamesmanship’ is illusory and almost impossible. Some people feel that such deception is beyond their party, club or faction. You may feel yours is Holy, as well. I doubt that sanctimoniousness. Only the strong-minded need to tread here. That closed-mindedness of “my viewpoint only” needs to be “taken down.”

It won’t help to distance yourself from exercising your 1st Amendment Rights or having a scientifically critical viewpoint of the way life really is. Being Cheshire Cats or Mad Hatters, neither, or the way humans use delusion to cover the crimes of fellow humans down through the centuries. They now call Hollywood La-La Land for a reason. We all want to be ‘happy,” or try to be, and relish the moments that can be described as such—who wouldn’t?— but the age-old conflicts that are weighing down on so many in society, like maimed soldiers with PTSD — can’t foolishly ignore the conflicts.

A lot of people don’t want to fall into the greedy hands and the vicious, heartbreaking, devastating grip of the Legal Cabal and lawyers who eagerly waiting your downfall and falter into the henchmen hands and courtroom manipulations of distorting reality and controlling your life in as much pain and anguish and loss as possible. You have to example the alternatives, but when confronted, especially with prior knowledge, it might be best to look to each other rather than the Powerbrokers and the Big Brothers. Unfortunately, many are just babes in the woods and don’t know yet what is about to befall them.

It’s all about the money and how the Legal Cabal can control the situation; children are used as hostages for ransom, the court room their playground to reconstruct reality: Orwell’s ‘1984’ further realized, and you will, like Winston, if they have their way, “come to love Big Brother.”

It’s all part of a political ‘game’ that they develop in the courtroom to recreate a ‘reality’ that is used against you (much like the political world in George Orwell’s ‘1984’), been saying that for some time now; and the bigger “gunslinger” and ‘stick-carrier’ more or less wins. Not much different then olden medieval jousts or Roman gladiator fights.

There is a big difference between a source that publishes outright invented news, and a source—or sources—that you just “don’t like,” or says things that are philosophically different than your views or opinions. Things said on the Left spectrum and the Right Spectrum may annoy us, but they have the Constitutional Right to speak and be heard by willing listeners (you can always turn a deaf ear to the opinion). Myself, I think both sides of the “aisle” are filled with evil intentions and hogwash, but that shouldn’t prevent me printing interesting ‘tidbits,’ unless I decide one day to go completely “off the grid.”

Political terms, names and meanings have evolved, changed, and transformed over the years as many other concepts that have also transmogrified. Some “liberal” concepts once seemed to uphold “freedom,” ‘free speech’ and protected ‘human rights’: now have turned into a ‘power-based’ ‘force’ to change society, even if by ‘radical’ or ‘militant’ means. Some blatantly attack those idealistic overtures the Founding Fathers alluded to (some hiding behind those precepts but being actually treacherous to them). Conservatives tried to parade themselves as preserving the principals that were expounded underlying the Founding Fathers up to and through the Bill of Rights, have much, in the same way, become the lair of the wealthy and ultra-rich which want to control the masses, preserve their power and wealth, and hide behind a disguise of being the protectors of the Rights of Mankind, when they are only another power-based ‘force’ for control and greed using the slavery to the masses. They have far surpassed the British overlords the colonialists fought. All of these have become Monsters.

(I know from experience that security guards are nothing but Whipping Boys, a ‘buffer’ between the Security Guard company, the police and the Landowner (they have three (3) bosses). They are the ‘Fall guys,’ if anything goes wrong, it is their job to take the heat, to not make the Landlords or the company to look bad (nor the police, who often treat them as low, second-class citizens and nothing more). They are given a whole list of phony ‘rules’ to make them robots to ‘slice the heat’ and put on a good ‘public face’ (often at low or very moderate wages), sometimes in very dangerous and life-threatening situations. It is Crony Capitalism at its worst; most guards will not admit this for fear of losing their jobs. They could really tell you some stories: but it would expose the ‘system.’ They are allowed to do what they have to do in order to ‘protect’ this ‘status quo and system.’ I am quite sure this goes beyond the Security Guard profession, and the same mentality exists in most businesses and professions, one way or the other.)

Yes, we have covered this phenomena every now and then since 2011. I’ve been through the Divorce Racket (and other rackets) over the years and have tried to speak out in various formats and scenarios; it all follows a common thread. It makes one wonder why we are fighting each other, rather than the ‘common enemy.’ That enemy is hard to see and I’ve done what I can to expose it and make it visible. These pages are open to fellow dissidents and ‘explorers’ and ‘exposers.’ You’re welcome to tell your stories here and add to the exposition. It is all part of a megalith monster I call the Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex- Matrix (MICCM).

Those that have been through an unwanted divorce, and even a wanted one, to some degree, are aware of the trauma, nervous fatigue, and other psychological damage done—along with other life incidents—resulting in a form of PTSD. I would be the last one to tell someone how to live, as there are too many factors. Avoid elitist nay-sayers who are usually the cause of the problem that you are in, as they are usually narcissists. There is an ‘upside’ to these battles, and it is usually found within you somehow and can be reinforced by fellow victims, possibly.

Concerning a separate and special Right for Women Manifesto: Don’t know why it has to be signature by “women” as these are basic Human Rights for all mankind, male or female, which, unfortunately many women, in their symbiotic and parasitic alliance with the Legal Industry Cabal, causes them to tarnish and violate those basic Rights for both Men and Women. See how far these Rights go without falling into the trap (as they have already been) of being used or overtaken by the MICCM and other Legal Industry Masterminds which only serve their own Power, Profit and Prestige.

You are seeing the dark crevices of the Legal Cabal and its influence over humans. It is not a female/male thing, necessarily, but an allowance of human perversity personified by the workings of the Legal Industry. You are experiencing the gun-ho workings of the system on individuals, as many men have experienced, but the system forces on everyone for profit and power. It is as old as “slavery.”

“Outspoken” should pertain to those who are proven to be true heroes opposing physical and psychological dangers, as opposed to brats and punks, calling themselves adults, trashing, and destroying others for very vain and greedy purposes.

It is equally infuriating to be unnecessarily misquoted and misunderstood, when an opponent or debater is just flouting his ingrained and innate propaganda brainwashed into him from birth and is making no attempt to truly analyze and comprehend what you are telling them. Sometimes, their minds are so closed, they just ignore anything you say or do. Instead of approaching the arguments from “in your shoes,” they continue to be the little robots our society has invented and further spiel the usual venom and grade-school invectiveness in which they have ‘not’ tried to unlearn.

I am at a point in my life that I want to undo the evils that I forgot or refused to fight against in my life, and give others a choice to do the same, before it is too late, utilizing my 1st Amendment Rights and no longer turning a blind eye to the fates of the world. To teach others to ‘think’ and discover and use their mind, not to become simple sheep and blind slaves to those who control their reality: Take off their masks, those little deceiving priests!

People get stuck in very old ideologies, concepts and “isms” and refuse to move out of those ‘boxes.’ We always like to think that we are the ones that are wearing the ‘white hats,’ and are the ‘only’ ones that know how to wear them and, even, the only ones that know where to ‘buy’ them: when they are just grey, smudged, soiled and fraying old hats that have been passed around for generations through many, many secret hands.

“Some kind” of compromise and “understanding” is always needed when these debates appear and try to look at “root” problems and not bring up too many private situations; and even then, always be willing to compromise and see each other’s point-of-view. Other than that, as I have said many times previously, the terms “fascist, liberal, left, right” are thrown around too loosely and with no historical meaning, always being projected from each person’s “private boxes.”

We shouldn’t condemn ‘socialism’ any more than ‘conservatism’: both are aimless, meaningless terms that don’t reflect the hidden agendas they are used for: fascist control and imperial elitism, the real enemy. At least ‘socialism’ had a true and genuine use in history well before America came into being and the bastardization of political terms. Most “political sensations” are nothing but masks to hide our inner evils and to gang together and destroy each other rather than help each other. A lot of national patriotism is the same baby-gook. We tend to fall for false histories, rather than the real histories: take off your masks little priests! Stop living in a world of ancient slogans and worn-out propaganda created by deceptive brain controllers and illusory political ideals.

Putting your full faith behind any one political party or personage is like trying to find virtue in a whorehouse: there are no such animals. Tyrannical and fascistic thinking are par for the course in any arena of life: it is the way humanoids operate. Ideologies are things only on ‘paper’: the real world should circumnavigate those illusory dreams and get down to the true facts; take off your masks, little priests.

I am the real oddball: and I have been sick and tired of the masking and erroneous parading of the so-called “Political Parties” for some time; watching the circus of flying monkeys never changes, even when one monkey is somewhat likable and seems to be alien to all the rest, it never changes. Still, we forge ahead and root and rant like the Romans at the Coliseum.

‘Pure’ Capitalism has never existed, nothing politically and socially has ever existed as ‘pure.’ It is easy to write something on paper and claim it is pristine and infallible, but quite another to see it operate in cold, stark reality. So-called Americanism as Capitalism was corrupted right out of the gate (i.e., see past postings and comments elsewhere). It is nice to write idealistic doctrine, but quite another thing to see it corrupted, inadequate, and having no fail-safe due to the monstrosity of the human condition. I know all about the dictionary definition but applying it to real human accomplishments is a pipedream, daydream, fable that has never really existed in all practically. I ‘sure as hell’ see proof of that every day.

So-called “Capitalism” has had its problems too, part of which redesigning what is a theory on ‘paper’ and inventing it according to our own evil images, in the form of Crony Capitalism, Fascism, etc., etc. Like so much in life, there never has been “pure” Capitalism (like there have never been ‘pure’ heroes, or ‘pure’ religion, or ‘pure’ politics) because any such “ism” is run by nefarious and weak and inhumane “humans.” We have a classical bent to destroy, pervert and warp the things about us. It is just one of many fairy tales and play-toys that humans like to toss around and manipulate. Looking for this Holy Grail (like looking for the Golden Fleece) is ‘fun’ and can be used to bolster our usual Id Monsters (to take a metaphor from the movie FORBIDDEN PLANET), but it is in no way ‘reality.’

Capitalism is a cheap term used on paper only, a fairy-tale used by mega-Monsters to wave in the face of others and hide behind their own magnanimous quests to control and prosper—it is a concept on paper, an ideology, that does not truly represent what is actually being done in reality. Crude Crony Mercantilism as a guise to hide under a fictitious Capitalism might be another way to describe it, but no matter what term you use, it has never really existed, any more than “pure” Communism, “pure” Christianity, or other “pure” ‘isms’ which we use to mask the real person or the real institution as it should be nakedly exposed for what it “is” and for what is really being done in all their corrupt and inglorious actions. Being a Monster in any fashion, no matter, how wealthy or powerful, does not justify its existence, Might does not Make Right, as history blatantly shows, and the defense of such corruption and any extension or characteristic of it only shows the evil it is and continues to become. Thank you Dorian Gray.

Fighting each other instead of the common enemy: what a waste! Some members are correct when they say America has strong fascist elements, but America is “not” the ‘only’ place that this evil does and can take root. We are overemphasizing the wrong places, time and things! Why is it that vampires can’t see themselves in the mirror?

It would appear that “enslavement” — or slavery — is a universal, ingrained mechanism of human nature — a very cruel and often contradictory facet of humans: which we can see today as it is incorporated, mechanized and used in our Modern World; and it is aimed at and applied “to all humans” (except for those who try to rule and use enslavement).

The vile vindictiveness that the public is confronted with by many judges in the legal system goes beyond the words “fair and equal justice,” where the lives of citizens become mere playthings in the Westworld-type of robotic recreation on the floors of the courthouse. The worldwide multi-billion-dollar Legal Industry has permeated every fiber of our lives and directed our realities to the dictates of this despotic Puppet-Master. Ask any divorce man or domestic court victim, they will attest that a man has only five (5) foes when he enters the system: his lawyer, her lawyer, the judge, her innate sexuality and the status quo.

Many live in their little “isms” they were raised in from birth and do not look beyond or question who are the core sponsors (do you have a mirror; can you look in a mirror?). They do not realize how intricately they are crafted and brainwashed. They are robotized goose-stepping zombies, and there is no changing. The MICCM has trained them well.

No concept or leaf is left alone by the MICCM: it is part of evil human nature, even so-called national pride or patriotism. Look down through history and see how often humans have used these for evil and destructive purposes.

The human being is love-challenged and intelligence-challenged and has proved themselves as such down through history. The humans believe that owning tons of money makes them superior to their fellow creatures and creating millions of enslaved and blindly devoted employees makes themselves even better rulers and elitists. It has always been that way, on the micro and macro levels; they also abhor psychological mirrors and will even kill to the death if their empires are challenged, taking millions of fellow humans to their death. They “group” in mutual ‘clubs’ as a way to protect and even ‘mask’ their true natures.

Reality is shifting beneath your very own feet: what we have been taught about the righteousness of the Left or Right, Democrats or Republicans, this ‘wing,’ or that ‘wing,’ and we do not reflect the innate and basic social realities that are taking place before our own eyes. In my years since July 27, 1944, based on my experience and the questions I have asked, and my eyes have seen, we have been deluded over and over, from the day we were born. See my past comments. When confronting attorneys in private and putting hard questions to them, often in confidence, many have said there is no real freedom, anywhere, in any party — that they are in control and they hold allegiance to no one but their Bar Association cabal. Right out of Orwell’s 1984, but only worse and complete. This: because all “isms” are under the evil rule of the “Humans.” Humans that glorify every evil act they do as good and pure: it won’t change, and we won’t challenge it unless we see the real “enemy.” We will continue to form “clubs” (social and physical) — and expound those clubs — with power and greed and evil to be used as ‘clubs’ against each other — until this final Truth becomes too evident to deny.

These lawyers have opened a Pandora’s box. In my meetings with attorneys, they have shown hardened, darkened commitment to fascistic, despotic rule by corporate giants and big business, in stark, no-uncertain-terms—those terms are evident in the elements of its manufacture, such as Fire-At-Will laws and the disrespect of Human Rights.

An editor from the Wall Street Journal hit the nail right on the head: it is all about money. You pay enough so your lawyer can split a little off for the other lawyer and the judge, and after paying a small fortune, you get some of what you want. It is all a recreated reality done in the court room to the tune of the dollar bill. It is sad, that is true, but this is the way humans operate. Sometimes, however, one lawyer just does not want to look bad to the other lawyer, or the judge, and will sell you out just to keep in tight with the Club. The Legal Cabal is very much a part of the MICCM and controls our reality, it’s a “‘Big Club,’ and you are not in it!” (Carlin). I mentioned one time to an editor of the Wall Street Journal that perhaps a RICO suit should be brought against the Bar Association, and he asked how I would get the money to do that, and that, here again, it is a lawyer suing fellow lawyers; it ain’t going to happen. How can we get over this insurmountable wall? I’ll join in a Foundation to fight lawyers, if others will come with me. Let me know.

Note the synchronistic similarities between corporate “government,” popular “government,” social “government,” corporations as “people,” corporate “government” bribing and sleeping with “popular government,” all mixed in what I call the Military/Industrial/Corporate/Complex/Matrix (MICCM) “Government.”

We don’t understand “government.” We think it is a separate entity, alone and separate from us. Government is the darkest, evilest, macabre parts of our own psyche, and when those elements ‘group’ in the various forms and combinations (such as the MICCM) and materialize, we see the Monster ‘we’ have become. In the science-fiction thriller THE FORBIDDEN PLANET, it was called monsters of the ‘id.’ Until we see the true ‘enemy’—us—we will never, ever come to terms or defeat it.

Part of the problem is our throwing terms around for loose and lop-sided reasons without any real background or roots. These are enormously powerful people in the IMF and the United Nations, they are not a bunch of poor people trying to grub-up a livable wage for themselves. All this talk about entitlements: some of these ‘official’ people are born-and-breed aristocracy; they don’t know what it is like to live in the slums of India, Africa or the lowest of the low. It is a matter of the wealthy controlling the masses, and it is usually the wealthy that profit and the masses that suffer. They spend billions of media-propaganda-dollars guaranteeing that ‘that’ brainwashing is successful so the masses don’t attack them and “keep the lowly in their place.” That is the way it has always been! What is so sad, is when some of these executives, in a “little-bit-than-better-CEO-middle-class-salary,” actually have convinced themselves they are on the “winning side”—yes, they are actually safely on the side of the “elite”—that is ‘their’ team—and yet they don’t realize or are not aware that this is all self-delusion and they are only a few steps away—in actuality—from their very own destruction as outsiders also. It is all part of the programming by the MICCM.

It is exceedingly difficult and painful to suddenly realize that lullabies and fairy stories are things that are used to placate us and even control us, stories put down on paper, while they make us feel good and justified, are usually used by ourselves against ourselves as weapons hurting or obscuring ourselves. But we keep trudging on, programmed to believe that our ‘pipe dreams’ will come true and the scribbling we have made—or were programmed to make–mean something and will fly off the paper into reality. We can always pretend and hope.

(An aside: We have a ban on personal and unreasonable attacks on each other, or any other excuse one would try to come up with. If some are allowed to attack private family and friends, then any one is allowed to.

Attacks on one’s personal parents, children, or relatives are not allowed for whatever reason one can imagine. No posting or site or Group justifies hitting below the belt: if your arguments are good, they will not sink this low. That is not just espousing another opinion: instead, that is vicious attack.

We welcome all civil comments. We are running into, now and then, more and more, the questionable muck that is so often displayed across the Internet that ‘free speech’ is confused with slander, personal attacks and just being downright nasty and unkind for no other reason. We are happy to see you are not one of them.)

(I am not so sure the Reich disappeared but was transformed into the Fourth Reich, and the transformation and partnerships went further and further: the constant transmogrifications and transformations with partners sleeping in same bed. All the “isms” have blended into sub-Rosa deals: you are dealing with one huge Industrial/Military/Corporate/Complex/Matrix [MICCM]. The Party system is a mask, as are so many other masks. “Take off your mask, little priest,” says murderer Errol Childress to detective Rustin Spence in TRUE DETECTIVE, a mask we all wear and deny. ######################################## 
“He’s saying to take off the mask of his persona. They both know that the whole concept of being a ‘person’ is an illusion, and that everything just repeats over and over again, that good and evil will always exist, and yet Rust continues to fight the ‘good’ fight, because that’s simply his role. He is aware that it is futile, and yet continues this masquerade nonetheless. Errol is telling him to take off his mask and reveal his ‘true’ self; that the darkness is really within him. That this is all just a play, created by himself. A dream that he had within a locked room. And the only way to reveal this truth is in death.” ###################…

 ##### Lindsey Krumhar.) #########


It is sad if we still have to use the terms Liberal and Right as human qualifiers, as if it is a baseball sport, instead of just looking at the people as humans and just look at the facts: without all the banner- “my side versus your side” – waving. Slogans are masks to hide the evil, take off your masks little priests.

How in the world do the readers/members equate “non-coercion” with capitalism, when capitalistic countries have far more than a share of human torment and inhumanity? The fact is: there are no ‘pure’ systems of human relations that are devoid of evil and human mistreatment, be that capitalism or other. A lot of corruption happens in this system, and others, that can’t be gainsaid or explained away with fluffy, pie-in-the-sky make-believe. We need to take off our masks!

I think there is far more fear of the wealthy right-wing tyranny taking over America than the poor, underprivileged underclass swarming the Elite-ruling class. This fear of the “reds” coming to get our money was instilled in the 30-50’s to fight Communism by Intelligence operations in America. You are stuck in an era that was not all-together true. I don’t think presenting you with other evidence will do much good, if you are not willing to move out from behind that propaganda.

Having no great love for the current Parties, or any “ism,” does not mean I cannot pick out those bits and pieces and statements of logic that seem – seem – to point to good directions. It doesn’t mean I am giving “WHOLEHEARTED” endorsement of any Party or organization: just respecting some things that they occasionally say that are reasonable. History – true history – exists as bits and pieces in a large jigsaw puzzle; it is up to us to locate and assemble those pieces in honest efforts.

This should be an independent look at facts and issues, not “wings”: this is not a Kentucky-Fried restaurant. And this so-called “Right wing”—that must be a spicy part of the bird—or are they just Muppets dressed in white robes and gold halos floating around with their all-powerful wands and gimmicks?

This Group is not a hodgepodge of confused (nor a melting pot of all kinds of), aimless political quips and slander: do not come here to just “get something off your chest” – speak with purpose, clarity, and humanity and reason: childish tantrums belong in the alley. We need some new, innovative, investigation and reasoning: not the same old, worn-out, repetitive, ageless tantrums about Left versus Right. If we cannot change – we are lost.

Members are always welcome to state their detailed reasons for disagreement, but usually none are forthcoming. We encourage members to post their own analysis and other areas of news, no matter how disconcerting; but, apparently, most just rather be by-standing critics that have little to say of value.

If you want further specifics other than what is said here: you need to help locate those persons and names and pin down their actual substance and actions: nothing is being handed on a silver-platter, and we ask all to add further names and specific items; you are welcome to do that. Readers are welcome to speak up and demonstrate their findings, rather than vaguely complain. Sometimes, specific and detailed questions bring forth specific and detailed answers, bad questions, bad answers.

I don’t necessarily believe Putin or “anybody”: I try to present a lot of interesting comments and facts with not so much an unduly “prejudgment” so as to get opinions from all sides, rather than censor from some hidden or inner sanctum crap-pot of judgmental facts; and then I sometimes let the chips fall where they may.

(Please read and follow the Preamble, it is there for a reason. While we abhor censorship, but we do have rules: this is not a “let it all hang out” assembly with wild and ravishing comments. Use reason and purpose and humanity.

For all those out there who occasionally complain about the choice of content [and I am fighting the heavy-hand of the 1st Amendment and no censorship as well]: please submit – submit content that you would like to see, be active to this extent, and not just bystanders and curbside spectators.)

We welcome all the stories of tragedy in the lives of people who have encountered the Power Cabal. Most people are unaware of the day-to-day destruction of the family and other ‘taboo’ topics because the Powers-That-Be are not predicated upon its disclosure and they rather hide the cold, stark and naked facts: it would expose their true, evil intentions. Your stories can be told here.

Sadly, corporate enterprises, such as FACEBOOK, are trending to follow in the insanity of despotic corporatism, viewing their use of robots and censorship and Kangaroo Courts: It doesn’t make it right, known as Might Makes It Right syndrome. People have always fought back against this type of tyranny—and always will—unless they are Brain Washed or become corporate lackeys or henchmen. Here is one better: ultimately, your reality is controlled by lawyers and the Bar Associations in a Grand Cabal—what do you do, just give up the spirit and allow them total, complete control? As time goes on, and the technological tools advance and the wealth of the elites also grow, so do the means and tactics of the Power Elites, advancing in tow — step by step, to your demise.

That’s foolish! Obviously, Facebook doesn’t say: “you must agree to pointless censorship and reckless use of rules and unreasonable and dark, unanswerable human treatment and censorship”; they allege to act in a fair and reasonable manner and answerable to common decency and humanity. It is the least that American society expects. True, no one is reasonable and especially those in power, and only corporate lackeys and those of dark, like-minded mentally would agree with it anyway. Some of us have been mistaken, but it is not the first time, and, in our goodwill and generosity, we make false assumptions all the time—–it still does not make it right, but only to the like-minded.

We dance around some of the “core” problems and dress our dance in all kinds of (getting to be) “worn out” slogans, chants, and aimless threats, some very inaccurate, often, pretending to be on the “right side” of history — as the ground is shifting beneath our feet and the very reality of things is and has changed drastically in the matrix before our very eyes. More to come.

Good that you aren’t “complying,” that is not like you Ron Schmidt, because it seems to be Facebook’s “official” policy to allow this junk to happen often; religion, corporatism, and a whole host of tyrannical and power-derived ‘isms’ — even ‘capitalism’ — operate basically the same: fear, control, subjugation, etc. It is the way humans work and have been operating for eons. But Ron doesn’t really believe this “system” of humans can be evil and maybe, just maybe, we signed on to their Terms of Service (TOS) when we bought into this mass deception, and since we “bought in” to this grand Status Quo, we should have no complaint (Sovereign Immunity, “Don’t Question the King,” Boss, Dictator, President, etc., etc.), complaining won’t get you to the Top (investigating the system, the boss, etc.), only compliance will so sell your soul to the TOS, you hoe. Besides, it doesn’t really matter said an EEOC lawyer: they can make the rules, break the rules, apply them incoherent any way they like (and from the looks of the dirty politics going on nationally and internationally, that is obvious)! You just have to live with it!

Robert Glenn: True, men and affairs are like peas in the pod, on down the line. They carry that pistol and then are told not to use it. But here is the irony of those situations, unless they are gay: they are doing it with “females.” It takes two to have sex, unless you are into riding the pony by yourself. But sadly, we are also told these “females” are forever innocent, victims, forced into sex by evil-overbearing-seductive males. I’ve met many females when I was single: not at all innocent, dumb, uncreative, brainless sex partners. In fact, I recall being seduced five or six times. Some, I even turned down (to my chagrin and even threats). But that was all my fault too for not allowing seduction. A guy just can’t ‘win,’ and to emphasize the point the Legal Cabal Pimps will see that you get the point and learn that lesson in the back-alley called the court system. Have a nice day?

You corporate lackey! We know all about the propaganda of corporatism! We’ve heard the slogans and the doctrines and the weird terms of corporations as ‘people,’ and how they have so much Power and can get away with murder and inventing and corralling laws and the making and breaking of laws. And you are right ‘in’ there! We see it— and so do many others — quite differently — crony capitalism — phony capitalism — whatever term you feel happy and comfortable about. Nobody in their right mind willingly sells their soul to the devil (except you!). We’ve been over this — with you — and other numbskulls — and we know from where and how you are coming. You probably feel just fine and dandy with the bullshit Facebook has been promoting, and some more that kind, or the other antics that corporate social media is using. You have all the answers but not the soul of America, and its ugly, dark, corporate underbelly. You are right at home (but not here) and probably could care less.

Stephen Erdmann Ron Schmidt (April 9, 2018) Hey Ron, corporations are different than citizen houses and families. There is a dichotomy and a hierarchy involved that is apparently over your head, but it can involve crimes, and if any ‘person’ commits a crime (and corporations are ‘persons’ now) he pays penalties and infractions, and from the looks of things, corporations are not devoid of that and even further looking shows they have many legal suits and case files against them. If they can do no wrong, why is this all taking place? Apparently, what corporations want, and what ‘reality’ is doing and seeing are two different things. There are many other fine distinctions happening, but they are well over any corporate lackey’s head as most of those have their heads stuck so far up the respective corporate butts, they can’t see the light of day! It has been called by many different names, white collar crime, and monopolization, money laundering, on and on and on.

Trump has a specific personality his own, entirely, how can it be any different; do you want him to ‘pretend’ to be a person that he really isn’t, and what might that be? Listen, this Group, site, and profile, as well as many others on Facebook and the Internet say they are for originality, free-thought, free speech, free actions, and then when a President of the U.S. says he is his own person and unique, you slam him. It is okay for ‘you’ to be that way and not a President? If he does something dastardly, it will be exposed, but this wild and constant minute-to-minute character assassination (in the land of the Free, innocent until proven guilty) that appears nothing but a propaganda machine; and dirty politics isn’t any good either, at all. And who might and has been accusing us freethinkers on Facebook of being “unbalanced” as it goes with the territory.

Male and female have that innate animal urge to destroy their neighbors. Animals do it out of necessity to survive. Humans do it out of that unidentifiable element in the deep part of their spirit that must be evil, to be satiated, and quenched, for no other purpose than to gain control, Power, and conquest for pleasure. Both men and women have this ID Monster element; though females have evolved to perform an ‘added’ psychological mechanism and gimmick that males have not evolved into, giving them an added ‘edge’ of attack and destruction. My MiiMii and Dexter, even my outdoor Blackie, do not do these things, because they are civilized animals, not monstrous humans. It is interesting to note, one instance when I was a Security Guard at a bank, I could listen in on the conversations of the female bank tellers, and they had gotten into an unrehearsed, completely free conversation amongst themselves about females and how destructive they were in their actions and the games they play. True history and life, unveiled and unprompted, can be a powerful life-lesson.

Stephen Erdmann: June 12, 2018:  Sadly, trying to find honest and reputable “politicians” is like trying to find a sinless prostitute in a whorehouse, or trying to find the best apple in a barrel of really rotten apples, or….it just is not possible. My Timeline, and the Dissenter/Disinter Group, and my Editorial Comments there, make it very clear: Partisan Politics (in fact, all ‘isms’ and ‘ologies’) is a zero-sum game which reveals only the masquerade that humans operate behind and mask themselves (only paper-tigers, bound up with phony White Hats, pretty ribbons, and decorative paper) — in short, these games of political ‘tag’ are worthless, history is always written by the winners and also distorted by the participants to cover all and subvert all the full facts. Of course, not everyone agrees with me, and most blindly march forward waving the banner of their ‘club,’ ‘group,’ ‘religion,’ etc., etc., blind to the obvious fact that humans do more historical damage to fact-finding than constructive help because of the continuous ‘masquerades.’ One reason we need the 1st Amendment and more impartial fact-finding historians (if such can even possibly exist). Until then, misplaced hero-worship and self-aggrandized ‘ologies’ will forever continue to distort the picture, perhaps without hope.

Some Groups are quite paranoid and hyperventilated, suspecting all people and persons to some curious agenda they ‘have’ or suspect others of having. The JFK groups are mostly like that, being a landscape of suspicion, unreasonable debate, slander, attack and wild accusations. That doesn’t say much for fair and sane investigation, tending to be grade-schoolers and parochially petty. I tend to shy away from such radical and wild climates, not doing science or any one any good: Mostly private “in” Groups, if you are friends of friends of friends, or know same or even if you associate with the wrong people they dislike (not the basis for good journalistic enquiry). Good luck.

But I repeat myself.

(We go back to 2011, for genuine researchers and not just spectators, so use a powerful browser and go searching. Good luck.)


Dissenter/Disinter Magazine goes back to 1967 when I gave birth to a little fanzine that seemed to be my contribution to the media flavor of that time: the Viet Nam war, the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, the late Jim Moseley’s Saucer News, Ray Palmer’s provoking Search Magazine and Hidden World series, as well as a line of “controversy” radio programs such as Long John Nebel, Suspense, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, with television shows such as Science Fiction Theater and Twilight Zone. In St. Louis in the 60s there was WIL “Steve Clark” controversy radio. There was a section of the media that was renaissance to the investigating of the more curious and often sinister elements at that time, and it gave birth to me and others that have continued in that vein to this day (many will include Coast to Coast radio and Alex Jones and others to this list). We still try to contribute to the emblem of “controversy and protest” as a way of getting to the truth.

Subsequently, in the years following, my life embodied further “discovery” of these “realities” of the mysterious Powers-that-Be (which were quite depressing and decorated with flight-or-fight syndromes), and my waking hours were consumed with survival and making “ends meet” (as with so many of the population, I did not have the luxury of always devoting myself to media publishing or even schooling). That story may or may not be left to my memoirs (and my Timeline), if at all.

We try not to “conform” to predispose or status quo “images” that people have in their heads or were born with. We approach all topics from different viewpoints and suggestions, because we realize solutions are never black and white (I hail back to H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, George Orwell, Charles Fort (

…/Protest-The-Use-…/2923915), Info Journal, and a host of New Age and Protest scientists [study my Timeline]). We offer a forum for discussion, within reason. Questions are always open. I, personally, am ‘independent’ politically, neither bowing to the Left or Right, and neither do I encourage others to bow to them either (or any “ism”). It is a matter of finding out who the tyrants are and how much you relinquish to being a slave. Others may participate from their own level of evaluation, that is their right; but I cannot “endorse” everyone’s politics or religion. We offer a platform to search these things out (in a civil and humane fashion: see Preamble) through questioning and debate. How do you see applying censorship in Groups and Timelines? Use it every time something grinds against your personal opinion? And what about the next person? And the next person? Seems that our Founding Fathers grappled with these questions as well. It is amazing with all the common threads of agreement that ‘can’ be found in fighting tyrannical government and evil conspiracies, we are tearing each other apart, for some reason, over petty feuds and personality squabbles that detract from common core efforts (those little nuggets of gold that make us all as one in protest). We (we are speaking editorially) hope we are able to stand in a “common core” against Tyranny and the evils that are associated with it.

In the end, we are all brothers and sisters.


And, yes, I tend to be an activist: A political activist is someone who is involved in the political process for the sake of promoting, impeding or raising awareness of a certain issue or set of issues. Political activism typically involves engagement beyond just voting, whether it be through protest, demonstration or lecture.

PRIVACY Warning: Steve Erdmann:
Due to the fact that Facebook has chosen to involve software that will allow the theft of my personal information, I do declare the following: on this day, September 28, 2016, in response to the new Facebook guidelines and under articles L.111, 112 and 113 of the code of intellectual property, I declare that my rights are attached to all my personal data, drawings, paintings, photos, texts etc… published on my profile. For commercial use of the foregoing my written consent is required at all times.
Those reading this text can copy it and paste it on their Facebook wall. This will allow them to place themselves under the protection of copyright. By this release, I tell Facebook that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, broadcast, or to take any other action against me on the basis of this profile and/or its contents. The actions mentioned above apply equally to employees, students, agents and/or other staff under the direction of Facebook.
The contents of my profile include private information. The violation of my privacy is punished by the law (UCC 1 1-308 – 308 1 -103 and the Rome Statute). Facebook is now an open capital entity. All members are invited to post a notice of this kind, or if you prefer, you can copy and paste this version. If you have not published this statement at least once, you will tacitly allow the use of elements such as your photos as well as the information contained in your profile update. ##

NOTE: Many  members and  readers say this is worthless and of no legal value. I borrowed it from another Group. Worth a try. SE.


May 21, 2018.  About 3:50 p.m. Greg Ross I’ve shot better than you. Your fat ass easy target


May 23, 2018: Comment on Travis Smith:  Stephen Erdmann –  Nationalism is a fiction created by ‘insiders,’ and like the doctrines of religions, despite their pompous-sounding slogans and professed emblems, usually has gone astray, and even covered evils of the professors that use them. The Founding fathers professed noble causes and principles, but they also had a ‘dark side,’ some of them, and many say they ‘really’ did not break away from the British Commonwealth and Throne. In the name of “goodness,” in the name of “Nationalism,” most countries wage war and so-called ‘defense’ against other countries. Some horrendous crimes are hidden under those banners. What if it is all a joke, a hoax, a deception, and ‘this’ is the way that the human “being,” animal, operates, suffocated by and paying homage to their inner ID Monsters?


Facebook TOS: We’ve updated our TermsData Policy, and Cookies Policy, to make sure you know how your data is used so you can make the choices that are right for you. By continuing to use Facebook, you are accepting our updates which go into effect on July 14.

We’ve made it easier for you to control your data, privacy and security settings in one place, which you can do any time in Settings. Our Terms better explain our service and what we ask of everyone using Facebook. Our Data Policy and Cookies Policy reflect the new features we’ve been working on, and explain more about how we create a personalized experience for you. Updates include:

  • Adding information about features such as Marketplace, camera effects and accessibility tools
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  • More about how we share information, systems and technology across the Facebook Company Products, including WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus
  • Adding Instagram, a service provided by Facebook Inc., to the Data Policy

Stephen Erdmann” June 17, 2018. A general comment not directed at anyone in particular: We just don’t reproduce what each person might consider brand-spanking-undisclosed-news items never-seen-before that might titillate their subjective fancies, we achieve and denote and collect interesting tidbits that might be of general interest, usually very up-to-date and of interest. If you want the fantasy that strikes your innermost wishes, start your own library, we don’t cater to just one person.

Stephen Erdmann: June 19, 2018: Need to tell you the story of Walter Lembeck, one of the smartest savvy CEO’s that was married to a judge’s daughter, who turned on him, causing him to lose his children in a custody battle, and the ‘system’ and the judge brought down the whole cabal to protect the judge’s daughter. Walter only put up with that for so long: he studied night and day in the Law Library (and studied court sessions), and became a very ‘intimating’ pro se lawyer and expert, and began winning many filings he made and eventually won his children back and made his ‘ex’ pay some costs—but it didn’t end there. No, the story didn’t end there, unfortunately, and the full force of the cabal was brought against him, his losing property, jobs, and his children once again. Walter borrowed about 300,000 to 600,000 dollars from his mother to file and fight to the local Supreme Court all the way to the national Supreme Court; which they refused to hear his case. Destitute and defeated, he did the only thing he could do to save himself from destruction—he eventually remarried his ex-wife, and last I heard was back in good (?) graces and remarried to his ex-wife: What kind of ending would you call that? We need to talk to Walter, if he is still living, to find out. Life is scary and strange.

Steve Erdmann to Anna Benjamins, June 22, 2018:  Anna, as you probably know by now, several weeks ago, the UFO Digest Magazine was hit by hackers. Since the tech company is in Canada, it is difficult for RM to get readily in touch with them to work on the problem. His last message to me was that “he needed to get in touch with Dirk’s wife about the company but haven’t heard back from her.” Please contact him and help him in any way possible, it is imperative that we get the magazine back in operation. Please keep in touch about this and contact RM as well.

Stephen Erdmann: June 22, 2018:  The noble ideas that the Founding Fathers enveloped in the Bill of Rights were universal and sanctioned for all people, everywhere in as much as the Fathers were very aware of urban life, and not just rural lives, around the globe, big cities, complex governments—they were aware of these things also as they pondered and wrote the Bill of Rights. They were often educated lawyers from Britain and other places of higher education. It really wasn’t framed by rural people at all. Those who want to tamper with these noble and holistic ideas are fools that are rather tyrannical in their primitive thinking to destroy and reconstruct with as much damage and power as they can get.

Stephen Erdmann: June 23, 2018: This is a growing problem across the broad scope of the media everywhere. It is happening to Facebook, YouTube, and the Internet in general—which has been invented and control by the government from the beginning. People don’t realize how controlled their lives are across the span of living, and from birth. It is the way that despots and tyrants operated from time immemorial. We need a spiritual and universal awakening. Every day, another victim is added to the list, and occasionally, they wake up to the tyranny and slavery when it hits them personally, but not enough or often. Contact me and my Foundation to fight back: or locate me at or Facebook (if they allow it and don’t censor it). We are under attack!

Stephen Erdmann: June 23, 2018: What should have been plain to most citizens long ago, but apparently not, neither party nor partisan politics are void of and free from tyrannical thinking and the enslavement of the “controllers.” They all want to wear the “White Hat,” when in reality, all hats are smudged, dark, dirty, greasy ‘hats.’ Apparently, everyone is lacking ‘mirrors’ in their homes and domains! The illusion of “my gang versus your gang, and my gang is right” should have long ago passed into oblivion, but we cling to the myths and deception and mind-manipulation taught to use by our enslavers and from birth. Our Controllers and enslavers depend on that stupidity and our lack of spiritual insight. They want us as crude and dumbed-down Orwellian Paroles to manipulate. It has been that way through history. Trying to measure the “good” points versus the “bad” points could be a skill attempted for a professional and advanced historian, but it does little for now in viewing “my side is holier than your side” misconceptions to date. As culprit, Errol Childress told detective Rust Cohle in the TV series TRUE DETECTIVE: “Take off your mask, little priest!”

Stephen Erdmann: June 23, 2018:  Geneva Hagen Any way you cut it, the Founding Fathers had put hard and long-thought into the Bill of Rights and it was meant for posterity and to be universal. When I speak of tyrannical-thinking, I am speaking in generalities and point it at all people with these ugly ID Monster “Masks” that hide their errors and evil vanities. There are those who wish the worst for themselves and their fellow man all under the disguise of self-righteousness, holiness, and Control of others, misguided they be in their inflated worth to destruct the Bill of Rights. If there be a way to perfect those, if even possible, so be it; but the UN can’t even follow their own guidelines for Human Rights. This is because the human being is basically ‘vampires’ that never see their own image in the mirror. This is why even the culprit Errol Childress said to detective Rust Cohle in the TV series TRUE DETECTIVE: “Take off your mask, little priest!”

Stephen Erdmann: July 3, 2018:

Becky Olmstead
Becky Olmstead: Travis Smith …um…yea….men don’t make good hookers 😉

Peter Corlis
Peter Corlis: power corrupts

Peter Corlis
Peter Corlis: But I’ve seen many good men taken to the cleaners in divorce settlements…

Stephen Erdmann: The story to human cruelty can only be divided between females and males, humans are stinkers and fallen creatures. There are many examples of the ‘techniques’ that females use, and in their evolutionary past, they have grown added ‘edges’ of cruelty. Because of their physically weaker bodies, they have adopted strong and more cunning psychological mechanisms to combat things they consider threats. A symbiotic relationship has developed between them and the Legal Industry. You see this symbiotic machination in nature all the time.

Once, when I was a security guard at a bank, the female tellers were speaking amongst themselves, openly and unrehearsed, as to that added ‘cruelty’ ‘edge’ that females possessed. It was the frank and candid conversation with no holds barred; all those female tellers were agreeing that their sex contained those extra aspects of cruelty and their sex was by-far experts at these gimmicks and evils.

In another case, a man was confronted with divorce when his wife involved him in litigation and was trying to obtain the family home and custody of his children. She had many lovers and had been conspiring with an attorney secretly for many years. His lawyers told him that he had no chance to win unless he obtained concrete proof. This he did with a telephone tap and recording over a number of weeks in which he not only recorded the lovers but the cruelty of female friends and neighbors who equally conspired to sabotage the man. At one point in the tape, the wife suggested placing poison in the husband’s soup. The conspiracy was astounding.

This is no fiction—it is completely true—I heard the uncensored tape. The conspiracy is astounding. It involved not only neighbors and supposed friends of the wife, but attorneys that she was seeing for years and years, planning on the caper. So much for the goodness of attorneys. A few weeks after he had finally paid off the house mortgage, he was presented with the divorce petition.

This same female, now single and having married a wealthy businessman (who died from cancer?), has set her sights on doing everything possible, true to her nature, to destroy the love and caring of her children for their father. And there also was some hoaxing involved in the use of Parental Alien Syndrome (PAS): the story never seemed to end. But I believe you are getting the picture, and that we’ll save for another time.

Typically, as a metaphor, a dinosaur monster charges the cave in which the caveman and his wife and children exist. The cavewoman screams and shouts instructions at the husband to attack and destroy the monster—to which he does to protect his family. He was physically stronger—but who do you think was actually in control of the situation? The real puppeteer?

Of course, we are not saying males are innocent creatures, no human or homo sapien is! Both can and do evil acts; there are an evolutionary difference that have their own special and inherent peculiarities, and as the saying goes ‘Viva la difference!” —- but maybe not so happy as some ‘differences’ can be deadly and scary and uncharted. Uncharted! There has been very little scientific ‘study’ about the aforementioned “edge.”

July 23, 2018.  To Tony Elliott and Emil Donofrio:  Stephen Erdmann:  Both of you philosophers are wrong and also correct, I’ve said all I can say in my pinned Editorial Comments, spoken from the heart and my own life experiences. People live in rigged ‘boxes’ taught from birth and most won’t budge an inch to get out of them. I still have isolated prejudices myself that I am working on. Emil is certainly correct: no one—no one–has created true Capitalism, and they are not living in a real ‘Capitalism.’ It is an unreal, phony doctrine that Capitalists hide behind and mask their evil intentions. So, in reality, these people are living in a fairytale that never actually is taking place, other than what is on paper. To bolster that belief, these people use all kinds of slogans and banners and parade about under “Nationalism” and a lot of flag-waving and political sermons. However, likewise, all nations—every one of them–do the same thing. They do it for Power, for Money, for Control (name me one communistic or socialistic nation that doesn’t). You see, humans work this way, it is their innate mindset. It leads to all kinds of hidden agendas and Black Projects and political intrigue. We can hope and wish for some buried element of a soul, some hidden decency behind it all—but just how realistic is that when we see the harsh reality about us telling us the true story? Progressives, Socialism, Communism are also just ‘paper’ doctrine and we actually see that they, very much like their capitalistic counterparts, are probably identical, and these people also are based on Power, Money, and Control. And all these human savages will do almost anything to keep it that way. And then add the further hidden ingredient of ‘global’ partnering in these hidden and evil endeavors, and you might as well throw out that entire band standing and preaching out the window.

July 26, 2018/ Steve Erdmann on J. Elbert Whitlow’s Timeline.  Stephen Erdmann

Alex Johnson:  Bingo, you got that right, as I said above, it is the ‘taboo’ to look at women as anything but innocent, helpless, holy little angels, even after they had committed all kinds of crimes and evil acts, we just keep them on a pedestal. Took millions of years to get that programmed.

The Legal Cabal ‘must’ define love and marriage because they are the ones that construct reality in the courtroom; literally, invent it. And it is set-up to facilitate this way because of the ‘money.’ If they can’t control the situation to make their ‘profit,’ they will construct ‘any’ human endeavor to control and profit from it. No escape. That is one reason they invented “Palimony” because people started living together outside of marriage to escape their greedy grasp, and they invented Palimony to fill that gap. You see how their minds work. Not just in personal relationships, but in every corner of society: control, control, control, greed, greed, greed.

August 18, 2018 in Group to Tony Elliott:    The more basic and even accurate cause of human slavery and suppression goes far beyond any “ism” or philosophy, it is despotism and tyrannical thinking and that is global. Trying to put human evil and the human ID Monster in nice, neat little ‘boxes’ only shows our failure to recognize the real culprit and the basic evil involved. All ‘leaders’ have shared this evil trend since history recorded. There is no political “safe haven,” and what is written on ‘paper’ is nothing but masks that hide this innate manipulation.

October 7, 2018.  Stephen Erdmann: This is ridiculous: democrats are pitch-perfect, holy, never make mistakes, are rational blameless creatures__ this goes against science, history and almost every other testimony. Ford was even speaking in a phony little girl- pity-me-pity-me voice, had a growing history of CIA and radical Left involvement, and this in our latest findings of Deep State Mind Control and deceptions of the Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix world that we sadly find ourselves in. Take a long cold look at history (which the mobsters and radical Left or Right refuse to do): humans are savages and all their doctrines and “isms” are just ‘masks’ to hide their evil behind. Turning politics into a savage mob action with verbal and physical ‘attacks’ belies any good intentions. It only gets worse, never better. Connecting the dots are only for the more intelligent historians, and they won’t shy away from finding the true culprits, which, sadly, are on both political aisles and even beyond all politics. Females and radical feminists always did have the upper hand against males with their innate sexuality which evolved over the eons and promote this symbiosis with the Legal Cabal. They are not now, and never have been, the powerless, innocent angles their mob-actions make them out to be. Even males will sell-out to protect this ‘TABOO’ under some misguided White Knight fantasy. Ask many of males that have had to confront the Legal Cabal and discover they have only five (5) foes when they are shanghaied into court: 1) His lawyer, 2) her lawyer, 3) the judge, 4) her innate sexuality, and the status (deceptive and hidden and masked) quo.


Facebook, June 16, 2019

Stephen Erdmann: I will share this, I just found my daughter at home, finally after many attempted visits; a totally different person than I last saw her and not at all like the little girl I knew at one time. Someone has been working hard on her behind the scenes, but I understand this is what happens to men and people that have been caught in the clutches of the Legal Cabal. It is called Parental Alienation Syndrome. I am beginning to understand some of the missing pieces and how — after five court modifications and sessions (each one is like a new divorce) —an attempt was by Jefferson City to even, after all these ‘finalized’ sessions, to collect more support (was disallowed and rebuked by a city of St. Louis judge). That would be session number six. She said I had abandoned her. Seems to me to have been the other way around, by her mother and other people. I would have gladly opened my arms and heart to her, if they would have just approached me in a respectful and proper way, rather than demonized and threaten me (as if I did not have enough to survive under.) There is so much more – much more – to the story, so much more – but no one to listen.

Any time the government and the Legal Cabal get their fingers in to your life, you are screwed, they will make you a slave or the court – men -women – any breathing person. They will try to destroy your life, take control to their satisfaction and profit. Same thing happens to men: there are just as many horror stories. The government does not care, it is all done to their agendas, I’ve lived with this for most of my life, as well as millions of other persons. It is not a lone-happening story but the slavery most people are living under and do not realize this, men, women, children, cats, dogs, anything that is breathing. I’ve been trying to fight it.

June 18, 2019: I have found, in most divorce alienation, that the legal system is only another factor that is further nails in the coffin, another wheel in the mechanization’s, added weight, that usually works against the participants. It certainly doesn’t help them, other than the legal system’s professed doctrines and advertised publicity. Add on to that, when one parent becomes the target of the narcissism and inherent psychosis of the other parent who, not only allows, but fosters and grows, and even programs (using their full power, availability. and ingenuity) the events — “that” becomes a powerful tool of the system. I have two daughter cats that I would in no time desert or do ill to. How much better animals are compared to the savagery of humans, and we could learn so much from them. What is also sad, is that my children will not now learn about the horrid details that I know about: the affairs and conspiracy that my ex-wife was involved in, ugly, cutting stories, for which I sought counseling to save the marriage and even had a remarriage in the church: all for naught, it was as if it was somehow planned behind the scenes as if a sheep led to the slaughter. In my case, even having being caught (the lovers eventually squealed on her) she wanted to get the paid-off family home (a lot of overtime) for her and her lover (s). They will never know how the stark and convoluted reality of all this hurts: you wouldn’t believe this, unless you saw it in a movie. And the deep scares it has left. The forlorn dreams of reconciliation with my children, which were killed many years ago, unbeknownst to me.

December 31, 2019: The connection between December 25th Pagan celebrations of Winter solstice, — the “gods” of antiquity, — “the sun dying, “– “Cursed Nimrod/Christmas’s Tree,” the Satanic Infanticide Tree, — and today Pauline god of Jesus Christ.

Pagan societies, such as the Carthaginians, ancient Greece and Rome had a very different view about the value of human life than we do today. They legalized and encouraged killing their children as religious sacrifices to their gods almost universally. Nor can it be said to be simply a practice to preserve few resources to save the whole culture, but it was practiced by rich, poor citizens and slaves.

Leading pagan leaders and philosophers also encouraged the practice of Infanticide. Cicero defended the Infanticide by referring to the Twelve Tables. Plato, Aristotle and Cornelius Tacitus recommended infanticide as legitimate state policy. (Histories 5.5.). Even Seneca, otherwise known for his relatively high moral standards, stated, “we drown children at birth who are weakly and abnormal.” (De Ira 1.15.) There is no dispute among historians and informed laypersons that Infanticide was incredibly widespread in the ancient pagan world.

In both approaches, infants were particularly vulnerable to infanticide by those that should have been protecting the helpless, were the ones who were killing them. It was very uncommon for even wealthy, upper-class families to have more than one daughter in ancient Greece and Rome. An inscription found in Delphi illustrates this quite well. Of more than 600 second-century families, only one percent had raised two daughters. It was openly approved, encouraged and a very common practice, as it was justified by law and advocated by philosophers in the Pagan society. (Rodney Stark, The Rise of Christianity, pages 97-98 & 118. See also: Durant, op. cit., page 56; Susan Scrimshaw, “Infanticide in Human Populations: Societal and Individual Concerns,” in Infanticide; Comparative and Evolutionary Perspectives, eds. Glenn Hausfater and Sarah Hardy, page 439)

In Greece and ancient Rome a child was virtually its father’s chattel-e.g., in Roman law, the Patria Protestas granted the father the right to dispose of his offspring as he saw fit. In Sparta, the decision was made by a public official. The Twelve Tables of Roman Law held: “Deformed infants shall be killed” (De Legibus, 3.8.). Of course, deformed was broadly construed and often meant no more than the baby appeared “weakly.” The Twelve Tables also explicitly permitted a father to expose any female infant. (Stark, op. cit., page 118.).

According to Plutarch, the Carthaginians “offered up their own children, and those who had no children would buy little ones from poor people and cut their throats as if they were so many lambs of young birds; meanwhile the mothers stood by without a tear or moan.” (Moralia 2.17.). According to Wikipedia, “Infanticide was common in all well studied ancient cultures, including those of ancient Greece, Rome, India, China, and Japan” with many forms: a parent directly killing the child, usually by drowning. The infant was simply held underwater until it was dead. Relatively quick, inexpensive, and the water muffled the cries; In other forms, the family would simply take the child out beyond the city and abandon it to die from exposure to the elements. In sum, pagans practiced infanticide.

On a certain day during winter solstice of December 25th, pagan societies in ancient times would make a list of all the things they wanted to the false god of prosperity for the upcoming year according to the list they’d written. They would line up with their children in their hand and they would heat their hands on this horror cast idol iron of the god of prosperity’s burning statue’s hot hands until their hands were red as a fire brand, then place and burning their babies and small children alive on the burning idol statue’s hot hands of the god of prosperity as an offering for prosperity. Amidst the hideous stench of burning flesh, and the screams and cries of hundreds of babies pierced the night air, until nothing remained except charred ashes. The people in the ancient world would begin to celebrate their false gods (they worshiped many) This practice was known in the bible as making your children pass through the fire. It was ritual child sacrifice and absolutely cursed by the One God of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac.

Various ancient celebrations honoring this most blood-thirsty false gods prevalent today such as Christmas Eve, Baby New Year (the symbol of the child-victim), and the Janus false god (January) New year’s Eve macabre pagan holiday are tied to one another and have come down to the today world Christmas traditions celebrated on December 25th honoring the Jesuits and Molechian Zionists New World Order who want 90 per cent of the whole world dead in Purim (star pentagon) human sacrificed to Lucifer according to the Georgia Guidestones.

Early Christian documents reveal that there was a clash of cultures when Christianity converted previously pagan Romans and Greeks by instructing them that infanticide was immoral and murder. (The Didache, 90 -110 CE). Another early Christian document, the Epistle of Barnabas (130 CE), also explicitly condemned infanticide and prohibited its practices as necessary parts of the “way of light.” Moreover, by the end of the second century, “Christians were not only proclaiming their rejection of abortion and infanticide, but had begun direct attacks on pagans, and especially pagan religions for sustaining such crimes,” as the accepted practice. (Stark, op. cit., page 125., Robin L. Fox op. cit., page 350).

But so long as Christianity remained a disfavored–and sometimes persecuted–religion, their appeals to the pagan government to act against infanticide were ineffectual in changing government policy. This Christian ‘brotherly love’ has been minimized as a reason for turning to the Church, as if only those who were members could know of it. In fact, it was widely recognized,” according to Durant, “in many instances Christians rescued exposed infant, baptized them, and brought them up with the aid of community funds.” Through these efforts, Christians worked to diminish some of the causes of infanticide. (Fox,op. cit., page 324., Durant, op. cit., page 598.) Clearly, one unique and valuable contribution of Christianity to Western Civilization was its opposition to infanticide. “but these patterns persisted among pagans far into the Christian era.” (Stark, op. cit., page 97-98)

Christmas Tree “Cursed Nimrod’s Tree,” the Satanic Infanticide Celebration Tree on December 25th.
Christmas trees were originally decorated with burning candles made from the fat of the burned bodies of child sacrifice victims. Instead of Christmas balls, decapitated heads of sacrificial child victims were hung from the tree. Caroling was originally done by rotund old fat naked singers engaging in licentious behavior. Instead of Santa, they worshiped death, the grim reaper with his scythe (false god Saturn) who demanded child sacrifice. It is a grotesque blood splattered gore fest of barbaric sadistic delight for devil worshippers

The bible forbids putting up the Christmas tree: Jeremiah 10:1-4. Deuteronomy 16:21, Acts 17:29, just as is repeated over and over in the Qur’an that Nimrod cast Abraham on fire, and the bible says in book of chronicles, ‘the kings would not get rid of the high places, the idols, groves and other items of pagan worship and after their deaths, they did wickedly in the sight of the Lord. They will burn in hell for their involvement in paganism.’ The Christmas tree is Zaqqoum, the cursed tree as depicted in (the Qur’an17:60, 37:62 -68, 44:43, 56:52), inimical to the Abrahamic Monotheistic Tree of Ishmael & Isaac.

The Zaqqoum “Cursed Nimrod’s Tree” that springs out of the bottom of hell’ is known when Nimrod married Semiramis (i.e. Dumez and Inanna). The Anunnaki used to marry their first- and second-degree relatives, in order to preserve their “royal” blood and the right to the throne. Semiramis later became known as Ishtar, which is pronounced… Easter. Ishtar and Moloch like all other Anunnaki “gods”, because of his long life span, they were known by many names throughout history, among which: Molech, Nimrod or Ba’al (which was the highest possible title, meaning Lord). But his first name was Morduch, and he was the son of the supreme Anunnaki leader on Earth, Enki, and his wife Damkina.

The Zaqqoum began shortly after the flood with the birth of Tammuz as the reincarnation of Nimrod. When Nimrod/Dumez died, his cousin-wife Semiramis/Inanna, claimed that a full-grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump. And the New Year is coming in as a young child portrayed as children ready to be sacrificed. The New Year’s still to come are Victims of child sacrifice were always heavily veiled so that their parents would not recognize when their child was burned.
The pagan Romans honored the false god, Saturn, who was usually depicted holding a scythe (death’s sickle). Saturn IS the grim reaper, the figure that emerges from and who is looking after children and demanded them for child sacrifice. It wasn’t just the romans, even some Israelites and pre-Islamic Ishmaelites (Arab Jahiliyyah) turned from the One God of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, and even offered their children in sacrifice to this vile bloodthirsty Saturn false gods.

It’s pagan chronic pedophiles infanticide filth! The recent kings of the North in the Illuminati and Freemasonry Occult still practicing a chilling representation of “Father Time” and “Baby New Year” that can be found in many illustrations from the 19th century. Father Time is Saturn, the god of time is standing in front of a large clock, holding his scythe illustrated that the old years kids are passing away as full-grown raped, tortured and murdered, their bodies wrapped in burial shrouds. They do so as the Illuminati and Freemasonry occult privacy pact so they won’t rat out group activities of the coven. If they ever betray the occult privacy pact, they are ousted with their names flashed across the world news channels as being a pedophile to completely destroy them.

It is a reason why we have human sacrifices all over the planet, in some of the most prevalent cultures, is because the Anunnaki required them. Hundreds of thousands of children are kidnapped every single year, most times with the help of the highest religious institutions such as the Vatican, NWO Secret Evil Agenda in Britain and USA and practiced it behind closed doors by powerful secret societies such as the Illuminati, Skull & Bones and the highest-ranking Freemasons. They are sacrificed and dedicated for Purim blood sacrifices to Lucifer (Moloch) on Wars for Business Religion (profit and power). The burial sites for the bones and ashes of sacrificed children have been unearthed. These places were known as Tophet’s.


800.000 American children disappear every year
One Every 40 seconds only in USA

Now, there are two versions of the story, one stating that Dumez’s anniversary was on December 25th and his spirit would visit the evergreen tree every year on this date to leave gifts upon it. The second version states that the son of Semiramis, Tammuz, by his dead husband, Dumez, was born on December 25th. Whatever version is true, two things are clear: the Zaqqoum “Christmas tree” is in fact “Cursed Nimrod’s Tree” and December 25th is a Satanic celebration! Inanna image was idolized in the statue of Lady Liberty. (See: The Secret Worship of the Illuminati: The Statue of Liberty is Anunnaki Goddess Inanna.)

“Do not kill your children for fear of poverty; it is We Who provide for them as well as for you. Killing them is surely a grave sin.”(the Qur’an 17.31)

The “gods” of antiquity.
Though romans quit offering human sacrifice early on, but blood was still spilled for the “gods” of antiquity by the gladiators during the saturnalia celebrations in December and even Africans predominantly worshipped Saturn and were too killing their children to this ruthless fictional representation of false god Saturn (Satan) that he set up to deceive people. A false god Saturn is satanic child killing deity and had attributes most similar to Satan himself. Christmas is his religious festival. Participation in Christmas celebrations gives honor to this evil of false god Saturn.

Other “gods” of antiquity is Che mosh, the horned one (aka Molech, Krampus: the false god of witches, etc.) was represented as a huge cast iron statue in the shape of a horned god with an extended hands as if he is ready to receive something. It was known as the god of prosperity. Also, Krampus is a Christmas devil companion of Santa (i.e. anagram for Satan) who punishes children by beating them with a stick or steals them in his sack. Google images of Nimrud bags/sacks. It is currently Israel Secret Intelligence Service’s (ISIS) sacks filled with human heads.“bags”&safe=strict&client=opera&hs=kd0&sa=X&biw=1326&bih=626&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=9ZuISWvXdU5iSM%253A%252CuemyzHna9GmHlM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQoRVQx82kGwdPRAXmy4-inuKK_qg&ved=2ahUKEwjUzrDIheDmAhWe6nMBHcWcD-UQ9QEwAHoECAoQBg#imgrc=9ZuISWvXdU5iSM:

The figure resembles another horned being, that of Moloch (i.e. Anunnaki “god” Morduch) who was also given children through fire or to a giant throne. But that is another pagan/Anunnaki “Easter. Celebration” that was adopted by modern religions. The “gods” then used to eat the fresh hearts of the sacrificed children and drink their adrenaline-filled blood. Today’s highest ranking prelates still conduct these rituals in secret ceremonies, while the rest of them are required to conduct an open phony version of the same ritual, the liturgy/mass.

The “gods” of antiquity were flesh and bones Anunnaki and the so called “pagan” religions that followed all the grotesque elements of this hideous gods are contained in worshipped them under different names and almost identical cult rituals. This cannibalistic traditions and occult rituals of the Liturgy/Mass is the most prevalent of all today’s the so called “pagan” religions that followed, worshiped them under different names and almost with identical occult rituals of paganism (i.e. the worship of the Anunnaki colonizers “flesh and bones”), and including Christianity, in which all Christians across the planet are required to pretend drinking the blood and eating the flesh of – allegedly – Jesus Christ. The bishop clothes, miter and staff of today’s prelates are identical to those of the Babylonian priests of Dagon, which represented their god-fish Dagon (i.e. Enki wearing his astronaut suit and staff-shaped weapon).

The connection between the Pagan celebrations of Winter solstice, “the sun dying” and the today Pauline god of Jesus Christ.

According to popular tradition, Christmas is celebrated on 25 th December to honor the birth of Jesus. However, no records exist in the Bible or elsewhere to suggest that Jesus was actually born on this date, which raises the important question – why is Christmas celebrated on 25 December? In fact, the selection of this date has its root in both Persian and paganism gods traditions.

The Catholic Encyclopedia admits “there is no month in the year to which respectable authorities have not assigned Christ’s birth.” Since it appears unlikely that Jesus was born on 25th December, it raises the logical question of why Christmas is celebrated on this date. The answer points back to the Romans’ pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. Two celebrations in particular took place around December 25 – the Saturnalia, and the birthday of the Sun god, Mithra (Catholic Encyclopedia). The Saturnalia festival began on 17 th December and later expanded with festivities through to the 25 December. It paid tribute to Saturn, the agricultural god of Sowing and Husbandry, and was associated with the renewal of light and the coming of the new year. The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice in the Temple of Saturn, a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere

Followers of the cult of Mithras, which became popular among the military in the Roman Empire from the 1 st to 4 th centuries AD, are believed to have celebrated his birthday on 25th December, which was the most holy day of the year for many Romans. The worship of the Sun god, Mithra (proto-Indo-Iranian ‘Mitra’), has its origin in Persia, from around the 6 th century BC, and was later adapted into Greek as ‘Mithras’. The most popular hypothesis is that Roman soldiers encountered this religion during military excursions to Persia.

While it is widely accepted that the Mithraic New Year and the birthday of Mithras was on 25 December and was celebrated on this day as part of the Roman Natali’s Invictus festival, others have argued that the Natali’s Invictus was a general festival of the sun, and was not specific to the Mysteries of Mithras. Nevertheless, it is clear that 25 December was an important day for the Romans and revolved around a celebration of the sun.

There are, however, a number of reasons to suggest that Jesus was probably not born in December. Firstly, Luke 2:8 states that on the night of Jesus’ birth ” there were also in that same country shepherds living out of doors and keeping watches in the night over their flocks.” Many scholars agree that this would have been unlikely in December, as shepherds would have been keeping their flock under cover during the cold winter months. Some scholars have stated that shepherds would not watch their flock overnight in December but would keep them under cover. ‘The Good Shepherd’ from the early Christian catacomb of Domitila/Donatella (Crypt of Lucina, 200-300 CE). ( Wikimedia Commons ). Secondly, it is written in the Bible that Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem to register in a Roman census (Luke 2:1-4). However, such censuses were not taken in winter, when temperatures often dropped below freezing and roads were in poor condition.

The Pagan solstice dates to celebrate the return of the sun (…son) were absorbed into the Christian calendar so that there would be a link to encourage pagans to give up their beliefs and gods and move to Christianity. Some claim to have found a lot of pangamic parallels and similarities with Christianity, particularly in the cult of the god Attis. Attis was associated with the goddess Cybele. The cult of Attis was a religion which involved orgiastic rites and rituals. The priests of the religion, the Gallai, were eunuchs. This requirement was part of a re-enactment of one of the principle myths regarding Attis and Cybele. It is also claimed that Attis was born on December 25th and that he was born of the virgin, Nana, and that Attis died on a tree and rose from the dead. Or of Isis, the Egyptian goddess who fed the Nile with her tears and, in the past, was responsible for nurturing Pharaoh and giving him his divine power to govern Egypt effectively. Mithra, the sun-god of Mithraism, said to be born on December 25th, but also Osiris, Horus, Hercules, Bacchus, Adonis, Jupiter, [Nimrod]/Tammuz, and other sun-gods were also supposedly born at what is today called the ‘Christmas’ season, the winter solstice!” (“The Two Babylon’s” by Alexander Hislop, p.93)

When King Constantine converted to Christianity in the fourth century, he had quite a challenge ahead of him with regard to converting an empire full of pagans. It was therefore decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus on a date that was already sacred according to pagan traditions. So as a compromise with paganism and in an attempt to give the pagan holidays Christian significance, it was simply decided that the birthday of the Sun God would also be the birthday of the Son of God. The Catholic Encyclopedia quotes an early Christian with saying, “O, how wonderfully acted Providence that on that day on which that Sun was born…. Christ should be born”.

Isa al-Masih (Christ) is stolen from us and renamed because King Constantine felt his god was superior to the Christ and it was done to make it easier for his Pagani Empire to convert..

Biblical Evidence Shows Jesus Christ Wasn’t Born on Dec. 25…/biblical-evidence-shows-jesus-christ-…

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