Nightmares at Roswell

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For an event that the U.S Air Force, along with its parade of citizen critics, the crashes at Roswell never happened, there was enough high security intimidation, threats and hood- winking that was brazenly incongruous concerning witness stories about those crashed UFOs outside of Roswell, New Mexico on July 2, 1947.

“Moving quickly to kill the story, the U.S. government used a combination of appeal to patriotism, claims of ‘national security,’ bribery, threats of long prison sentences, and outright thuggery in the form of death threats to contain the story…Except in time of war or under conditions when Martial Law has been declared under the Constitution, the U.S. military has no direct authority over the civilian population. The military could keep its own house quiet (the men of the 509th Bomb Group stationed in Roswell and up the chain of command), but how to keep he civilians from exercising their God-given Bill of Rights – guaranteed freedom of speech?” (pp. 59-61)

On September 23, 1947, Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining signed a secret memorandum, upon the Pentagon’s approval, that was sent to Brigadier General George Schulgen, chief of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division (AIRD), stating that the “phenomenon was real.”

Major General Laurence C. Craige, director of Research and Development in Washington,  issued an order creating the first official U.S government investigation called ‘Project Saucer”—than designated Project Sign on January 22, 1948 as a branch of the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at Wright Patterson which housed all the UFO debris.

That same morning the “weather balloon” hoax/explanation was banner headlines across the nation. Military police, intelligence agents, and other American soldiers were searching every crevice of possible hiding places. The White House resembled a ‘war room.’

The original UFO debris was discovered by W.W. ‘Mack’ Brazel on the J.B. Foster ranch, and he was only the first citizen, in a long line of citizens, that became harassed. And whose “saucer fragments” eventually disappeared.


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(THE CHILDREN OF ROSWELL: A Seven-Decade Legacy of Fear, Intimidation, and Cover-ups, Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, The Career Press, Inc, 12 Parish Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470,, 2016, 255 pages, $16.99)




The Roswell/ Corona, New Mexico crashes were a two-prong monster: confiscation of fragments accompanied by threats to witnesses. Former Project Bluebook Director Captain Edward Ruppelt stated in his unrevised book Report on Unidentified Flying Objects in 1956: “By the end of July [1947] the UFO security lid was down tight. The few members of the press who did inquire about what the Air Force was doing got the same treatment that you would get today if you inquired about the number of thermonuclear weapons stockpiled in the U.S. Atomic Arsenal.  At ATIC there was confusion to the ‘point of panic.’ (p. 45)


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Mack Brazel not only discovered the original UFO debris on the J.B. Foster ranch on July 3, 1947, was also one of the ‘souvenir collectors,’  as he stuffed a piece in his saddlebag, light as balsa wood, resembling plastic but wasn’t, and couldn’t be marked with a pocket knife. His “collection” was kept in a cigar box, only to have them confiscated by the military in 1949. Air Force Captain Emerson Armstrong was accompanied by three non-commissioned officers (NCOs): “You have something we want, and you will give it to us,” Armstrong ordered.


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While Brazel was contending with the military, his granddaughter Fawn Fritz witnessed soldiers ransacking their ranch house and cattle shed, cutting open fed bags to locate pieces of the UFO.

Jo Ann Purdie, daughter of J.B. Foster, told how her father also was threatened by the Army.

Wife Shirley Brazel told how husband Bill would exhibit one piece of wreckage at dinner time, showing its strange and indestructible qualities. Their home also was ransacked with an assurance that no fragments remained.

Charles Wood was one of the souvenir-finders, and on James Wood’s sixth birthday in 1952, was presented with a gift of a piece of a ‘weather balloon” that turned out to be indestructible “memory metal.”

James discovered the artifact could be used in a ‘magic act’ with a finale’ in which the artifact, rolled into a ball, would “unravel and softly float to the ground.” The magic act ended after ‘someone’ broke into James’s wooden shed and “whisked away the physical evidence of a flying saucer crash.”  (p. 155)

Twelve-year-old schoolgirl in July 1947, Frankie Dwyer, whose father was crew chief with the Roswell Fire Department, visited her father at the fire station the day that patrolman Robert Scroggins stopped at the firehouse, presenting some foil-like material in his hand crumbled into a tight ball. Scroggins dropped the ball which silently formed out into a “perfectly smooth piece of paper-thin material in a matter of seconds.” Franke Dwyer said it had magic qualities and would “flow like water” each time it was crushed and then dropped.

A few days later, she and her mother, Mrs. Dwyer, were visited by a rather muscular, uniformed MP. He wanted to talk to ‘Frankie.’ The mother was escorted into another room. The soldier was well-aware of what this girl had seen. “You did not see anything,” he told her. “Do you understand? If you say anything, not only you will be killed, but we will come back for your family.  There’s a big desert out there. No one will ever find you.”  As he spoke, he slammed a Billy Club into an open palm.

The ominous figure was later determined to be Arthur Philben, a security officer with the 390th Air Service Squadron (ASS), a part of the Roswell Army Airfield’s 509th Bomb Group in 1947.

C.M Woodbury was a member of the 752nd Tank Battalion as well as a good friend of RAAF commander Colonel William H. ‘Butch’ Blanchard. Woodbury approached Dan Dwyer and Lee Reeves at the fire station about their surveying a crashed ‘egg-shaped vessel’ carrying small humanoids.  “You are not to say another word about the crash,” Woodbury threatened.




The public information officer (PIO) from Roswell Army Airfield, First Lieutenant Walter Haut (confessed to having seen the retrieved crashed craft), along with wife, ‘Pete,” described 30-years of threatening phone calls. They named one caller “the Norseman,” another “the Shadow.” Other victim-witnesses also said their lives were in jeopardy if they continued to talk about the incident.


Further Secrets Schulgen images

Brigadier General George Schulgan, chief of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division
“The Phenomenon is Real”


Sergeant Lloyd Thompson of the RAAF 393RD Bomb Squadron, who accompanied the alien cargo abroad a B-29 out of Roswell to Forth Worth Army Airfield in Texas, was one of several participants who also had many years of harassment. There was a threat on an unlisted telephone number, which the FBI listed as also a death threat.

A 27-year-old female executive secretary at the RAAF military hospital in 1947, Miriam “Andrea” Bush, was corralled by her boss and hospital administrator, Lieutenant Colonel Harold M. Warne, to assist him in a hospital examination room where she observed several small bodies on gurneys. The event led to several heavy-handed threads that would put her in a state of dark paranoia.  She was closely watched over the years, and she would express her fear and dread to her sister-in-law, Pat, and her sister, Jenny. She expressed this fear again in December 1989 to Patricia Bush that “someone was spying on her.”

Miriam registered into a motel in Fremont, California about 1989. She registered using her sister Jenny’s name and was unaccompanied. The coroner said she had wrapped a plastic bag around her head to suffocate herself—which is very uncharacteristic: “…there were fresh scratches and bruises all over her arms.”

Trinidad “Trini” Chavez was one in a group of boys that observed from a hill the military cleanup operation on the Foster ranch crash-site. Dan Richards kept a piece of the ‘‘memory metal” under a floorboard in a shed. Eventually, the military came and retrieved this artifact.

“Both ‘Trini’ and his father were warned, say the authors, “as were young Dan Richards and his parents to remain silent — or else!”




John G. Tiffany said that his father was stationed at the 509th Bomb Group in Roswell in 1947 and his father was commissioned to Texas to pick-up a large metallic cylinder that resembled a giant thermos bottle.

The object was off-loaded at Wright Field by trucks that soon departed, “…the flight was debriefed by a high-ranking official who told them the flight had never taken place.” (p. 102)

Even before the Roswell crashes in 1947, retired Colonel and later doctor, Randy Lovelace, helped establish the Lovelace Medical Foundation in 1947. The nurse said Lovelace was quickly dispatched to Roswell and stayed for a couple of days but “refused to comment” on what he knew other than “[it] … was a new species.”

Jesse Marcel, Sr., was called to a mysterious convention in Washington, D.C.  Marcel, due to previous threats, went alone, but suspicious, along with ‘other’ witnesses. It was called the Conference of May 1990.

After the meeting Marcel went to a second at the Capitol Building and was introduced to a Dick D.’ Amato, a staff member and senior senatorial counsel to Senator Robert C. Byrd.

“Roswell is true, but you know already know that,” D. Amato said. “The problem: it’s buried deep within the black budget, and government funds have been spent since 1947 to keep that truth from coming out. Whenever someone gets too close to the truth, they are immediately discredited.  All of the main witnesses remain on their radar scopes.”




The book is peppered with discovered episodes of persons directly or indirectly involved with the crashes of Roswell 1947.

Names such as Timothy ‘Dee’ Proctor, Pete and Mary Anaya, Arthur Farnsworth, sheriff George M. Wilcox, Barbara Duggar, Frankie Dwyer Rowe, Sergeant Melvin Brown, Dr. John Kromschroeder, Mary Ann Gandner, and scores of other Roswell witnesses will pass before the readers’ eyes in a panorama of 1947 events.

Typical was the story of Ralph A, Multer, a purple-heart recipient, who told about his UFO incident at the Timken Company of Canton, Ohio.  His company had a metallurgical blast furnace of more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Multer told of a special cargo from New Mexico that arrived at the Timken plant in 1947, and the whole operation was overseen by the FBI. “Something had to break the material’s Molecular Code, and Timken could blast it in the furnace,” say the authors.

It was in 1990 that daughters Violet and Sundai spoke out about the “lightweight metallic, silver-grey material that Timken couldn’t dent, damage, or melt.”


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Other books by Carey and Schmitt on this topic are Witness to Roswell, Inside Area 51, UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson, among several others.



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