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 Secret Agent Man


There’s a man who leads a life of danger

To everyone he meets he stays a stranger

With every move he makes, another chance he takes

Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow

Secret agent man, secret agent man: They’ve given you a number and taken away your name…


Beware of pretty faces that you find

A pretty face can hide an evil mind

Ah, be careful what you say: Or you’ll give yourself away

Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow

Secret agent man, secret agent man: They’ve given you a number and taken away your name…



(“Secret Agent Man” is a song written by P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri. The most famous recording of the song was made by Johnny Rivers for the opening titles of the American broadcast of the British spy series Danger Man, which aired in the U.S. as Secret Agent from 1964 to 1966. The song itself peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.)

Kenn Thomas chronicles the archetypal appearances in the 1960s television programs of Secret Agent, The Prisoner, and The Invaders, as exemplified in Johnny Rivers song Secret Agent Man; we herewith explore into the real-life background of….






Steve Erdmann



Kenn Thomas had been known for his publishing interests into little exposed but highly clandestine military espionage. In this book, he concentrates on the UFO connection with shadowy figures going back to the June 21, 1947 sighting of six large doughnut-shaped aircraft and the dumping of fragments into the Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington.

(JFK & UFO Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover-up from Maury Island to Dallas, Kenn Thomas, Feral House, 1240 West Sims Way, suite 124, Port Townsend, Washington 98368,, 2011, 271 pages, $17.95.)


“The story of the Maury Island case resides in that nexus of Para politics and popular culture,” says Thomas. “…the case itself comes and goes in the popular memory. The release of Oliver Stone’s movie JFK in 1991, for instance, reminded many of the national brouhaha first brought on by Jim Garrison’s 1968 investigation of John Kennedy’s murder and taught many others about it for the first time. Stone’s movie carefully noted that Garrison believe the man he wound up prosecuting, New Orleans business man Clay Shaw, represented only a toehold on a much larger conspiracy.”

Aside from the six UFOs sighted, the Maury Island case also encompassed mysterious witnesses Harold Dahl, Dahl’s son, Charles, a pet dog, two unidentified crew men (abroad a harbor boat called The North Queen), and a further far-right-wing politician named Bernard Ramey Leroy, who saw, from another location that day, an estimated twenty tons of UFO debris being deposited over the bay by the aircraft.

Later, Dahl’s “superior,” Fred Lee Crisman, became intimately involved: “Crisman indeed did see what he estimated to be about twenty tons of the bizarre white and black material Dahl claimed had spewed from the UFOs,” says Thomas. “As he looked it over, he got to see much more. One of the doughnut-shaped craft appeared and circled in the sky above the bay. It rose up and entered the center of a thundercloud. Crisman saw the portholes, the inner tube like structure and the spinning observation window. It appeared gold and silver to him, with intense reflected light as Dahl described, but it had no ‘squashed’ effect.” (p. 23.)

A day later, Dahl was approached by a man in a black suit, driving a 1947 black sedan Buick. The man took Dahl to breakfast where he revealed quite a bit about Dahl, as well as making veiled threats about Dahl’s well-being. “I did think it was rather fantastic how this gentleman happened to know what I had seen,” said Dahl.


Kenneth Arnold (Shortly after his own famous sighting of nine delta-shaped UFOs on June 24, 1947[1]), at the behest of publisher Raymond A. Palmer, was further encouraged to investigate the claims of Crisman and Dahl. Arnold’s venture into the Maury Island UFOs was soon ballooned into multiple bizarre incidents.



Captain William Lee Davidson and First Lieutenant Frank Mercer Brown of the Fourth Air Force A-2 Intelligence had been dispatched by General Carl “Ptooey” Spaatz, and soon joined the train of investigators. Spaatz was “an air force commander concerned about the July 4th wave of sightings”, and he provided the officers with a B-25 airplane.  Davidson and Brown interviewed Arnold at dinner at the Hotel Owyhee, after which Arnold returned home.

Crisman and Ray Palmer had a prior connection through the tales of Richard Sharpe Shaver who told of “a diminutive race of beings” called “deros” (contraction of the words ‘detrimental’ and ‘robots’) who originally came from outer space to organize life on earth, but became victims of Sun and other solar radiation “attracted” into their advanced machinery, causing perpetual zombies of the Elder Race[2]. The tale became a complex series of articles in Palmer’s Amazing Stories Magazine in the 1940s heralded by enthusiastic fans as true history.

One of those fans was Fred Crisman; Palmer had published two of Crisman’s letters in Amazing Stories telling of his own encounters with “dero” in underground caverns in Myana Mar southeast of India, and Kashmir, near Jammu and Tibet. A second encounter was in Alaska, where Crisman claimed a companion named “Dick” lost his life.


“Crisman gave a prescient description of a laser-like weapon boring ‘a hole the size of a dime in (the) right bicep’ of a companion’s arm,” says Thomas. “‘It was seared inside. How we don’t know.’ No doubt, since Lasers had not yet been developed…similar rants and channels have come and the idea of a hidden cant language has been described by Kerry Thornley as a factor in his involvement with the JFK assassination. Ray Palmer published volumes detailing the cosmology and history of the deros entitled The Hidden World in the 1960s.[3]” (p. 39.)

Fred Easterbrook of Twin Falls, Idaho found during the early part of July, 1947 a 30.5-inch “saucer” which Easterbrook turned over to FBI agent W.G. Banister. “The object was taken into a back room at the police station and put under lock and key,” said assistant chief E. McCracken of Twin Falls. Banister was also identifiied as part of the FBI Security Matter-X files (p. 99).

Banister emerged during the JFK murder investigation by New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison. At that time, Banister ran a detective agency in New Orleans, Guy Banister Association at 531 Lafayette, which had a second entrance at 544 Camp Street. His office often saw anti-Castro personnel, such as “Watergaters” Bernard Baker, E. Howard Hunt, and was also used by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 for the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee and the printing of Hands off Cuba flyers. Both Banister and Oswald were acquainted with a David Ferrie, who was a gun-runner for the CIA Bay of Pigs, amongst other clandestine operations.

Banister’s associates included Mafia and right-wing extremist groups like the World Anti-Communist League,” says Thomas. “He also once worked in the Chicago FBI office with Robert Maheu, a consultant to Howard Hughes, who planned murder plots against Castro.”


Crisman’s maneuverings at Maury Island in 1947 inter-connected with the disappearance of Dahl’s son, the retrieval of the UFO debris (which, at one point, was strewn along the beach as lava-like rock and as also white metal debris), the search for “surveillance bugs” in Arnold’s hotel room (as aided by investigator United Airlines pilot E.J. Smith), and the appearance of strange telephone calls to United Press International reporter Ted Morello.

“The compilation of fishy circumstances and excuses gave Arnold the idea to call the Air Force investigators who previously had spoken with him…he (Dahl) gave the military investigators the full story as he had previously told it to Arnold and Smith,” says Thomas, speaking of the Fourth Air Force A-2 Intelligence officers. Arnold gave the investigators “about thirty pieces of debris.” Ted Morello called Arnold and said that a “mysterious informant” had called again with intimate details of the meetings.

The whole episode took a disastrous twist, when on August 1, 1947, the B-25 carrying Davidson and Brown had crashed, killing both men[4]

Smith and Arnold, shortly following the accident, wanted to bid farewell to Dahl before leaving Washington, and so detoured directly to the house of Dahl’s female companion at which they had met previously.

“When they arrived, they found a house that ‘looked completely deserted’ and as if it had not been lived in for months,” says Thomas; No furniture, just dust, dirt cobwebs, with no Dahl, his secretary or her children to be found.

Thomas studies major events in Fred Crisman’s life following Crisman’s boarding an Army bomber and disappearing to Alaska (page 71). Thomas outlines “a biographical trail connecting his earliest-of-all modern UFO experiences at Maury Island (or the manipulation of his fantasy about same), through the most significant political event of contemporary American politics of the 1960s—the JFK assassination—and into the still-current para-political landscape.”

In 1946, Crisman trained with a special Internal Security of the OSS and then transferred to the CIA and back to the school as an “extended agent” to work in the state of Washington where he reported on the political situation in Washington.


After a sojourn at Willamete University, Crisman returned to training at Fort Lewis, Washington, Fort Benning, Georgia, and Fort Sill, Oklahoma—all CIA training areas: Isece-Easy Section.

“It does exist, and is the sub-section of Internal Security known as a disruption planning center,” says Thomas. “Crisman is a trained Disruption Agent and has worked in several fields.” Crisman interchanged duties with the NSA, Fort Sill in Oklahoma, Boeing Company in Seattle, where he caused a great amount of disruption at Boeing.




Crisman became instrumental in the Washington state school system and also as an obstructionist to the Port Authority on the Oregon side of the Columbia. He ventured to New Orleans and became involved with several political figures.

“He was also known by James Garrison and was later remembered by Garrison,” says Thomas, “Garrison did not know at this time that Crisman was a CIA agent, or that he was in any way a federal employee.” He returned to Oregon to mount attacks on political opponent the returned to New Orleans to mix into legislative campaigns.

“Senator Russell Long was able to confirm that Crisman was a government agent but assumed that he was an FBI information agent,” says Thomas. “Garrison was so informed, and Crisman was listed as such in the New Orleans records.”

In Tacoma, Washington, Crisman created non-profit from organizations which were taken over by CIA agent Thomas E. Beckman. Crisman concentrated on the defeat of John O’connell as governor of the state of Washington; all with the blessings of the Isece Section of the CIA. Crisman’s investigation of the Conquistador Corp also created embattlements with the Cosa Nostra.

“The Cosa Nostra cooperate and stay out of the way of all CIA agents,” says Thomas. “The CIA does not make arrests, they have been known to kill an enemy and they consider all persons in their way as an enemy.”

It was Crisman’s efforts to block John O’Connell that alerted Jim Garrison that Crisman “was an actual CIA agent…a government-military CIA complex agent.” Crisman was also interested in the complete New Orleans and Washington state operations of Boeing and some politics.


The Easy section of the CIA apparently felt that the Manager-Council form of government a threat in that area.

“All that is known at the present time is that the Easy 4250ece section of the CIA is active in Tacoma,” says Thomas, and that it has assigned one of its best Disruption Agents to do a local job there[5].

Easy papers cite a “Mrs. Banfield” who said “this man, Crisman, is a man that is dangerous to the future of America…we cannot have CIA people such as him interfering with local government.” (p. 90.)

Perhaps as part of the military-industrial-complex-propaganda’s sympathies against Communism, Crisman embroiled himself into a number of “rightist” Christian movements.

Far-right groups that Crisman associated with were the American Nazi Party, Christian Defense League, California Rangers, the Minute Men, and the Christian Sons of Liberty, founded by Bernard Ramey LeRoy. LeRoy claimed to have seen Dahl’s 1947 Maury Island UFO that dispersed “tin foil flakes” while fishing at Finer Point at the island.


Garrison, Thomas says, included David Ferrie and Kerry Thornley in what Thomas describes as “the Banister cell.” Thornley wrote The Idle Warriors, and claimed he was drawn into the Kennedy assassination by Howard Hunt (Hunt, “a Watergate burglar was also [allegedly and inconclusively] identified as one of the railyard hoboes” [please reference psychoanalyst C.G. Jung’s data on ‘meaningful coincidence’[6]]).


Was Fred L. Crisman One of the Men on the Grassy Knoll?


Thornley co-write the Principia Discordia, the central “text” of the satirical Discordian religion, which worshiped Eris, a goddess of chaos…he had plans to publish on the Internet a manuscript he wrote detailing his involvement with the Kennedy Assassination (p. 108). The “Banister cell” included Thomas Beckham and a “cluster of bizarre ‘old church’ evangelical sects in the New Orleans substructure.”

(Garrison suspect, Clay Shaw, also belonged to the board of directors of Permindex, a CIA front company. “Shaw’s military service apparently did develop around his CIA/OSS involvement,” says Thomas, dating back to the late 1940s, in several CIA-sponsored covert operations throughout Europe [p. 73][7]).

Fred Lee Crisman, alias John H. Bowen, alias Dr. Jon Gold, and his partner, Thomas Edward Beckham, and Albert Osborne, were all working for the Defense Industrial security Command through American Council of Christian Churches (p. 80[8]).

“The ‘ministers’ and ‘bishops’ can accumulate money (religious fund raising) without serious inquiry as to the source,” says Thomas. “They are free from 9 to 5 routine expected of normal patriotic Americans…”

Crisman’s “chum” Bob Lavender claimed that Beckham had split from the Universal Life Church to start his own church organization, and met David Ferrie through Guy Banister and his employee Jack Martin. Aside from incorporating papers for several businesses in Olympia, Washington, Beckham established a fund raising office for anti-Castro-lists Sergio Arcacha Smith and Louis Rabel.

(Thomas’ book is a compilation of intriguing interconnected side bars, appendices, interviews, foot-notes, and mysterious facts that the reader will have to trace-down, review, and investigate personally.)


FBI files for 1947 indicate a number of telexes from Banister, initialed “WGB,” and pertaining to UFO Phenomena, designated as: “Security Matter-X” (SM-X).

“To many, the world of transnational industrial espionage that Garrison saw as the backdrop to the assassination is simply not real, despite its continuing presence in global politics,” says Thomas. “Conmen, industrial spies and low-level disinformationists abound in this environment and one testament to the veracity of Crisman’s entanglement is the durability of his influence upon it.” (p. 115.)

Later, it was rumored that Crisman was in Dallas on the day of Kennedy’s murder; indeed, some speculated that Crisman was one of the three “tramps” arrested that day, identified as “Crismon,” but in conflict with other police records suggesting Chauncey Marvin Holt, or, Harold  Doyle (pronounced as Harold ‘Dahl,’ as in Maury Island ‘Dahl’), pp. 133, 136.[9]

Likewise, Crisman discovered deeper inroads to the world of espionage through Marshall Riconoscuito and his son, Michael (and Crisman’s nephew). Riconoscuito gave “back door approval” to Crisman’s battle against the city management form of government.

Riconoscuito ran several enterprises, an advertising agency, and a “small lab where certain common drugs were bottled under a variety of house names.”  His son, Michael discovered a “bug device” in Riconoscuito’s office. Michael was, in fact, an “electronics prodigy.”  Danny Casolaro exposed Michael as part of “a transnational spook group known as ‘The Octopus.’ The Octopus exerted wide-ranging influence on global political affairs, including the assassination of JFK and had in its membership many veterans of the OSS,” says Thomas, “a history that mirrored Jim Garrison’s conceptions.”


Michael Riconoscuito worked on a software program known as Promis/inslaw and it also involved Iran/Contra and the Reagan/Bush presidency.  His “fuel-air explosives” may have been part of the blast that nearly killed 300 Marines in Lebanon in 1987 and possibly in the first World Trade Towers bombing and Oklahoma City bombing.

“Major global events have come to be attributed to Casolaro’s Octopus, from the assassination of Princess Diana (Casolaro reported that Dodi Fayed’s uncle, Adnan Khashuggi, belonged to The Octopus) to the 9/11 destruction wrought by Osama Bin Laden,” says Thomas, “whose transnationl connections mirrored the structure of the Octopus.”

(Joseph Daniel Casolaro was an American freelance writer who came to public attention on August 10, 1991 when he was found dead in a bathtub in room 517 of the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, his wrists slashed 10–12 times. A note was found, and the medical examiner ruled the death a suicide. His death became controversial because his notes suggested he was in Martinsburg to meet a source about a story he called “The Octopus.” Casolaro’s family suspected that he had been murdered. Before he left for Martinsburg, he had apparently told his brother that he had been frequently receiving harassing phone calls late at night; that some of them were threatening .

Although UFO connections flitter in and out of Crisman’s background (such as Thomas Beckman, Crisman’s business partner, also being listed on the board of directors of the National Investigations Committee on UFOs [NICUFO]), the Maury Island affair stood center of mass:

“I will tell you this much, the Maury Island Incident was no hoax,” said Crisman in 1967, page 230, “the FBI and the Air force know it was no hoax. The pieces[10] [11] of the UFO that are still in our possession have proven that it was no hoax.”

In the January, 1950 issue of FATE Magazine, Crisman boldly and clearly attacked those who accused him and Dahl as hoaxers calling their accusations as being “a bold-faced lie.” (p. 210.)

As far as the broader intrigue of how the military-industrial-complex espionage was a manifestation of diabolical Master-Minds possessed by alien “deros”:

(Concerning William S. Baring-Gould’s September, 1946 comments in Harper’s Magazine about Ray Palmer’s Amazing Stories: Ray Palmer replied to Harper’s Magazine, November, 1946 remarks [ibid, p. 208, Thomas]) “Baring-Gould does not understand the ‘Shaver Mystery.’ From his article,” said Ray Palmer, “it is apparent at once that he has not read the stories concerned with the ‘mystery.’ I am not ‘anxious to give [an] impression.’ I believe in the ‘Mystery’ for what it is. Every word uttered editorially in Amazing Stories is my firm conviction, not any attempt at a hoax…”


“By the mid-1950s it had become clear that the real publishing money was to be made, not in Palmer’s beloved science-fiction or the ‘true mysteries’ he loved even better, but in soft-core porn—the stuff published in the now-forgotten magazine Rogue by Palmer’s friend and close associate William Hamling, or in the all-too-unforgotten magazine of a Hamling acquaintance named Hugh Hefner.”




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[1] On June 24, 1947, the civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects, glowing bright blue-white, flying in a “V” formation over Washington’s Mount Rainier. He estimated the objects’ flight speed at 1700 mph and compared their motion to “a saucer if you skip it across water.” (In newspaper reports of Arnold’s sighting, this description was mistakenly taken to mean that the objects were shaped like saucers, leading to the popularization of the term “flying saucer” as a synonym for UFO.) Though Arnold said he initially thought what he had seen were test flights of military aircraft, the military later said they had been conducting no test flights during the time of the incident. A prospector on Mt. Adams saw the objects at around the same time as Arnold, bolstering his story.


[2] The Tero: In addition to the dero, the Cavern World harbors small, hunted groups of tero (integrative ro), Elder descendants who, for reasons never adequately explained, have not succumbed to detrimental radiation. These tero are locked in ceaseless combat with the dero, and some befriended Shaver: “Right under my feet men die on racks because the dero…have caught them trying to help protect Shaver.”
The dero and tero populations of the caverns are dwarfed by a mass of human slaves as well as tribes of depraved freebooters who have drifted down from the surface world during various eras. While not as luridly evil as the dero, these too are a pretty loathsome crowd, vicious gangsters who slave and smuggle in alliance with topside criminals. Each major city apparently has its subsurface equivalent inhabited by these thugs, and many a “runaway” gets sold down the shaft.


[3] Shaver’s world: If the Deros looked goofy, however, their activities were anything but. Deros use their ancient technology to control, or “tamper with,” the minds of surface dwellers. (Shaver hinted that many members of the world’s wealthy and powerful elite had been replaced by Dero-controlled doubles.) The Deros also abduct thousands of surface-dwellers on an annual basis, and subject them to the most depraved and excruciating torture imaginable. Deros enjoyed disassembling their victims, and keeping them conscious for months as living vivisections. Women were turned, by means of “sex stim”, into living furniture, while others were given “growth stimulation focused on breasts till they got enormous and gave milk like a cow which they use for a beverage.”


[4] The widow of Officer Brown suggested that he was murdered: “Frank Brown’s widow did in fact state her conviction that her husband was murdered. In addition to this, a particularly persistent reporter into the Maury Island episode died shortly after the investigation…”
News accounts of the crash and statements by Army officials hinted that sabotage had brought down the B-25 on which Davidson and Brown were flying. Brown’s wife Velma also spelled out her suspicions in a letter to Arnold. “I have never thought that Frank’s death was an accident,” she wrote.


[5] “In Joan Mellen’s book A Farewell to Justice, Fred Crisman had been identified as one of the hundreds of ‘spooks’ working secretly for the Intelligence community.  In her voluminous research on the history of Jim Garrison and the Kennedy assassination, Mellen discovered that Crisman had association with the Offutt AIR Force Base and worked with the United States Army Air Defense Command.  A FOIA request of September 13, 1969 revealed Crisman as Agent 4250.  A comment appeared: ‘…a man that is dangerous to the future of America.’”


[6] “According to Carl Jung, such events are not mere coincidences at all, but what he called synchronicity or meaningful coincidence. ‘Synchronicity,’ said Jung, ‘is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.’”
Deborah Ward, December 02, 2011,


[7] According to the award-winning investigative journalist, Anthony L. Kimery:
“Documents surfaced in 1977 showing that Shaw had worked for the CIA since 1949. He had also been in business with former Nazis and European fascists involved in several CIA-supported covert operations throughout Europe, and there is strong evidence he had been a member of the OSS; he certainly had worked for a top OSS officer who was involved in Operation Paperclip.
“But did Crisman know Shaw from those days? It’s possible. Crisman is said to have been attached to the OSS. Intelligence sources say he was a member of a secret fraternity of former intelligence officials. Other sources swear he was involved in gunrunning and was closely tied to organized crime–two factions which certainly worked hand-in-glove at the time.
“According to Garrison’s information, Crisman knew Shaw well. One of Garrison’s informants said Crisman was ‘the first man Clay called after being told he was in trouble.’ The same source added that Crisman ‘flies to New Orleans steadily. 1964, eleven times. 1965, 17 times, 1966, 32 times, 1967, 24 times . . . he seems to have no income and certainly spends a large sum of money on air travel.’”


[8] Author Joan Mellen: “Arrested by Jim Garrison, Clay Shaw denied he knew David Ferrie, no matter that the whole town saw them together – he counted on the CIA to protect him. Yet I was able to find a witness to a loan document Ferrie had taken out so that he could rent an airplane to fly to Dallas the week before the assassination. Ferrie later told both the FBI and the Secret Service that he hadn’t been in Dallas for eight to ten years, clearly a lie. The co-signer of that note was…Clay Shaw! Jim Garrison, defamed over the years, was prescient and right and is owed a posthumous apology.  Thomas Edward Beckham also handed me the original of a government document describing his CIA training and why CIA had concluded he could be useful to them. This document had been given to him years earlier by his CIA handler, a man named Fred Lee Crisman, as an explanation of how CIA had utilized him. Its letterhead is not ‘CIA,’ but ‘UNITED STATES ARMY AIR DEFENSE COMMAND’ out of Colorado Springs, and, yes, such an outfit does exist.  Beckham told me that his original handler in New Orleans was a strange character named Jack Martin.”


“Thomas Edward Beckham also handed me the original of a government document describing his CIA training and why CIA had concluded he could be useful to them. This document had been given to him years earlier by his CIA handler, a man named Fred Lee Crisman, as an explanation of how CIA had utilized him. Its letterhead is not ‘CIA,’ but ‘UNITED STATES ARMY AIR DEFENSE COMMAND’out of Colorado Springs, and, yes, such an outfit does exist.”


“In the batch of CIA documents came an interesting letter. It demonstrates, and is the only internal document to do so, that Fred Lee Crisman, Beckham’s lifetime handler, was, indeed CIA. This letter refers to ‘documents’ identifying Crisman’s Agency connections obtained by the sender, whose name is obliterated. This anonymous individual worked for a section of the Agency different from Crisman’s. He managed to obtain Crisman’s file through his own internal connections.”


Richard Gilbride spoke in his 2009 book Matrix for Assassination: The JFK Conspiracy (page 154: Trafford Publishing) that Thomas Beckham went into hiding when word of Garrison’s investigation was known, and became protected by Lt. Colonel Lawrence Lowry (SAC’s planning coordinator and also an associate of CIA Richard Helms and connected to the JM/Wave station): “Beckham’s handler in New Orleans, Fred Lee Crisman, had carte-blanche access into the top-secret facilities at Offutt. Crisman soon presented Beckham with a fabricated document certifying his ‘intelligence service’ with the “United States Army Defense Command” out of Ent AFB in Colorado Spring___home base of NORAD.”


[9] Investigators, such as Steve Thomas, suggest multiple Jungian-style synchronistic connections with the backgrounds of the tramps, their changing names, family history, and possible CIA and espionage backgrounds. John Forrester Gedney was one of the tramps, yet suspected to have prior ‘spook’ background:


[10] Some of the debris that Crisman spoke of, and was mentioned in Ray Palmer and Kenneth Arnold’s The Coming of the Saucers (1952), was still in their possession. Ray Palmer’s metallurgical analysis of the ‘real stuff’  found the material to be of high calcium, Iron, zinc and titanium content, with lesser traces of aluminum, manganese, copper, silicon, nickel, strontium, chromium, tin and cadmium.  The book noted that titanium is used in missiles and space ships and that calcium has the affinity to capture radium and prevent contamination.


[11] The late John Keel highlighted the Maury Island debris in his book Operation Trojan Horse (page 174): “The flying saucers have been spewing all kinds of trash all over the landscape. … We can start with the slag dumped from the sky during the Maury Island, Washington ‘hoax’ of 1947. Analysis of this material showed it to be composed of calcium, aluminum, silicon, iron, zinc and other mundane elements. Heaps of this stuff has turned up since in New Hampshire, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and many other places following UFO sightings. It has often been found on hilltops and deep in trackless forests, places where it had to be dumped from the air. And it was found in Sweden in 1946.”


kenneth arnoldKenneth Arnold describes his UFO Sighting





 Was Fred L. Crisman one of the men on the Grassy Noll?





ray palmerRay Palmer (center) in the office, ca. 1939.


“By the mid-1950s it had become clear that the real publishing money was to be made, not in Palmer’s beloved science-fiction or the ‘true mysteries’ he loved even better, but in soft-core porn—the stuff published in the now-forgotten magazine Rogue by Palmer’s friend and close associate William Hamling, or in the all-too-unforgotten magazine of a Hamling acquaintance named Hugh Hefner.”

















Steve Erdmann


(Copyright, 2017, Steve Erdmann, permission given to quote in reviews and advertising/educational purposes.)



“…secrets that could benefit mankind, that are being withheld to give an economic adventure to a greedy few, or secrets that control groups in order to subjugate the masses, I will gladly reveal…there exists technology that goes way beyond anti-gravity and allows for travel anywhere in space and time.  If this concept is too difficult to wrap your mind around, for your own mental comfort you could consider this book to be a science-fiction novel.  But if you do the research, as I have done, you might realize that much of it could actually be true.” (Secret Science and the Secret Space Program, p. ii in the Foreword and p. 194.)

(Secret Science and the Secret Space Program, Herbert G. Dorsey III, Herbert G. Dorsey Publishing and Outskirts Press, Inc.,, 10940 S. Parker Road, Unit 515, Parker, Colorado 80134, 2015, 203 pages, $16.95.)


Dorsey tells the reader that he has had a “broad education in Electrical Engineering and Physics that go beyond what is taught at the university level.”  He has investigated “free energy” inventions and even spoke to people “that worked on ‘black projects’…these inventions, in the past, have been vigorously suppressed.”

                       SECRET SCIENCE       

There existed a “secret science” used in “black projects” that is not taught at the university level, says Dorsey, and incorporated back-engineered extraterrestrial technology:

“As far as a secret space program goes, do you really believe that the U.S. government would land men on the Moon in the 1970s and then never go further?  If so, you really don’t understand how the secret part of the U.S. government really works.”

Dorsey chronologizes a long, tortuous history of this “secret science,” beginning with John Worrell Keely and his science of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP), his “Vibratory Disintegrator,” which could dissolve atoms “as easily as molecules into Aether.”   Eventually, Keely claimed to have overcome the force of gravity, as described in the April 13, 1890 Philadelphia Evening Telegraph as an eight-pound airship model.

“It must be stressed that Keeley’s theories were based on years of experiments that he actually conducted,” says Dorsey, “not on purely mathematical constructs, as so many theories today are created.”

Author J. Allen Danelek wrote in his 2009 book The Great Airship of 1897 that the worldwide airship reports from the 1880s to 1890s “was the work of an unknown individual, possibly funded by a wealthy inventor…built in secret to safeguard from patent infringement as well as to protect investors in case of failure.”  (pp. 6-7.)

Dorsey advances to tales of the Secret Aero Club and member C.R.A Dellschau (1880-1923).  The Club originated in Sonora, California and, in 1858, was headed by George Newell and the Nymza organization. Their craft purported to have used a “NB gas” with antigravity properties.  Dorsey continues into the Keeley airship flights of 1896.  About that time, the inventions of inventor Nicola Tesla were taking center-stage.

“About this time Tesla was approached by members of the secret Nymza organization of New York that oversaw the secret Aero Club out west in California,” says Dorsey.  “Tesla may have shared the secrets of his electrical antigravity craft with them.  If so, it all was kept pretty secret.” (p. 11.)

Inventions realized by Tesla included a “wireless power transmitting station called Warden Clyffe,” “a vertical takeoff aircraft,” “an electrical antigravity craft,” and, in 1895, “time alteration.”  Later, Tesla worked on a “Tesla Shield” (Thomas Bearden), as well as participated in the “Philadelphia Experiment” (Project Rainbow) that eventually resulted in the disappearance of the U.S.S. destroyer escort Eldridge on August 12, 1943.


Dorsey writes about the German government placing spies close to Tesla to learn his secret technology.  One such spy was a George Scherff, actually George H. Scherf from Dolitzsch, south of Leipzig, Germany.  His name was altered upon his migrating to the U.S.   Scherff had the alias of Prescott Sheldon Bush.  His son was known as George Herbert Walker Bush—later becoming Director of the CIA and President of the United States (The Bush Connection, Eric Orion, 2003, Amazon Digital Services, LLC).

“Using his double identity, Scherff/Bush stole Tesla’s inventions, sold them to the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) through his vice-presidency and directorship under the alias of Robert Sheldon Bush,” says Dorsey, “to be forwarded to Paul Warburg (banker), Fritz Thyssen (industrialist) and I.G. Farben (the largest conglomerate of chemical companies in the world) —the latter two being industrialists loyal to Hitler’s Nazi Party.  Some of Tesla’s discoveries would later be used by the Third Reich in their secretive flying saucer program.”



Tesla utilized a Dynamic Theory of Gravity using “Aether,” combining a high voltage and a high frequency alternating field mixed with a high static voltage field, according to Poynting’s Theorem.  Tesla used these to propel his “electric air ship.”

The Nazis incorporated all Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, and Victor Schauberger’s antigravity and vortex implosion technology. Schauberger called it a “Repulsine.”

“Most of Germany’s flying saucers were still under development by the war’s end and not regularly used in combat,” says Dorsey. “Many were destroyed so as not to fall into enemy hands and others were flown away to secret bases in Antarctica and Argentina.  However, some of the saucer technology and the technicians that developed them were captured by the U.S and Russia and has been kept secret from the public ever since.”


Dorsey takes us on a rapid-advanced excursion through scientists and science that enfolded what he called “secret science” that “at no time” (was) mentioned or taught at “universities or even mentioned.”

Thomas Townsend Brown, Rudolf G. Zinsser, George Sagnac, Ernest Silvertooth, Dayton Miller, Dan. A. Davidson, Joe Parr, Tomas Bearden, Theodur Kai Uza, Howard Johnson, Richard Willis, Edwin Grey, John Bedini, Donald Smith, Stanley Meyer and Bob Boyce are a few of the scientists “outside” the normal arena of “space-time” science.

Gravitator-electrokinetic fields, Joe Parr Gravity Wheels, Extended Electromagnetics, and Floyd Sweet Specially Conditioned Magnets were the bedrock of the secret science.

“There are many more ways to trap the ambient energy of the medium of space, whether one calls it Aether, virtual particles, or dark matter. And convert it into useful energy,” says Dorsey.

Secret science further connected to the manipulation of time.  In 1975, Tesla made breaches of time and space with highly charged, rotating magnetic fields.  Later, Electrical Engineer and past head of the Department of Communications in Canada, Wilbert Smith, was involved with the secret Project Magnet to investigate “ways to tape the Earth’s magnetic field for propulsion and energy.” (p. 51.)

Tesla’s experimentation with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere would lead “to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Time Travel Projects.”

Russian scientists Nikolay A. Kozyrev, Dr. Spartak, Gennedy Shipov, Dr. Vadim Chernbrov, Albert Veiaik, along with scientists David Lewis, Eric Julien and Dr. David Lewis Anderson and others, says Dorsey, experimented with “time control technology.”


Most of these experiments became incorporated into Nazi German science and the creation of the Vril Society created by Medium Telepath Maria Orsic who converged into the Thule Gesellschaft and the All German Society for Metaphysics.  These efforts continued through to the 1920s when scientists invented the Jenseitsflugmaschine (JFM).


“By 1922 development of a working prototype was underway,” says Dorsey.  “Meanwhile, Germany saw the inception of the National Socialist Party and Adolph Hitler’s rise to power, fueled in part by the Utopian visions of a new world order inspired in part by the Thule and Vril Societies.”

Professor Winfried Otto Schumann and Maria Orsic were considered the seeds for German Flying Saucers.  Quickly followed through the 1930 and 1940s were the Jenseitsflugmachine 2 (JFM2), the Rundflugzeug (RFZ), and the Vril and Hannebu disks.

It is here that Dorsey begins to enter what many might call a “fog of believability,” telling of questionable facts and somewhat unproven speculation (which he carries to us in likewise manner to the end of the book), such as a claim that the Nazis sent a Vril 7 “Jager” to planets around a sun called Aldebaran by means of a “dimension channel independent of the speed of light.”   There was also the Vril 7 “Giest” in 1944, in which Maria Orsic flew telepathically using a Mind Control Head Band. Dorsey deals much more realistically with his knowledge about ‘unknown’ science, rather than his worrisome history on extraterrestrial liaisons.

(Dorsey claims to have developed an intuitive sense of what is true or false by developing a fine perception of keeping an open-mind and a healthy amount of skepticism; however, by the lack of hard-citation of verifiable sources, one might question his ability to show proper ‘skepticism.’  Forward, p.ii.)

The Nazi SS took command of the German flying saucers. The “Replusine” worked with diamagnetic levitation forces___Repulsin A and Repulsin B.  A bio-submarine was called by the SS: the “Foreller.” There was also the Flugkieivsal, the RFZ1, RFZ2, the SSE-IV (Entwiekiungsstelle 4), the RFZ-4, the Haunebu II Do-Stra, and the Hannebu III.

Much of this technology was flown to secret Nazi bases in Argentina and Nue Schabenland, Antarctica, using JU290s and JU390-“Flying Trucks.”  One-hundred-thousand Nazis escaped to Argentina with gold.  As part of an Odessa operation, a base was created around San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. “Many underground bases and above ground roads, bridges and an airport were constructed there.”  The Nue Schabenland and the Nue Berlin bases were carried on in the Antarctica.


The end of the World War II saw several related scenarios.  Dorsey, by his inclusion, somehow endorses them:

# A massive bombing raid in 1944 on a critical ball-bearing plant at Schweinfort by over 150 British and American bombers had one quarter of the bomber contingent shot down by ten to fifteen “Nazi discs.”  If the Nazi discs had been fully operational, it would have been worse.

# In 1947, a U.S. military expedition of an aircraft carrier, a submarine, 20 surface ships and 4,000 elite navy troops, called “scientific expedition Operation High Jump,” as led by Admiral Richard Byrd, unsuccessfully attempted to invade the Nazi Antarctic base, but was pushed back by Nazi disc aircraft.

# On March 17, 1945, Maria Orsic and her Vril group went to a Messrschmitt hanger in Augsburg to man the Vril space ship. On March 18, a large circular-shaped flying craft was spotted by Lt. Col. Walter Fellenz, Brigadier General Henning Linden, and others, of the U.S. 7th Army advancing on Munich; the craft quickly disappeared.

From this juncture, Dorsey enters into stories of how various alien civilizations began to visit Earth and establish various “liaisons” with human governments.  Of course, Dorsey does not get into the nitty-gritty procedures of laying out hard and objectively provable details to each story (other than some popular references and sources), and, at various times, challenges he readers to investigate for themselves and to use their own common sense.  Dorsey does the same thing concerning claims of “time travel” and its associated science and stories.  Often, Dorsey would point to government “censorship” and suppression of the facts as another complicating factor.

What follows are quick and somewhat meatless chronologies, of which the reader will need to read the book and begin their own analytical adventures.  Dorsey does portray them, however, in dramatic fashion.

Dorsey says that a “recent history” first-meeting took place on July 11, 1934 between U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt on a U.S Navy vessel at Balboa, Panama.  The aliens were what has become known as “Greys” (a common feature of aliens since 1947), but they (themselves) were controlled by “Reptilians” (those outlined usually by researcher David Icke) from the Alpha Draconis star system.  An “unconstitutional” agreement was created for “obtaining extraterrestrial technology” in exchange for allowing “human abductions” in an alien genetics program.  Roosevelt refused alien cooperation that would recreate the Earth into a paradise if earth-people would give up war.  “Roosevelt refused.”

The same offer was given to Adolf Hitler by the Pleiadians in 1934, asking that Hitler “not (to) attack the Jewish people,” but Hitler broke the agreement upon getting “some technology.”  “The Pleiadians pulled out of the treaty in 1941.”  The Greys reinstituted a similar “treaty,” but this time the “German Aryan people” were exempted in trade for people “in the concentration camps.”  (Historically, this is highly unusual as an “Aryan” race of people is debatable.)  (pp. 80-81.)


A “peripheral” index of Dorsey’s historical renderings tells of some fantastic happenings:

# The February 25, 1942 “Battle of Los Angeles” told of where anti-aircraft guns fired “flack shells” at a saucer-shaped aircraft which eventually disappeared.

# Army Chief of Staff George Marshall created a Highly Classified Unit (IPU) within the Army’s G-2 Intelligence Agency.

# Richard Helms acted as an advisor to the MJ-12 secret group and was a contributing editor to the “red book” compendium on extraterrestrial activity supplied to the President.

# According to Dan Burisch (a biologist at Area 51 Sector 4) and Arthur Neumann (a physicist at Livermore Laboratories) the occupants that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 “were from the future of our own planet.” (Burisch’s claims are hotly debated – SE.)



# The Psychological Strategy Board (PSB) was created under the National Security Council to coordinate government-wide psychological warfare strategy. The PSB war also used to debunk UFOs to the U.S public.

# “The Greys were given an underground base at Dulce, New Mexico on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation,” says Dorsey.  “Some Greys were later taken to Unit S-4 at Area 51 and to (to) an underground base at Indian Springs, Nevada.”  (p. 98.)

# Dorsey claims “contactee” “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier could have contacted and photographed Plejarens from the planet Erra.  “It is located in a dimension which is a fraction of a second shifted from our own dimension…”

# Former MJ-12 member Dr. Michael Wolf told that there are many ET groups visiting the Earth—Zeta Reticulums, ETs from the Altair Aquila star system, races from Orion, the Federation of Worlds, and many others (p. 114).

# Hitler, Roosevelt and Eisenhower had made faulty and misguided treaties with the Greys that “led to Hell on Earth” by Mind Control by aliens. (pp. 121-122.)

# On January 24, 1953, Eisenhower established the Advisory Committee on Government Organizations, in which MJ-12 was head by the Director of Central Intelligence. “Later, Eisenhower would regret that decision, as he realized that the corporations which the CIA cleared to work on secretive back-engineered alien technology were becoming more powerful than the U.S government itself and came beyond government control.”  (p. 139.)

By 1958, MJ-12 decided that “antigravity research was to be highly classified under National Security and any corporation with military contracts would keep the research and development ‘black’ if they wanted to do further business with the military.”

“Officially, these ‘black projects’ are called Special Access Projects (SAP).  In the DOD Manuel titled National Industrial Security Program Operating Manuel…measures taken to keep secret the existence of unacknowledged programs…there is no actual Congressional oversight of how tax-payer money is being spent…antigravity technology being developed was being kept secret and there were the inevitable, occasional, but cautious leaks (pp.140-143).”

# “One technology developed by ACIO is called (the) Blank State Technology (BST).  BST is a form of time travel technology that allows history to be rewritten…changing history is a complex operation that requires the ability to correctly forecast the desirable outcome from tampering with the time stream.”  (pp. 150-151.)  (ACIO – Alien Contact Intelligence Organization…SE.)


“The public space program via NASA is merely a ‘smoke screen’ to hide the real but secret space program,” says Dorsey. “Why waste your time and money on rockets to get into outer space when you already have antigravity technology?…The secret development of the German flying saucers into improved U.S flying saucers…Solar Warden is part of a secret extraterrestrial treaty agreement with the Stat Nations___the organizations of advanced intelligent civilizations in space___and the United Nations.”  (pp. 156-165.)

Dorsey talks about the “time travels” of Edward Cameron, Andrew Basiago, Michael Reife, and Randy Cramer.

“So there exists technology that goes way beyond anti-gravity and allows for travel anywhere in time and space,” says Dorsey.  “If this concept is too difficult to wrap your head around, for your own mental comfort you could consider this book to be a science-fiction novel.  But if you do the research, as I have done, you might realize that much of it could actually be true.”


“So, by the early 1960s, the U.S had its own operational anti-gravity flying saucers and other types of space craft which were developed in secret ‘black projects’ largely financed through Waivered Unacknowledged Special Access Projects with money diverted from other military programs. By 1962, the Russians and the U.S jointly landed on Mars and by 1964, they had established a base there. By the late 1960s, the CIA was also operating time travel and teleportation technology in Operation Pagasus.”  (Secret Science and the Secret Space Program, p.197.)



Steve Erdmann, February, 2017, St. Louis, Missouri.

























“Scherff had the alias of Prescott Sheldon Bush.”



Mysterious Scrapbooks Found in a Dump Reveal Secret Writings of NYMZA.







One of the first actions taken by the CIA was to initiate the creation of an inter-agency government group called the Psychological Strategy Board.  July 18, 1951 – Gordon Gray (right), being administered the oath as the first Director of the new Psychological Strategy Board by Frank K. Sanderson (left),  while President Harry S. Truman (center) witnesses the event.