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Steve Erdmann


This article was published originally in the August 1, 2012 issue of The UFO Digest Magazine, reprinted here by permission.



Colin Bennett portrays the late Edward J. Ruppelt as a hero and iconic archetype that steered a path between erratic and wild military superiors, witnesses and the press.  Ruppelt was a United States Air Force officer who, from 1953 to 1959, headed Project Blue Book, the USAF’s UFO Project.  Shortly after adding, in 1959, incongruous and toned-down chapters at the end of his controversial 1956 book on UFOs, Ruppelt died of a heart attack in 1960.

(Flying Saucers over the White House: The Inside Story of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt and his Official U.S. Air Force Investigation of UFOs, Colin Bennett, Cosimo, Inc.,,  P.O. Box 416, Old Chelsea Station, New York 10011, 169 pages, 2010, $16.99.)

Captin Ruppelt Book Cover 51qBk0gml6L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_


What Is Past Is Prologue


“No one was born more American than he,” instructs Bennett in a somewhat heavy, liberally-used British-Shakespearian style throughout the book.  “The demons were all around him in the aircraft and the weaponry.  He had all the sacred courage of the Wright brothers and the madness of the astronauts.  As thanks for this, after he died, almost every copy of his book disappeared from bookstores worldwide, never to be seen again, and they were not bought by customers.”


An Official Journey into Magnolia/ Magonia

(Magnolia: a 1999 movie by Paul Thomas Anderson about paranormal synchronicity/ Magonia: a surrealistic world spoke of by Jaques Vallee.)


Such hijinks seemed to be part and parcel of Ruppelt’s sojourn as a UFO investigator and administrator.  Ruppelt took a very poorly organized, almost nonexistent government office and slowly turned it into a fully respected and greatly enhance division of the Air Force—-from Project Grudge to a Project Bluebook—-in a journey that was onerous and often cumbersome but that invariably built, however, respectability on the stepping-stones of major UFO cases.

Captain Ruppelt Photo Three oster-conf52

 Generals Ramey and Samford Sitting, Captain Ruppelt Standing


One such case was the September 10, 1951 Fort Monmouth, New jersey T33/radar episode that almost literally forced the hands of the Air Force, cracking the heads of Chief Of Air Major-General Cabell, Lieutenant-Colonel Rosengarten, and Lieutenant Jerry Cummings, to pledge aid to a more serious Air Force UFO Project.

Blue Book went from a one-man operation at a desk at the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) belonging to Officer James Rodgers to an official staff of ten people with Top Secret clearance and many paid consultants.

Ruppelt’s growing-pains tallied cases of destroyed UFO data by military personnel, rather “quirky” happenings that manifested so often that Bennett begins to postulate a Roger Penrose/ M.C. Escher illusion:  “A UFO experience then being liminal, is half-in half-out of the Cartesian frame, making it a most peculiar thing that exists in the intermediate area between facts and fiction….films blur, samples get lost, and what appear to be automatically generated warnings (black helicopters. Men in Black) appear….photographs and physical items (and on occasion cattle and people) all disappear within the UFO experience framework….may belong to this world only in part…..”  (pp. 48-49.)

Captain Ruppelt Office Thqdefault

Movie Scenes of Ruppelt in Office: “UFOs: The True Story of Flying Saucers” (1956)


Alice’s Cheshire Cat  


Here Bennett interjects the sighting of Mrs. Ann Sohn of May, 1952 which contains “humanoid” pilots, a category that even Project Bluebook avoided (this would have been a Hynek ‘Third Kind’ category).  Her sighting precludes the July, 1952 UFO flap, but holds elements of the bizarre, senselessly playful Alice-In-Wonderland’s Cheshire cat, dream-like qualities that Project Bluebook was not prepared to enfold.  Bennett says a “psycho-social filter” was even in play for many cases that came to Blue Book’s doorstep.  Enter mysterious civilian groups:  Robert Johnson and Mr. Brewster of the Republic Aircraft Corporation, later, also, the Rand Corporation, or, the Beacon Hill Group, a segment Bennett refers to as the ‘common techno-industrial base’ which would later become known as the New World Order.

Captain Ruppelt Montage cropped-collapseofindustrialcivilization

The ‘Common Techno-Industrial Base’ As It Has Grown Into –  
The Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix As It Is Today


The Invasion of the Capitol


The drama thickens around classical UFO cases such as the January 21, 1952 Mitchel Air Force Base, New York/Grumman TBM Avenger incident.  “….(the UFO drew) away from their pursuers for most measured manner, increasing speed steadily and performing extraordinary maneuvers quite beyond the technology of the present day….”  (p. 79.)  The UFO activity crescendo in July, 1952 with the “invasion” over the White House Capitol in Washington, D.C: spooky objects and madcap military pronouncements were entwined, as Captain John McHugo and Lieutenant William Patterson were vectored to UFOs and Patterson’s aircraft circled  by a ”cluster” of glowing objects.

Captain Ruppelt News Whitehouse UFO Newspaper


The resultant press conference, witnessed by Rupplet and Major Donald Keyhoe, became a circus of Kafka-like actions by Major General John Samford (along with General Roger Ramey, Colonel Donald Bower and others); “Struggled for verbal expression and produced a weird and wonderful variety of responses, some puerile, some quite mistaken….”  (p. 133.)

Captain Ruppelt 1952 photo UFO2

Photo of UFO in Passiac, New Jersey During the 1952 Flap Taken By George Stock



The July, 1952 ‘invasion” was officially denounced as metrological: heat inversion (layers of hot air pressing against cold air), mirroring lights from the city.  Keyhoe and Ruppelt both struggled with the absurdity of such fiction.  Adding to the paradox and Mysterium, Ruppelt surprisingly added three extra chapters to his book, in 1959, seemingly mocking the UFO subject in a way that was suspicious and uncharacteristic of his writing style in 1956.  Bennett says: “….his retractions were, like the UFOs, and indeed like the solid globe  itself, not quite real.”Captain Ruppelt book eabd223ad729029d65dcb889aa559217


Ruppelt died a few months later of a heart attack at the age of 35.



Captain Ruppelt swim1

 Generals Ramey and Samford Sitting, Captain Ruppelt Standing




Captain Ruppelt look7152edwardruppelt

Captain Edward Ruppelt


The Director of UFO Research for the US Air Force’s “Project Blue Book,” Captain Ruppelt stated: “Of these UFO reports, the radar/visual reports are the most convincing.  When ground radar picks up a UFO target and a ground observer sees a light where the radar target is located, then a jet interceptor is scrambled to intercept the UFO and the pilot also sees the lights and gets a radar lock only to have the UFO almost impudently outdistance him, there is no simple answer.”

Captain Ruppelt Rada and Salem rup1

Radar Operators James Copeland and James Ritchey Saw “Unidentified Blips” on Washington National Airport’s Scope in 1952.


Edward J Ruppelt USAF Captain was decorated with two Distinguished Flying Crosses by 1956.




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Psychotronics and Secrets


Psychotronics and the Secret Order




Steve Erdmann


This article was originally published in the UFO Digest Magazine  issues from June 25 through July 3, 2013, reprinted here with permission.



H.P. Albarelli, Jr.’s journey into the strange quirks and oddities he had discovered about the many people somehow associated with the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 is referred to as “high strangeness and synchronicity.”  Michael Petro referred to it as “curious scraps of information.”  Indeed, the numerous references to the many faces somehow connected to Kennedy (Lee Oswald, the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], the Mob, the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], and others) were often a bog of facts and comments, though tantalizing and dramatic, still seemed to be a jungle of confusing loose ends.

Psychotronics Albarelli Photo 315uJDji3SL._UX250_

H.P. Albarelli, Jr.

(A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination, H.P. Albarelli, Jr., Trine Days, LLC,,, 2013, $19.95.)



The early part of the book was an attempt in tracing the dawn of psychiatry in the 1940s and 1950s leading to Intelligence Programs such as the CIA’s top-secret Projects MK/Naomi, MK/Ultra, and Project Artichoke.

“The CIA and the military, which were quickly drawn to the Program,” said Abarelli, “were becoming intrigued with the possibilities of creating what were then referred to as ‘aggressive soldiers’ and now are called ‘super soldiers.’”

Albarelli outlined a number of covert Intelligence Programs that could have been bedrock for “Manchurian Candidate” experiments of young children and the populace in general.  Fort Detrick’s Special Operations (SO) Division is mentioned, the Office of Strategic Operations (OSS), agent George Hunter White, and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN).

Psychotronic Satellites ssat-sys

Mind Control Techniques

The author suspected that Oswald could likely have been an early victim of such programs while at a detention center called Youth House. Oswald could have possibly entered into a psychotronic relationship with psychiatrists and covert operations.  Doctor Milton Kurian and Dr. Renatus Hartogs were psychiatrists that connected with Oswald at Youth House.  Hartogs had previously worked at the Allen Memorial Institute, Montreal, Canada, where Doctor D. Ewen Cameron, in the mid-1950s under a covert MK/Ultra contract with the CIA, “conducted a series of horrific drug and sensory deprivation experiments on unwitting patients.”

Psychotronics Chart 2015030715255033787

Military Special Operations



New York Post reporter Joseph Wershba questioned Dr. Hartogs on December 14, 1967 as to if Oswald could have been a Manchurian Candidate (referring to a 1962 film on controlled soldiers). Although his log seemed to dismiss such an allegation, Hartogs moved in circles of covert ML/Ultra and MK/Naomi and the “drug parties” of Dr. Harold A. Abramson.  Dr. Hartogs was an “aficionado” of magic and a covert contractor for the CIA.  He was acquainted with magician John Mulholland who wrote a manual for CIA operatives containing instructions on how to “surreptitiously dose unwitting people with drugs, and how to perform other feats of slight-of-hand.”  The Hartogs/Freeman book, The Two Assassins, told of Oswald’s comments to his mother Marguerite concerning his return from Russia:  “Mother, not even Marina knows why I returned.”

Dr. Hartogs’s sexual scandal with his patient Julie Roy seemed to coincide with the sexual scandal of Canadian psychiatrist Dr. James Tyhurst. Tyhurst associated with neuropsychologist Dr. Donald O. Hebb and “both attended a seminal 1951 meeting,” said Abarelli, “which included participants from the CIA – to discuss early advancements in sensory deprivation and brainwashing.”

Psychotronics One Candidate 656_004

Sinatra’s  Movie Portrayal of a Manchurian Candidate


Investigator Dick Russell noted Hartogs’s interest in hypnotism (p. 53), as told by Dr. Milton V. Kline, authority on hypnotism and CIA cohort on Project Artichoke and MK/Ultra.  Kline also disclosed that Hartogs, along with Dr. Sidney Malitz (a psychiatrist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute [NYSPI]) and Dr. Paul Hoch (NYSPI research director) were involved in a number of covert contracts with the CIA and the U.S Army “to perform experiments with psychosurgery, electroconvulsive therapy, LSD, mescaline, and other drugs.”  Hartogs worked with Malitz on some of these experiments.  Dr. Malitz worked with Fort Detrick’s Special Operations Division. These experiments were with unwitting patients, “children and teenagers.”  Harold Blauer died because of such experiments.  The CIA selected a group of 100 patients to join in these episodes (p. 35).  Lee Harvey Oswald was absent from school for at least 50 days while in New York City.

Psychotronics Control 11631649355_e7be311534

Mind Control



In the early 1950s, hypnotist George Estabrook wrote to CIA director Allen Dulles about the merits of hypnosis in covert operations. “The CIA, U.S Army Fort Detrick, the Edgewood Arsenal, and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) funded many of these contracts.  Chief among these physicians were: Drs. Bernard Withens, Harold Esecover, and Harold A. Abramson.”

Psychotronics Detrick 280px-B-w-scientists

Laboratory at Fort Detrick

Dr. Lauretta Bender, a child neuropsychistrist at the New York City Bellevue Hospital, experimented extensively on children using electroshock treatment, “DE patterning” and “annihilation.”  Also involved was Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, who would eventually head the MK/Ultra subproject 68. Dr. Leon Eisenberg spoke of Bender’s patients in these experiments as “…psychotic and perhaps worse off than before the treatment.”

Allbarelli ventured through several interesting episodes that the reader would best explore.  One such incident concerned Marguerite Oswald’s interview by Davis Eugene Boster, a life-long Foreign Service officer and covert CIA operative within the State Department.  At one point, he was a staff assistant to Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.  The interview also included State Department employees Denman F. Stanfield and Edward J. Hickey. Part of the conversation went:

Marguerite:  “Now I know you are not going to answer me gentlemen, but I am under the impression that my son is an agent.”

Boster:  “Do you mean a Russian agent?”

Marguerite:  “No, working for our Government, a U.S agent.”

Marguerite also explained to the Warren Commission: “And this is the way I think, because I happen to know all of the other things that you don’t know – the life and everything…And I can almost back it up with things…yes, sir, I think my son was an agent. I certainly do.”  (p. 64.)

Oswald was stationed at Atsugi Naval Air Base, Japan, a huge underground 50-acre CIA Field Installation, 1957-1958, at a time when Operation Artichoke physicians and technicians conducted “enhanced interrogations” at the base.


Albarelli told of Oswald’s appearances at East Louisiana State Hospital.  He also went through episodes involving psychiatrists Dr. Robert G. Heath, Dr. Frank Silva and Dr. Alfred T. Butterworth and their contributions to psychotronics.  Albarelli told about the further mysterious workings of Archcha Smith, David Ferrie, Ferrie’s Civilian Air Patrol (CAP), detective Jack S. Martin, CIA operative June Cobb, and a mysterious Rose Cherami who also had been a patient at the East Louisiana State Hospital in 1961.

“The Oswald sighting at the East Louisiana State Hospital seems cut and dry, but as with most events concerning Oswald,” said Albarelli, “the facts surrounding dwell in another realm of ambiguity and interconnectedness, an alternate universe clouded by high strangeness where everything has multidimensions of meaning and truth.”


Albarelli had an interesting chapter on Rose Cherami (Melba Christine Marcades), mystery woman, hooker, and drug addict, who was committed to the East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi following an auto accident on Highway 190.  The state hospital was infamous in the annuals of the Kennedy assassination.  Rose Cherami seemed to have been housed in several CIA-infiltrated facilities over the years.  Louisiana detective Lt. Francis Paul Fruge investigated Cherami the day before the Kennedy assassination. While in the hospital, Cherami told Dr. Don Bowers that Kennedy was going to be murdered in Dallas.

Psychotronics Rose Cherami Oliver Stone 100kirkland

Movie Depiction of Rose Cherami

Cherami had once worked for Jack Ruby in Dallas as a stripper and “drug courier.”  She said he had seen Oswald with Ruby.  She also contended that Ruby was involved in the planned assassination. Rose Cherami died from another auto accident on September 4, 1965.

Dallas police were not interested in Cherami’s testimony (p. 97), but Rose had quite a bit to say about drug trafficking in Texas.  Albarelli continued into her career that connected “to yet another unsolved murder – that of Houston police detective Martin A. Billnitzer – and therefor to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, George Hunter White, and the CIA…”

The Texas drug-trafficking scenario involved corruption throughout the state, CIA “Executive Action” contractor Jean Pierre Lafittie, CIA officials in “hypnotism training,” MK/Ultra, the findings of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, and the criminal involvement of Sergio Arcacha Smith and Emilio Santana.

Psychotronics Manuel 20130711-164757

“Billnitzer apparently committed suicide (shot himself twice) in his office the morning after being interviewed (by police investigators)…”  (p. 115.)  “…drugs put back on the street through the back door of the Houston Police Department but Billnitzer expanded his chief objective was to get these drugs off the streets permanently…”  (p. 103.)


The book was filled with bits, pieces and history of Intelligence operations and spies galore: a kaleidoscope of faces and bodies merged into each other as mingled smoke from the lanterns of crime:  Drug dealers, corrupt law enforcement, CIA contract assassins, mafia mercenaries, and “shadow government agents”:

• CIA operative David Sanchez Morales.

• CIA operative Charles William Thomas.

• Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.

• Operative Vida June Cobb.

• Project Bluebird.

• Operative David Atlee Phillips.

• JM/Wave CIA station in Miami, Florida.

• ZR/Alert and ZR/Awake (hypnotically-controlled operations).

• Operative Nicholas Deak.

• Others.

These subjects appear to be, at times, a confusing conglomeration that often seemed contradictory to each other.

Journalist Dale E. Basye promulgated that Oswald was hypnotized in Russia; Eric Ritzek claimed he used hypnotism on Oswald in America.  There were many loose ends in the book.  By the time a reader got to the end of the book, much of it appeared to be confetti.  It would take some extra research by the reader to make further steps and further trails.  Alberelli had certainly gathered a lot of information, but he had done nothing to make sense of the chips as they lay.


An example of this quizzical magic involved in the Kennedy tales was the question as to whether Oswald was a house party at the Ruben Duran home in Mexico City on October 1 or 2, 1963.  There was always a question if it was really Oswald.  Multiple descriptions seemed to indicate that it might be Oswald.

Adventurer and criminal Robert Clayton Buick claimed to have met Oswald at the Hotel Luma in late September, 1963. Oswald supposedly referred to himself as Alex Hidell (which was said to be in another assassination book as an accepted code-name for CIA operatives).  Oswald spoke of Kennedy as “going to get hit” and that “ultimate morality is to remove the head of the creature and replace it with another.”

While these statements seemed to indict Oswald as a knowing criminal in the planned assassination, we also knew that Intelligent Operatives hid behind fallacious “cover” stories at times in their “directives”; if, indeed, this person ‘was’ Oswald and not a doppelganger or “body double.”

Psychotronic Double 2zqehef

The Use of Doppelgangers

In the notes on page 452, Albarelli quoted an email messages from Robert Clayton Buick on this matter:  “…Oswald was seemingly more revealing (in a sense) trying to tell me (in reality) to stop this plot to kill the President and I truly believe this after I have reviewed this encounter over and over again and researched his specific intent throughout the many years.”

This quote seemed to fit accurately the undercover aspirations of a covert Intelligence Operative trying to be a hidden spy in the plot.


During Oswald’s alleged trip to Mexico City in September-October, 1963 he met CIA operative June Cobb and Eunice Odio.  A former intelligence operative told Albarelli to heed the Rosicrucian Order.  Odio had been Second Grade Superior of the Temple.  Albarelli found significance in the fact that the last book Oswald had read before the assassination of Kennedy was The Shark and the Sardines by Juan Jose Arevelo and translated by June Cobb and Raul Osequeda.  The reason why Oswald, speculated Albarelli, held the book out of the library so long was Oswald’s prospective meeting with CIA Operative June Cobb and her Rosicrucian friends in Mexico City.  The book was issued to Oswald on November 6, 1963 but not returned until February 1964.

The Rosicrucian Order was a secret society from the early 1600s and the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis was founded in 1915.  An esoteric order, the religion was said to have influenced the Freemasons. The Rosicrucians were followers of the Brethren of the Rose Cross, with origins that date back to the early seventeenth century.  Well-known Mexican and Latin American people helped fill the ranks, as well as a history of secret societies in the world of spies and spooks. Alberelli saw this as another synchronism.

(“The beliefs of the Rosicrucian Order were described as Gnostic, occult and cabalistic in nature. This is due to the fact that members of the Rosicrucian Order believed that true knowledge of the universe can only be known by the elite, who in turn had a responsibility to share this knowledge with the masses.”)

(From a Christian anti-occult viewpoint, Uncommon Sense Media [2011, 01490383, gave a thorough history of the Order.)


Investigator Paul Dale Roberts, who was working in the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and the Drug Suppression Team (DST) in May 1975, also held a Top Secret clearance in Special Background Investigation (SBI) as an Intelligence Analyst, and later received an H-Identifier with Opposing Forces (OPFOR). Roberts discovered a Rosicrucian connection with infamous killers.

In an interview with the cousin (nicknamed by Roberts as Texas Slinger) of the nefarious killer Richard Munoz Ramirez (The Night Stalker), the cousin divulged that Ramirez was a member of the Rosicrucians.  Roberts additionally uncovered that Sirhan Sirhan, the murderer of Robert Kennedy, was also a member. Sirhan allegedly had been a Manchurian Candidate assassin-tool.

Psychotronics Movie Emblem manchurian-candidate-title-card

Images Triggered The Manchurian Candidate

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, M.D., scientist, author, investigator and former Chief Medical Officer of Finland spoke of the mysterious history of psychotronics and mind control:

Psychotronic Photo 220px-Rauni-Leena_Luukanen-Kilde

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde

“Mind control techniques can be used for political purposes.  The goal of mind controllers today is to induce the targeted persons or groups to act against his or her own convictions and best interests. Zombified individuals can even be programmed to murder and remember nothing of their crime afterward.

“This ‘silent war’ is being conducted against unknowing civilians and soldiers by military and Intelligence agencies,” continued Luukanen-Kilde. “Since 1980, electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB) has been secretly used to control people targeted without their knowledge or consent. All international human rights agreements forbid nonconsensual manipulation of human beings – even in prisons, not to speak of civilian populations.”


After all the meanderings in the book, perhaps the most interesting depiction was in the front of the book; this scene was from another assassination tome altogether, D.M. Thomas, Flying into Love, 1992:

“He thought he would go down to the lunch-room and have a coke.  They must be in the building by now.  It was so easy to hide, with such confusion, so many stacks of crates here, there and everywhere. They might even be hiding in a crate, with the rifles.  Including his Mannlicher-Carcano and three of four bullets they’d fired from it.  He had no idea who ‘they’ were, only that one of them looked like him, as it happened.”




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Psychotronics Control 11631649355_e7be311534






Psychotronic Satellites ssat-sys






Psychotronics Manuel 20130711-164757

MK/Ultra Document






Psychotronic Photo 220px-Rauni-Leena_Luukanen-Kilde

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-KildeL






Psychotronics Rose Cherami Oliver Stone 100kirkland

Sally Kirkland Playing ‘Rose Cherami’ in the Movies






Psychotronics Detrick 280px-B-w-scientists

Laboratory at Fort Detrick






Psychotronic Double 2zqehef

Were There Oswald Doubles?







Psychotronics Chart 2015030715255033787

Special Operations Office Chart






Psychotronics Movie Emblem manchurian-candidate-title-card

Images That Triggered (a movie) The  Manchurian Candidate.







The lone gunman that we hear about in assassinations, assassination attempts, school shootings, etc. is mind-controlled individuals who had been ‘programmed’ to carry out those missions.  Ted Bundy, the ‘Son of Sam’ serial killer David Berkowitz, Oswald…Oswald did not actually shoot Kennedy, but he was part of the process.  Timothy McVeigh (He was a patsy and had help), the Columbine shooters, John David Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, etc. were mind controlled individuals who were programmed to perform these killings.   Jon Bennet Ramsey easily could have been a mind control victim; Patsy Ramsey almost surely was.
Was subsequently, previously listed as:




The plans to create a mind controlled worker society have been in place for a long time. The current technology grew out of experiments that the Nazis started before World War II and intensified during the time of the Nazi concentration camps when an unlimited supply of children and adults were available for experimentation.

We have heard about the inhumane medical experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners, but no word was ever mentioned by the media and the TV documentaries of the mind control experiments.
Was subsequently, previously listed as:





The Shark and the Sardines.
Juan José Arévalo
Translated from the Spanish by June Cobb and Raul Osegueda.
Published 1961 by L. Stuart in New York.
Written in English.




Psychotronics Albarelli Photo 315uJDji3SL._UX250_

H.P. Albarelli Jr. is a writer and investigative journalist who lives in Vermont, Florida, and London (U.K.).  He has written numerous feature articles about the 9-11 anthrax attacks; biological warfare; the American intelligence community; the death of Frank Olson; the Cuban revolution; and social and political affairs.  Some of his work can be found at the World Net Daily, Cuba Net, Counterpunch, and Crime Magazine websites, as well as in numerous magazines and newspapers.






Psychotronics Book Cover 81E2uB9lvzL






Psychotronics One Candidate 656_004

Frank Sinatra Portraying  a Brainwashed Victim
(The Manchurian Candidate)







The Crashing of UFOs






Steve Erdmann


This article was originally published in  the October 8 through 26, 2013 issues of the UFO Digest, and is herewith published with permission.





Authors Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt are not new to the alien crashed disc scenario, having become veteran investigators into the July,1947 alleged Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash.  In their Witness to Roswell book, the authors went into detailed testimony and evidence of a supposed crashed alien spacecraft on a ranch in the Roswell, New Mexico region.  In this tome they branch out into the further questions:  Where was the material taken, were there any witnesses, and how and why was it covered up?  They also revealed Additional Roswell disclosures.

Artist Depiction Roswell UFO Crash 

(Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of WrightPatterson, Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, New Page Books, a division of the Career Press, Inc, 220 West Parkway, Unit 12, Pompton Plains, N.J. 07444, 288 pages, $16.99.)




The authors take us on a historical tour of Wright Field as the headquarters of the Material Division, a branch of the Army Air Corps, and the Technical Data Section (TDS) IN 1920, through its re-designation as the Technical Data Laboratory (TDL), and, on July 1, 1945, T-2 Intelligence, which specialized in metallurgy and reverse engineering.  At the end of the war, more than 50,000 employees worked at what came to be known as the Air Technical Service Command.  This encompassed Operation Paperclip of over 200 German scientists.  In September, 1947 the Air Corps became officially a separate branch of the military and Wright Field became the Wright–Patterson Air Force Base.

“Outside of the UFO community, few are aware of Wright-Patterson’s distinction of maintaining the U.S government’s official investigation of the UFO phenomena from 1947 until 1969,” say the authors, “with its vital experience of testing and reverse-engineering all materials both foreign and ‘from space,’ it is a historic fact that whatever crashed outside of Roswell fell under their purview.”


Part of the book concerns itself with the location of a legendary Hanger 18 housing aliens and material.  The authors contend there has been confusion between “hanger 18” and “building 18.”  There is, in fact, a whole series “building 18 complex” consisting of A, B, C, D, E, and G.

An Air Force Hanger 18

UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield mentioned in his Status Report II “Crash/Retrieval Syndrome” of January, 1980 a “building 18F” as a possible “holding tank.”  Because of its close proximity to Hanger 23, it was often referred to as “Hanger 18.”  Witnesses testify that Hanger 23 was where the UFO wreckage was first deposited before being moved to building 18’s underground levels.


A number of employees indicated that there were “extensive subterranean maze of tunnels and vaults” under Wright-Patterson:  “An underground maze of secret vaults, tunnels and multi-level hangers.”  Robert L. Marshall, Jr., an iron worker that held a top secret crypto-security clearance, told of the erection of a four-level underground facility in 1947 with “secret doors, vents, and various secret compartments all located under the hanger.”

Typical Air Force Aircraft Hangers

Merlin Hansen worked as a civil engineer at Wright-Patterson during several summers in the mid-1960s.  His specialty was designing and maintaining underground hanger elevator systems:  down four to six levels at the base.  Merlin referred to a ‘building 18.’  Building 18F contained “four cold rooms” and “refrigeration equipment.”


The UFO wreckage, with bodies, say the authors, were probably delivered to Hanger 23 until suitable underground passage connected to building 18 for permanent storage.  Autopsies may have been carried out in the Aero Medical Facility in Building 29 and eventually to Building 18F.  The bodies were moved about the AFB, possibly Building 45 (“…down long passageways past several checkpoints to a large underground vault beneath Building 45…”).


Air Force Depiction of Hanger 18



According to Robert Collins, a retired former Air Force intelligence officer who worked at Wright-Patterson’s Foreign Technology Division, the UFO material left Wright-Patterson in the 1982-1983 time frames and was sent to Area 51 (p. 49).


July 9, 1947 seemed to be the date that the full weight of “the problem of the flying disks” came down on the shoulders of the top echelon of both military and government officials.  A drastic “coverup mode” was instigated.

Curiosity spilled over from several high-ranking military officials such as Brigadier General F. Schulgen of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division (AIRD) in an October 28, 1947 secret five-page AIRD “draft of collection memorandum” listing “…current intelligence requirements in the field of flying saucer-type aircraft”; but by the “end of July (1947) the UFO security lid was down tight” (Captain Edward Ruppelt).


“Today, after more than 60 years, it appears likely that the U.S Air Force got nowhere on what they really wanted to know about the craft and how the materials were structured,” say the authors, “they were unable to determine how the device functions, what the intentions of the visitors were, and where they originated.”

The authors dismiss the claims of Robert Lazar and U.S. Army Colonel Philip J. Corso as far as their assertions of aiding back-engineered/retrieved UFO artifacts.  They do believe there were legitimate attempts to replicate “shape recovery” properties of the Roswell crash debris.  They contend the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, The New York University, The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, and the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in California, were party to reverse-engineering.

Nitinol Memory Metal

The government’s best attempts resulted in a material known as “Nitinol.”  One of the scientists involved was Elroy John Center who worked at the Battelle Institute from 1939 to 1957.  Center said he analyzed metal from a crashed UFO.  The debris he handled was inscribed with “glyphics.” Nitinol could be traced through two “progress reports” written in 1948 and 1949.  Dr. Fred Wang was also a participant to an experiment with psychic Uri Geller to bend or “morph” Nitinol:  A “clue” as to the “nature” of the original Roswell material.


Chapter 5 delves primarily with the late senator Barry Goldwater’s attempts to see a suspected “Blue Room” at Wright-Patterson.  Goldwater gleaned UFO information from friends such as Air Force General William “Butch” Blanchard.  In 1947, Blanchard had been the commanding officer of the 509th Bomb Group and the Roswell Army Air Field.

In the 1963-1965 time frames, Goldwater attempted to query his friend General Curtis Lemay, then an Air Force chief of staff, for information about the legendary “Blue Room.”  He was quickly rebuffed in strict fashion by the Lt. General.  In the 80s, Goldwater seemed to have relented in his quest somewhat, and may have been somehow briefed.  The authors add additional testimony about the “Blue Room.”


The authors seamlessly add stories from other historical encounters:  Captain Oliver W. “Pappy” Henderson, Captain Joseph Toth, Brigader General Arthur Exon, Norma Gardner, Robert Thompson and several others.  Special notice is made of June Crain and squadron leader Marion “Black Mac” Magruder.

Crain was present at Wright-Patterson originally by way of the U.S War Department on three occasions from 1942 through 1952.  She carried a top-secret “Q” security classification.  It, however, was not enough to allow Crain complete knowledge of “Project Caucasian,” suspected to be the UFO crash.  A Richard V. Wheeler is suspected to be the officer who allowed Crain to handle a piece of “a space ship.”  According to Crain, the truth about UFOs and crashes was “common knowledge” among the scientists and engineers at Wright-Patterson. Werner Von Braun was one of those scientists.

Mark Magruder, the son of Lieutenant Colonel Marion Milton “Black Mac” Magruder, highly decorated World War II fighter pilot, tells of his father’s witnessing the bodies and remnants of the Roswell UFO crash during April of 1948.


A good portion of the book traverses the military and government response as an open and curiously healthy Project Sign with its Loedding/Sneider September, 1947 “Estimate of the Situation” that the UFOs were interplanetary craft.

“The ‘nuts and bolts’ crowd was becoming too vociferous at Wright-Patterson,” say the authors, “and the fire needed to be doused before it reached a particular hanger.”

The outcome was “total abandonment of any attempt at an objective investigation of the flying saucer situation”:  code-named Project Grudge.  Resistance by a few scientists led to Project Stork at the Battelle Institute: this eventually followed the ‘official line’:  “…statistical methods were no good for a study like this.  They didn’t prove a thing…I had written it off as worthless.” (Ruppelt.)


According to the authors, Project Blue Book, which followed the early demise of Project Grudge (despite Ruppelt’s efforts to upgrade Blue Book as a more serious endeavor), was “simply a front for the actual UFO investigation being conducted elsewhere…”  That ‘elsewhere’ was the 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron at ENT AFB in Colorado Springs, Colorado: Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly.  “…Blue Book became nothing more than a public relations outfit.”


The “dirty deed” continued through the 1968 Condon Committee and the National Academy of Sciences.  “It was maneuvered, steered, and driven precisely to the predetermined destination desired by the Pentagon…the Panel never investigated the UFO phenomena; it simply endorsed the conclusions of the Condon Committee.”  (pp. 179-181.)


Remaining chapters somewhat outline how Dr. J. Allen Hynek and various officials continued to be duped, such as Chester W. Lytte and Captain James McAndrew.   In the words of Major General Kenner F. Hertford:  “I still do not understand the veil of secrecy maintained for the last 45 years of the arrival on Earth of an object with human-like living beings.”


Additional testimonies are spread throughout.  Physical descriptions are given from the files of Leonard Stringfield, Dr. Lejeune Foster who examined bodies retrieved at Roswell, Dr. Leon E. Kazarian, who specialized in biomechanics, and was a senior-level scientist with the Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson in the 1960s and 1970s, was a probable witness, Dr. Leon B. Visse, a French expert on biological elements connected with cellular tissue, did a 1959 examination of alien corpses at Wright-Patterson, among others.  John Mosgrove in October of 1979 was party to a dental specimen of an alleged alien jaw bone from Wright-Patterson.

The authors say:  “The projects associated with the Roswell crash knew what they had, but they could not acknowledge what they could not comprehend.”


Various critics were dissatisfied for a variety of reasons.  RRR Group said on August 7, 2013:  “The hyperbolic account in the book astounds; it is overly dramatic and punchy…sensationalized to make a point that belies reality.”  I am not sure if the book would be any more enjoyable if it was written strictly in the joyless syntax of raw scientific prose; Nothing less than original laboratory documents would satisfy these pundits.  Likewise, TSH said on August 8, 2013 that Anthony Bragalia needed to fully document his findings on Nitinol so “hacks” couldn’t piggy-back-off his hard work.

John Harney said in Magonia Blog that continued crashes could not be successfully hidden (September 16, 2013):  “…if a number of others are said to have occurred then it is just not credible that the truth about them could be concealed…to suggest that every nation where a UFO crashes would be willing or able to keep it secret is utterly absurd.”  Harney talked about witness accounts that demonstrate “…a remarkable resemblance to a mogul balloon rig.”


If UFOs are space craft constructed of exotic, indestructible “morphing” material, why do they damage and crash? Harney said:  “…bits of wreckage were indestructible…somehow shattered when or before they hit the ground…”

The Roswell Crash and Debris Field

“Nohup” had reservations as early as March, 2009:  “If this stuff is so strong, how is it that it could so completely fragment enough to spread out over a quarter mile of desert?”  The Roswell object has been described as disrupting the earth:  “Described as being very light, almost weightless. Then how is it that the ‘ship’ could create anything like a crater or gouge in the hard desert dirt?” 445154/pg 4+ mem=


Depiction of alleged  Roswell I-Beam 



The Roswell material was somehow determined to be in part composed of Titanium, the authors quote General Arthur Exon:  “Titanium and some other metal…(but) the processing was different.” (p. 70.)

To know this, some kind of spectrographic or X-ray diffraction equipment would have penetrated the metal to allow a ‘sample.’   Yet, the metal is described as “indestructible and impervious to external forces.”  (p. 65.)  Dr. Knox Missaps, a mathematician specializing in thermodynamics, said in 1947:  “We couldn’t break it or even scratch it in any way…”  (p. 77.)  Witness June Crain said:  “I tried everything I could to tear it up, and I couldn’t tear it. I couldn’t make a dent on it.  I couldn’t make a mark on it.”  (p. 116.)


Benson Saler, a retired anthropologist from Brandeis University, and co-author of UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth, said the lack of solid evidence demonstrated something else:  “…we don’t know of any empirical evidence to support the idea that it crashed, (rather we are seeing) the development of an American myth that was unfolding right before our eyes.”

Investigator Anthony Bragalia, did believe a crash occurred, but that there could be no single reason for the crash.  He mentioned that forensic examiners and failure analysis experts often attribute accidents to multiple causes, a convergence of events.  “Roswell’s crash was caused by an amalgamation of things,” said Bragalia.

Roswell remains an amalgamation of questions: questions that will continue to be raised:  the answers will only arise with a convergence of new facts.




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Artist depiction of  Roswell UFO Crash











Roswell Crash Site






Wright-Patterson Depiction of Hanger 18






Wright-Patterson AFB

An AF Hanger No. 18






Depiction of UFO I-beam








Wright-Patterson Hangers







News Items on Roswell







“IT” Came to Los Angeles

When “It” Came to Los Angeles




Steve Erdmann


This article was originally published in the August 23, 2012 issue of the UFO DIGEST, reproduced here with permission.


On February 23, 1942, on a wave of Pearl-Harbor-attack-hysteria, many were convinced that the Japanese came to West Coast Los Angles and encountered the fury of anti-aircraft batteries along Santa Monica, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Fernando, California that included a complete blackout in a thirty-nine-mile arc which began at 2:26 a.m.  Searchlights detected a slow-moving object several thousand feet above the El Segundo oil refineries and the sky was a mass of shelling steel for 15 minutes.  It was described in a maze of description from a “blimp,” “a plane,” “planes,” “a shimmering lozenge,” “a triangle,” “triangles,” “fireball,” “butterfly,” “seven planes,” “25 silvery planes in V formation,” “12 airplanes,” “a cloud,” “30 or more aircraft,” “high-flying planes, one to hundreds,” “drifting barrage balloon,” “15 jap planes,” and  “batch of balloons or kites” as the descriptions mainly given.


1430 Rounds of Munitions
The object was seen by approximately a million people in southern California, from Hermosa Beach to San Pedro, Long Beach, Orange County and the northern San Diego County.  It would stand still at times and then speed up to 200 miles per hour.  No bombs were dropped and 1430 rounds of anti-aircraft munitions were fired at “it” as  the object was pinpointed by 22 spot lights.  Estimated elevation ranged from 9,000 to 18,000 feet.
(The Battle of Los Angeles 1942: The Mystery Air Raid,  Terrenz Sword, Create Space Independent Publishing, written and compiled in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, 2010, 218 pages, $24,00.)


Japanese Stealth Submarines
Major General Mark Clark gave the “official” explanation that “detection instruments” alerted to a “small force” of about five aircraft from Japanese submarines lurking near the coast: plane-carrying submarines: possibly pontoon aircraft.  Referred to as the “Item” in I-class submarines or Glen-type float planes, the aircraft could cover 500 miles at 80 to 190 knots, and carried 7.7 mm machine guns.

Japanese I-Class Submarine



“It Is Balloon!”
(Chief Wild Eagle quoted in the 1965 television program, F-Troop.)
Another explanation often given was “bomb balloons” that traveled from Japan on the Jet Stream to various locations: 9000 balloons were launched and 300 discovered in the U.S.  But this activity was said to happen between 1944 and April, 1945.


WhenItCameToLosAngles No. 2 Balloon-bomb

Japanese Fugo Bomb Balloon


A Pleadian Beam ship
Sword drew a compilation of rare and varied news clippings and sources of testimony, allowing a well-researched and impressive bit of history on the topic. Photo analysis of a print by Frank Warren definitely showed a saucer-shaped object later compared to and similar with a UFO photo allegedly taken by UFO claimant and Contactee Billy Meier on March 29, 1976 of a claimed Variation – IV Pleadian Beam ship.
There was a real explanation for the Meier claims, especially in light of Meier’s previous incidents of faked photos and phony models of his photographs that were discovered (as well as the identification of normal ladies whom he extracted and reproduced as ‘Pleadians’ in his photos):  the Frank Warren photos had been fairly publicized since 1942 – Billy Meier ‘believers,’ like so many other of his hoaxes, fashioned a UFO model based on the Warren photos, not a spaceship caught in the glare of spotlights.
(A lengthy file has been established by Meier’s critics Derek Bartholomaus of the Independent Investigations Group, Phil Langdon, Peter Brooksmith, Alan Friswell, Kal Korff, Stanton Friedman and even his wife Popi Meier, that his claims were fallacious; photos of alleged cosmonauts Asket and Nera publicized by Meier – and sanctioned to believer Lee Elders – were actually taken from a Dean Martin Variety Show broadcast in the 1969-1973 period of entertainer Michelle Dellafave and Susan Lund of the Goldiggers and the Dingaling Sisters, which were confirmed by them in 2007.)


WhenItCameToLosAngeles Sisters Asket-lookalike

Goldiggers and the Dingaling Sisters


 Shape-shifting Confusion
What did the Californians see?  Alternate possibilities were:  War Nerves, a heightened hysteria of attack by enemies on our shores, aggravated by the black out and shelling that caused confusion and poor reporting.  Perhaps several wartime activities were taking place at one time, causing the complexity of observations.   This total confusion was parodied in Steven Spielberg’s movie, 1941, inspired by the seeming west coast ‘attack.’
Another theory is more intrinsic and embedded in the UFO phenomena itself:  shape-shifting.   Many cases – running through researchers Jacques Vallee and John Keel and others – developed a kafkaques scenery and trait of UFO cases where ‘‘transmogrification” of the environment seems to be taking place.   Some would say, that ultimately, this would explain the constant escalations of varied descriptions from “25 silvery planes” to a singular, luminous “lozenge.”

John Keel
The book was an excellent compilation of news clippings, eye-witness news, quotes, mass facts and theories; there was given a detailed history of ‘radar’ and its uses, several classical cases of ‘mystery invasions’ about that period of time and during the war were also analyzed.  But the book carried no solutions.
This is the 1942 ‘Battle of LA’ UFO.   Searchlight beams were converging on the object over the Culver City area of Los Angeles.   (The small blobs of light were bursts of anti-aircraft shells) –  source: Los Angeles Times.





Captain Wild Bill Kelso:  War nerves?   Who said war nerves?
The Patron:  I heard it on that radio there. [Kelso shoots the radio.]
Captain Wild Bill Kelso:  Radio’s wrong.
(Steven Spielberg movie, 1941.)





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WhenItCameTo UFO Image la-1487694453-mlk5byc8l6-snap-photo

The 1942 UFO Over Los Angeles




Captain Wild Bill Kelso Fighting War Nerves – Movie 1941






Japanese I-Class Submarine




WhenItCameToLosAngles No. 2 Balloon-bomb

Japanese Fugo Balloon





WhenItCameToLosAngeles Japanese_balloon_bomb

Fugo Bomb Balloon
Fugo Bomb Balloon





Goldiggers and the Dingaling Sisters







John Keel, UFOlogist




Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall….


Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: Who is the Best Mirage Man of Them All?




Steve Erdmann


This article was published in the December 22, 2013 issue of UFO Digest, reprinted here with permission.



A rather refreshing book in that Pilkington covers Ufology in an uninhibited, probing and inquisitiveness rarely found in the topic.  He and his partner, John Lumberg, ventured about the globe, examining UFO evidence and stories and relentlessly asking embarrassing questions to intricate and prominent UFO persons.

(Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOS, Mark Pilkington, Skyhorse Publishing, 555 Eight Avenue, Suite 903, New York, N.Y. 10018. 2010. 338 Pages. $22.95.)



Crop Circle Tomfoolery


For one thing, the book was extremely refreshing for one to read that the two men knew many people that were behind the “crop circle myth” and, in fact, participated in the Oliver Castle circle, wherein two blobs were photo-shopped into the special effects in 1996.  Lumberg goes about telling everyone exactly how he helped invent the hoax.  But these facts are never fully publicized and the topic always leans towards the paranormal.  There is hardly ever talk about crop circles that contain poor or bad geometry, as well.
The book, in large part, centers around Richard C. Doty, “a Mephistophelean character” that worked for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) as a counter-intelligence and counter-espionage agent at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, and who, apparently as part of his duties, was to lie, spin tall-tales, and spread confusion about UFOs as Psy-ops disinformation “data chaff.”


Film-Flam Men


Psy-ops disinformation technicians consider what they do a “science,” though I find it extremely hard to believe it is true science as it works against basic scientific principles of trying to nail down absolute facts and reality into some established and clarified form. It would appear to be an anti-scientific movement and probably criminal, if hoaxing, lying and deliberately tampering with evidence are crimes.


UFOs Are Real


Pilkington reviews his association with the UFO community over the years, including his personal association of silvery, reflective spheres in Yosemite National Park in mid-July, 1995.  On page 269, the author tells us of Walter Bosley who had worked security clearance at Edward’s Air Force Base, was a former FBI and AFOSI employee at Wright-Patterson’s Counter-espionage Branch, and Cover-agent of a “particularly highly classified aircraft” at Wright Patterson, which Bosley was taken to see one night out in the desert, looking up to see an “amazing, non-human” aircraft.
He relates the tale of Paul Benewitz, engineer and physicist of Thunder Scientific, who led a rather complicated UFO venture of filmed UFOs near Kirtland Air Force Base, his association with disinformation-agent Richard Doty.  Doty apparently planted UFO material and helped form and circulate the Serpo alien contact-story that allegedly took place on April 24, 1964.  The aliens allegedly wanted to mutually transfer participants in a special Project Crystal Knight.  After chasing dubious UFO evidence for several years, Benewitz died at age 75 in 2003:  a manipulated man victimized by Black-ops propaganda in numerous Psy-ops projects.


Palladium Technology


Pilkington analyzes years of government stealth-aircraft such as the Palladium Technology such as Project Dragon Lady, Lightning Bug, and even further exploring Nazi UFO technology from World War II.  Pilkington concludes the UFO field was a pretty mixed bag of confusion, offering no good solution, but a whole lot of questions and even deception.
“UFOs are the ultimate tools of shock and awe, perfect weapons of mass deception.  To understand how they are deployed, to see how they go to work in our hearts and minds, is to grasp the reality of the world we live in, saturated by media, bombarded by truth, half-truths, falsehoods and myths,” says the author, “the mirage men want us to believe simultaneously in both extremes of possibility that the UFOs and their occupants are real, and that they have never existed at all.”


The Village



One is reminded of the Number Six character in the 1960s TV series THE PRISONER (starring Patrick McGoohan) where Number Six is confronted by numerous mind-games in the mysterious ‘Village’ and stalked and corralled by a plasma-like “Rover.”  Likewise, Pilkington introduces us to variant types of “brain-washing.”  He tells us of the late Leon Davidson, an engineer from Los Alamos who suspected a worldly origin of UFOs as psychological weapons in 1950s:  “Davidson was convinced that the CIA were behind each new development of the revolving UFO narration…These were all methods of obfuscation; what Davidson was talking about is a little more sophisticated deception.”




The Wild UFO West


The Wild, Wild West TV series portrayed two fictional Secret Service agents of the U.S. government using the latest scientific techniques and espionage sensations in a blend of western elements of the 1800s with science fiction and alternate history.  Agent Artemus Gordon, a supreme artist of deception and magic, appears as only half a human body to demonstrate his prestidigitation skills:  “We may have lost the war, but heaven knows we haven’t lost our sense of humor.”   The same sardonic humor has continued through to our present-day espionage artists.

Wild, Wild West


Offshoots of this phenomena would be the MJ-12 documents, Bill Moore, the Aviary, Project Aquarius, Bernard Newman’s 1948 novel, The Saucer Flying, about government hoaxing, Project Beta, the Falcon and the Condor.  Some of this was originated back in the Second World War with the technology of Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo, Rudolf Schriver, Dr. Richard Miethe, and the V-7.  A 2004 Discovery Science TV special called “The Real Flying Saucers” gave a cavalcade of such events, including the Avro Corporation Project Y2 hover craft, as well as a brief clip of the 1950 B-movie The Flying Saucer where Russia was the origin of ‘flying saucers’ using advanced technology.  Reviewer Jim Riecken said:  “Back in 1949 about 80% of Americans thought flying saucers were real but did not automatically believe in ETs.  Others thought they came from the U.S.S.R, while most thought they were American secret weapons.”
How many researchers suspected or had insight that UFOs could also be psychological gimmickry as Weapons of Mass Deception?


THE FLYING SAUCER, 1950, a Michel Conrad movie.






Dr. Leon Davidson

For Leon Davidson, it was self-evident that the CIA was behind it all:  “It delegated the Air Force to act as the official ‘investigator’ to stave off public inquiry.  It secretly sponsored the formation of saucer study groups and contact clubs, including NICAP (under T. Townsend Brown, with whom, incidentally, I have had voluminous correspondence).  The CIA set up many saucer publishers, sponsored the publicity received by Adamski’s books and others, and sponsored the wave of saucer articles in 1952 in ‘Life,’ ‘Look,’ etc.”




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Wild, Wild West: The Night of the Man-Eating House

Agents West and Gordon are sent to transport a prisoner to the hospital after the prisoner spent nearly thirty years in solitary confinement for treason.  Looking for a place to spend the night, the men come upon a deserted mansion whose doors mysteriously swing wide open for the travelers and slam shut once they enter.  As night approaches, the men begin to hear a crying woman but they can not find its source.  Written by Anonymous.






Number Six Captured by the ‘Rover’ in “The Village”





THE FLYING SAUCER, 1950, a Michel Conrad movie.




Dr. Leon Davidson












The New World Order

The New World Order: Bond, James Bond….


Steve Erdmann


This article was previously published in the May 12 and 14, 2013 issue of  UFO Digest.  It is produced here with permission.





The Wall Street Financial Crisis

1929 vs 2008



“Money, it’s a gas, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash….Money, it’s a hit, don’t give that do goody good bullshit…..” Pink Floyd, “Money.”



(“The bomb would irradiate all the gold inside the building and make it unusable….international liquidity would seize up, and the Western trade and monetary system would collapse.” Auric Goldfinger, 1964, GOLDFINGER, describing Operation Meltdown.)


(“Choose your next witticism carefully, Mr. Bond, it may be your last.” Auric Goldfinger, GOLDFINGER 1964.)

Maria Bartiromo, TV hostess, financier, recalls the wild devil-may-care-atmosphere of the Wall Street Gang at one of the many parties they held leading up to the 2008 explosion.  She recalled one specific holiday celebration in 2006:  “The high-profile-party was crowded with well-known Wall Street faces.  The host was dressed as James Bond, 007, and ‘scantily clad Bond girls’ roamed the party serving drinks,” told Kerry Hannon, USA Today writer, about Bartiromo.  “(In) looking back on those parties, I can recall this giddiness in the air,” said Bartiromo, “the extravagance, the excess.  It is burned into my memory – the sight of all those incredibly accomplished and wealthy men and women laughing and drinking.”  Bartiromo saw well-known Wall Street faces: John Thain, Chief Executive of the New York Stock Exchange, who recently had purchased a 27.5 million-dollar apartment; Investment bankers from Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Golden Sachs; Paris Hilton; Jimmy Cayne, the flamboyant Chief Executive at Bear Stearns, took friendly bards from guests about his 15-million-dollar Christmas bonus.  Dick Fuld, the head of Lehman Brothers, preferred being a lone-wolf and would hug one corner, hold private conversations, and “look uncomfortable.”

A couple of Bond Girls slid next to Fuld, along with a photographer:  “take your picture?” asked the photographer.  Fuld rushed off in protest:  “I’m not getting my picture taken with any Bond Girls!” he snapped and rushed off.  Cayne was amused by the whole thing.

Bond, James Bond

“The Bond theme was an interesting commentary on the era.  Schwarzman might well have imagined himself as the 007 of Wall Street, smoothly sailing above the troubles that afflicted others,” said Bartiromo, “he appeared to enjoy playing the sophisticated man’s man; the male ideal; a magnet for power, money, and women for whom danger and intrigue were all in a day’s work.”

The apartment in which the Bond Party took place was purchased by Schwarzman from previous owner Saul Steinberg (Bartiromo’s father-in-law), and was once owned by John D. Rockefller in 1971.  It was a story of the world’s richest apartment building; old money, oil money, new money, and barrowed money. The Steinbergs were the “undisputed Dean and Doyenne of Nouvelle society,” said Johanna Berkman in New York Magazine, “he…as one of Wall Streets most feared Masters of the Universe…she…the ultimate trophy wife.”  Saul Steinberg was CEO of the Reliance Group Holding Company, having taken a 311 million-dollar loss in 1999.  A 150-guest April 4 cocktail party found the Steinbergs “stock-rich, but cash-poor.”  Their earlier lifestyle lingered like rum tobacco smoke:  Gayfryd Steinberg’s 3 million-dollar “French Directoire-themed affair” for 500 guests (and 50,000 French roses) in the marriage of Saul’s daughter to a scion of the Tisch family, and the $1 million fiftieth-birthday party themed in Saul’s love for Old Master paintings (this particular party highlighted a nude female dancer celebrating Rembrandt’s Danae), Saul had been advertised in a 1968 Forbes as making more money than any other U.S citizen under 30-year-of-age.

(“Bond: ‘I admire your courage, Miss…..’ Sylvia Trench: ‘Trench….Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr.…..’
Bond: ‘Bond…James Bond.’” GOLDFINGER, 1964.)

Steve Schwarzman’s 60th birthday celebration at the cavernous Park Avenue Amory on February 14, 2007 was a 3-million dollar extravaganza fit for a king. Schwarzman was not exactly a king, but not far behind with his company, The Blackstone Group, holding $88-billion in assets and 112 companies worth $200 billion:  Schwarzman was worth $677.2 million in a public offering of Blackstone and $7.8 billion in shares.

The Birthday Bash

James B. (Jimmy) Lee, vice-chairman at J. P. Morgan Chase, sent him a June 21, 2007 email:  “You were like Indiana Jones over the last few weeks….they rolled giant boulders at you….fired poison darts at you ….threw you into that giant snake pit…..and yet you still found the grail and got the blonde….bravo.” Said Daniel Gross in his June 19, 2007 “The Golden Ass” (  “He’s like an NBA player who, having gone the length of a court for a slam-dunk with the game already put away, starts trash-talking, jumps atop the scorers’ table, gestures obscenely at opposing fans, pinches a cheerleader, chest-bumps the referee, sticks his tongue out at the camera, all the while grabbing his crotch and yelling loudly that he’s the Man.  That would certainly get the attention of the ordinarily forgiving disciplinarians in the league office.”  El-Erian, CEO of Pimco, the world’s largest bond holder, said of Schwarzman:  “He was everywhere that year, bullish verging on boastful about the wonders of private equity and by implication, his own golden touch.  When I lunched with him at the Four Seasons Restaurant in January, 2006, he was ebullient: twenty to forty billion dollar deals in a very short time, a phenomenal uptick in the amount of money flowing into private equity, at least a twenty per cent annual return on investments.”

George McCartney said on August 10, 2007 in “Jekyll And Hyde In A Box” (  “Schwarzman, George W. Busch’s roommate at Yale and Skull and Bones brother, wished to inform all who cared that, when he pursued a deal, he wanted to ‘inflict pain’ and ‘kill off’ his rivals,” said McCartney, “so there we have it.  In American business today, it pays to have murder in your heart. Who can doubt the wisdom of Schwarzman’s lethal intent?  He’s a billionaire seven times over. Can’t argue with that.”   “You watch,” Schwarzman would boast to Dan Dorfman, “like the Rockefellas, I’ll own the world.  I could be the first Jewish President.”

In his senior year of school, Schwarzman wrote W. Averell Harriman (war-time Ambassador to Russia and former Governor of New York) during the Paris Peace Talks at the time, because of his admiration of Harriman as a fellow Skull and Bones member.  He met with Harriman for lunch at his Upper East Side townhouse:

“Young man, are you independently wealthy?” Harriman asked.

“No, sir, I’m not” was the answer.

“Well, I am the son of a very rich man, which has made an enormous difference ____that’s the reason you’re seeing me.  If you have any interest in the political world, I’d advise you to become independently wealthy yourself.”

“His business philosophy is ‘I want war – not a series of skirmishes’ and ‘I always think of what will kill off the bidder’….the combination of self-indulgence, seeming disregard for those less privileged, and militant hostility towards rivals inflamed many on Wall Street.….Schwarzman’s holiday parties were always ‘themed’.  That year’s theme was Bond – as in James, not municipal,” said Maria Bartiromo in “Eyewitness to the Crisis” (, “The host was dressed in a snazzy tux, portraying 007, with Christine shimmering at his side in a silver gown.  Scantily clad ‘Bond girls’ roamed the party serving drinks and hors d’oeurres.  There were repeated joking references to ‘Goldfinger’ throughout the evening.”

Novelist Jane Stanton Hitchcock said:  “Steve, I always knew you were going places, I just did not know you would end up owning them all.”

The Valentine celebration at the Armory was in the same Roman-type-Saturnalia celebration.  A full-length portrait of Schwarzman by Andrew Festing was brought in, and dinner was served in a faux night-club setting, with orchids and palm trees, lobster, stone crabs, filet mignon, baked Alaska, and an array of expensive wines.  A Palm Beach chef complained about an employee’s shoes because he found the squeaks of the rubber soles disturbing.

Steve Schwarzman at His 60th Birthday

Composer-pianist Marvin Hamlisch played a number from ‘A Chorus Line.’  Patti LaBelle, along with the Abyssinian Baptist Church choir, sang ‘He’s got the Whole World in His Hands.’  The headliner, Rod Stewart, among other songs, sang ‘Tonight’s The Night’ and ‘Reason to Believe.’  Stewart was paid about one million dollars for his performance.


In a decadent modern-day reenactment of Petronius Arbiter’s Satyr icon, said Ron Mwangaguhungr in his blog “The Corsair,” was an army of power and obscenely wealthy people such as real estate kingpin Sam Zell.   Zell exemplified the stratospheric rise of private equity: the then sixty-five- year-old billionaire was the wealthiest men in the world.  “Crusty, confident, and an unrepentant potty-mouth,” said Bartiromo, “Zell was both admired and feared for his ability to play extremely high stakes games.”   Zell owned Equity Office Properties Trust, a conglomerate of 573 properties.   Zell sold to Blackstone Group for $39 billion. Schwarzman’s Blackstone Group, then flipped hundreds of the buildings for $27 billion.

(“Bond: ‘Do you expect me to talk?’ Auric Goldfinger: ‘No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!’” –  GOLDFINGER, 1964, said while agent James Bond is about to be dissected by a laser beam.)

Auric Goldfinger

Zell stood to make $900 million from the Blackstone sale.  “For Zell, the vote ends another chapter in the career of a real estate developer known as the ‘grave dancer,’ ” said Brian Louis and Bob Ivry in, “for spotting opportunities in distressed properties.”

After the sale, Zell approached Tribune Company (which owns 11 daily newspapers), buying a stake in that company.  For Steve Roth of Vornado Realty Trust, the other bidder, the purchase would have allowed Vornado to bolster its East and West Coast holdings.  In the end, Vornado benefited by buying some Equity office properties that were put up for sale by Blackstone.


Samuel Zell was the only son of a Polish Jewish couple who fled their native country shortly before it was invaded by German soldier hordes in 1939. The couple immigrated to Chicago where Zell was born.  At the age of 12, travelling on the way to Hebrew class, Zell noticed out-of-the-neighborhood sales of Playboy Magazine at a 50 cent price – and Zell would resell the magazine for $1.50 to his classmates.  Zell would later use his ‘greed is good’ acumen upon forming the Equity Finance and Management Company in 1968 with partner Robert Lurie, acquiring distressed properties from developers (some inhabited by squatters), renovating them into fully rentable units at highly inflated prices, earning him the nickname of “the Grave Dancer.”

Sam Zell, The Grave Dancer

Zell was able to slink through the recession of the early 1990s at a lesser pace until REITs were created by Congress in 1960 (allowing real estate  investments much like mutual funds), and in the 1990s, became an attractive way for many private real estate companies to raise funds; and by converting their holdings into REIT shares, Zell could postpone paying capital gains taxes.


In 2001, EOP Acquired Spieker Properties, Inc., the largest REIT on the West Coast.  The $7.2 billion price included $905 million in cash, $431 million in stock, $3.6 billion in equity, and $2.1 billion in debt.  In October 2001 EOP became their first REIT to be added to the S&P 500 and the only member of Fortune 500.

Like most real-estate, REITS carry large amounts of debt on their books. REITS enjoyed a sturdy bull market from 2003 to 2006 and Americans went insane for real estate – launching further into 2007 with soaring prices and big firms leveraged with increasing debt to the exploding craze.  Sam Zell sold Equity Offices Property Trust to buy-out-firm Blackstone in the largest takeover ever of a real estate company – a $36 billion deal.  Then the bubble burst.

Sam Zell told CNBC television on March 3, 2011:  “My single biggest financial concern is the loss of the dollar as the reserve currency.  I can’t imagine anything more disastrous to our country…you’re already seeing things in the market that are suggesting that confidence in the dollar is waning…I think you can see 25% reduction in the standard of living in this country if the U.S dollar was no longer the world’s reserve currency.  That’s how valuable it is.”

During the Populist Egyptian uprising and over-throw of President Hosni Mubarak in February, 2011, there was particular attention and suspicion as to the where-about of Mubarak’s billions of dollars (much of it confiscated from the donations of United States taxpayers) and how handler and spy Hussein Silem, similar to many of Mubarak cronies, played a part in the transfer of such funds.

Ibrahm Oweiss, a Georgetown University economist, warned of Zell’s connection to the 2007 shares he had in an Egyptian company that shipped natural gas to Israel. John Kosmon, Philip Shenon and David Wurmser of the Delphi Global Analysis Group referred to it as a $220 million energy bet in the middle east, and Zell held a 10 percent stake in the natural-gas consortium, the East Mediterranean Gas Company ( Feb 12, 2011, John Kosmon. USA Today, Philip Shenon, Feb. 16, 2011., “Tracking Mubarak’s Fixer”).

Seemingly unphased by any crisis, in June, 2011, Sam Zell continued his climb in commercial real estate:  Zell had just purchased a controlling stake in a 40-story office tower in Chicago – an estimated $106 million value.

(Otherwise known as Fuld’s Foolish Funds)

Dick Fuld came to be known as “The Gorilla of Wall Street”; steering Lehman Brothers deep into the business of subprime mortgages, bank-rolling lenders across the country that were making convoluted loans to questionable borrowers.  Fuld used several highly questionable accounting practices enabling him to earn $469 million in stock sales between 2000 and 2008.  Said Reuters on April 29, 2010:  “Oliver Budde, former Lehman lawyer, spent many years drafting the bank’s compensation disclosures and hiding the redirected a stock unit (RSU) component of Fuld’s pay.  An email sent on April 14, 2008 to the SEC’s Enforcement Division never heard anything (never brought a response – SE).”

Dick Fuld studied business and he received a B.A. and a M.B.A from the University of Colorado at Boulder and the New York University’s Stein School of Business.  After being discharged from the Air Force, he began his career with Lehman in 1969 as a commercial paper trader.  His competitive nature aided his Advancement to Power.  At the time of his departure he had worked 40 years in the industry; another ‘gorilla’ pouncing his chest in defiance.


Dick Fuld

Tyler Durden ( spoke out on the Shadow Economy on March 11, 2010:  “Lehman employed off-balance sheet devices, known within Lehman as ‘repo 105’ and ‘repo 108’ transactions to temporarily remove securities inventories from its balance sheet, usually for a period of seven to ten days, and to create a materially misleading picture of the firm’s condition in the late 2007 and 2008,” Durden went on to say, “Lehman accounted for repo 105 transactions as ‘sales’…by recharacterizing the repo 105 transactions as a ‘sale,’ Lehman removed the inventories from its balance sheet.”

Barry Ritholtz went further when he said on March 14, 2010 (

“In addition to tarnishing what little name Fuld had, the tentacles of the (Anton R.) Valukas (2,200 page) Report are reaching the NY Fed and Geithner, Ernst and Young, even Linklaters, a firm in the UK that blessed repo 105 for the British subsidiary of LEH as kosher.”

“….the report made a strong case that Lehman was hiding the truth in the months before it fell,” said Maria Bartiromo, “(It used) a device called repo 105 in the second quarter of 2008 to move $50 billion off its balance sheet….in repo 105 (it) was Lehman (which) recorded it as a sale and no longer had any record of the assets on its balance sheet. Nor did the firm disclose repo 105.”


Portfolio Magazine titled Fuld as the worst CEO of all time.  But case after case of Wall Street leniency throughout the 2000s emboldened them to rob. Lehman Brothers lawyer Oliver Budde discovered cooked books time and again and even turned in proxy statements and hid accounting to the SEC, only to be ignored or misled.  The law firm of Simpson, Thacter and Bartlett hid additional Fuld salary of $263 million in the fine print.  Later, this same law firm received a lucrative contract to serve as federal legal advisor to the TARP bailout.

There was six solid months that they could have moved against Fuld, but didn’t. Concealed also was $50 billion dollars in loans. Fuld told Representative Henry Waxman during the House Government Oversight Committee hearings that he had earned a paltry $310 million (a grating Hoovers Ville amount in Wall Street dollars), when actually it was $529 million.  Said Oliver Budde, comparing the Justice Department’s lack of zeal to prosecute Fuld as compared to the perjury of sportsman Roger Clemens:  “At least Roger didn’t screw over the world…green flag on a new stealing season.”

Wild parties and wild money seemed to be part and parcel of the pre-2008-2009 ‘gang’ on Wall Street (reminiscent of the ‘roaring twenties’). Ex-hedge funder Raj Rajaratnam held eager parties as he hobnobbed with big shots the day before his arrest. He boasted of being “the last man standing.”  He controlled 130 employees, held $7 billion in assets and masterminded the biggest insider trader ring since the late 1980s. He went from a net worth of $1.5 billion in 2009 to $700 million in October, 2010, along with 13 counts of Conspiracy and Securities Fraud.


For his 50th birthday, Raj chartered planes and flew 70 friends he called the Raj Tribe (The Riotous Rowdy, Rebellious Raj Tribe, said their T-shirts) to a birthday bash.  On a Manhattan cruise, Danielle Chiesi, a well-coiffed blonde consultant for Bear Stearns, took to the dance floor to demonstrate her allure. A year earlier, Raj joined in a strip poker game hosted by Salomon Smith Barney of boys and girls alike.

Power and Pleasure, Anita Raghavan,

Speaking of a similar mood in the crash of 1929, Lucy Moore could have just as easily been speaking of 2008, when she wrote in Anything Goes, “and so the crash came, arriving with a kind of surrealistic slowness – so gradually that, on the one hand it was possible to live through a good part of it without realizing what was happening, and, on the other hand, it was possible to believe that one had experienced and survived it when in fact it had no more than just begun.”

Black Friday – 1929

(“Dr. No: ‘The Americans are fools. I offered my services, they refused. So did the East. Now they can pay for their mistake.’ Bond: ‘World domination.  The same old dream.  Our asylums are full of people who think they’re Napoleon. or God.’” – DR. NO, 1962.)


(“The bomb would irradiate all the gold inside the building and make it unusable….international liquidity would seize up, and the Western trade and monetary system would collapse.” Auric Goldfinger, 1964, GOLDFINGER, describing Operation Meltdown.)

“Increasingly, policy makers and legislators seemed to overlook the fact that our under regulated Wall Street could create havoc that wasn’t confined to the financial system itself but stretched well into the broader economy and society,” said Suzanne McGee in Chasing Goldman Sachs.

Crown Publishing Group, Random House,Inc. NewYork, 2010,

Dr. Ron Paul, a Republican member of Congress from Texas, said on April 27, 2010, Socialism vs. Corporatism, that calling President Obama a Socialist was not entirely accurate: Socialism is a system where the government directly owns and manages business; Corporatism is a system where businesses are nominally in private hand, but are in fact controlled by the government – they act in collusion with their favored business interests with policies that cater to interests in a monopoly position to the danger of “both competitors and consumers.”  Obama is a cunning version of Socialism-Plus-Corporatism. Hitler had a similar scheme during the rise of the Nazi party whereby he was funded by international corporate concerns.

Author Jim Marrs saw this culmination in the New World Order promised by Adolf Hitler and signed off by President H.W. Bush.  These Globalists are above petty nationalism and are now guided by what Janine Wedel spoke of in Shadow Elite as “flexions” who manipulate global economics as “poker chips” in some vast, unseen, poker game — or some Ponzi Scheme of which they stand aloof and above — and utilize to their own advantage.
The Rockefellers, Jack Schiff, Elihu Root, J.P. Morgan, The Harriman family, others, sponsored the Russian Revolution and the Bolsheviks. The same globalists sponsored National Socialism in Germany; John J. McCloy, Schroeder Bank attorneys Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles, Prescott Bush, director of Union Banking Corporation and the Hamburg America Shipping Line.

The late Hollywood producer Aaron Russo quoted Nick Rockefeller (a participant in the World Economic Forum and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations): “The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have bankers and the elite people control the world.”

Some of the 2008 Wall Street ‘Gang’ Swearing 

In 1980s, investigative reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, Gary Webb, discovered and exposed such a Dark Alliance that existed between the Nicaraguan drug cartels and the cocaine distribution of Crack smuggled into the U.S in defiance of the Boland Act: such operations were with the aid of the CIA, and the Reagan Administration, who shielded such clandestine operations in order to raise money for the Contras.

Webb came under heavy fire from various groups and unsympathetic agencies for exposing such an insidious cabal.  He, despite this, received a Pulitzer Prize.  Unfortunately, he died from two gun-shot wounds to the head.  They said he committed suicide.


The mobsters Giancanas spoke of this era:  “For a serious student of history, there is good reason to pause at Mooney’s saga of corruption.  There is also good reason to question whether such immorality continues to exist in this country, reaching into our nation’s highest office…Sadly; it may very well be that this is, indeed, the case.  To wit: the Pentagon Papers; Richard Nixon’s Watergate; the Vatican bank scandal; the Iran-Contra affair; the graft and CIA involvement in the case of the Philippines’s Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos; the Manuel Noriega-CIA connection in Panama, and the BCCI; all bits and pieces perhaps of a much bigger and more sinister puzzle.  But all bearing the stamp of the CIA’s entanglement with organized crime…Most of those who were involved in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy have been murdered…..,” Double Cross, Sam and Chuck Giancana, 1992, Warner Books, Inc., 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10020, p. 356.

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), for example, were found guilty of “massive money laundering” and other financial crimes nearing $20-billion-dollars.  They did this by avoiding regulation and customs and operating in secret.  Even to this day, it is not “completely understood” as to how they skirted the law and hid.

A Few of the 2008 Corporate Gangsters Testifying

Similar alliances were highlighted in a barrage of such genre speaking on such “pipelines” (such as) in the books Octopus: The Long Reach of the International Sicilian Mafia (Claire Sterling, W.W. Norton and Company, New York, N.Y. 1990), Black Market Billions (Hitha Prabhakar, FT Press/ Pearson. 2011), and Octopus: The Secret Market and Wall Street’s Wildest Con (Guy Lawson, Crown Publishing Group, Random House, 2011,  “…not every culprit confessed or was easily caught.”


The inability for the Federal Department of Justice and other fellow law-enforcement-agencies to successfully jail the upper-echelon players and topnotch crooks in this Worldwide Financial Caper raised many questions as to their sincerity or capabilities; for one thing the ‘shadow’ progenitors are very illusive. One law firm has taken the “tiger-by-the-tail,” so-to-speak, by upping the political ante: on or around October 27, 2012, the Spire Law Group LLP, under the managing partner of James N, Fielder, announced a $43-trillion-dollar-lawsuit in the United States District Court against suspects and person-of-interest involved in the financial fiasco, including Robert Rubin, Timothy Geithner, Vikram Pandit, Jon Corzine and others.

Unfortunately, many names are left out of the lawsuit; but, as usual, not enough as to prevent unsavory and nefarious events from happening, perhaps indicative of the quagmire that is offered to anyone brave enough to investigate and prosecute criminals thus powerful.

(Other persons, such as Gary Webb, have also been victimized; a long list of Kennedy Assassination-victims is catalogued in Hit List: An Indepth Investigation into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination, Richard Belzer and David Wayne, Skyhorse Publishers, 2013.).
The Spire law firm has been counter-sued; and one other thing………


CNBC Executive Kevin Krim publicized the lawsuit on a news broadcast for the whole world to see, and in Jungian fashion, in that spooky world of synchronized phenomena, shortly following the broadcast, his wife came home to find their children murdered by their nanny.  It was totally unexpected, the nanny loved and cherished the children, and the parents showered gifts on the caretaker.  It seemed a happy family. Investigative reporter Craig Hulet told host John B. Wells on the Coast to Coast radio program on November 8, 2012, that she must have had unusual strength to stab herself and the children in such Manchurian Candidate fashion; the best that could be envisioned so far was the nanny’s complaint about being forced to “do more house work.”  It surely didn’t seem quite in character.

Reporter Craig Hulet

The nanny, Celia Ortega, had been described as a rather gregarious woman who greeted others with “hello neighbor” and “God bless you” and told others she was “happy, happy, happy” to soon visit her homeland.  It was only a few days, maybe a couple of weeks before the murders, which she seemed confused at times and spoke of being “weird.”   There was no good motive for the murders.


Freelance investigators that have seen this scenario played out many times before pointed their fingers to Remote Mind Control.  A sending unit could be at some distance, they said, and a Voice to Skull (V2K) device sending targeted Magnetic Scalar Waves in the 11 to 15 HZ ELF range could force riotous behavior if pinpointing the adrenal cortex and brain stem.  There would be an over-production of norepinephrine, causing adrenergic reaction. It would be complete control, if the targeted DNA resonance was struck.  Such experiments have been in progress in Private Intelligence Sectors around the globe.
Zen Gardner said in “The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds” (September 20, 2012) that the Department of Defense had a system called SSSS or S-guad (squad) known as Silent Subliminal Presentation System that utilized subliminal programming over ultra-high frequency (UHF)broadcast waves: projected inaudible messages directly into the subconscious human mind.  HAARP and MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) are other programs; said Judy Wall of Resonance Magazine, that: “….silently triggers the same basic emotion in another human being.”

Mind Control
(In the Garden of Sin.)

The attorneys for Spire, LLP spoke in muted whispers on Internet chat links:  “Still no relief from bank misconduct. Why, again, have banks not been held accountable?”  Or, even the more cryptic murmur:  “As long as the roots are not severed, all is well….and all will be well….in the garden….”

Former CIA Operative and Mind Control Techno-icon, Dr. Robert Duncan, told Governor Jesse Ventura on the topic of government “Voice of God Weapons,” often used for torture of victims: “They hidehide in the dark crevices of our government.”

Jesse Ventura

Those ‘blackest places’ – those ‘murky crevices’ – those ‘dark fissures’ are in the recesses of rotten, corrupted human hearts, and have been that way for some time:

F. Brunner and Sean D. Carr outlined the roots of the problem in their book The Panic of 1907  (John Wiley & Sons, 2007).  Credit default swaps were then called “bucket shops” – and for nearly 100 years were outlawed as a felony; surely, known by Greenspan and Gramm:  “Their crime was one of foreknowledge,” said Canary Papers and Marin.  John McCain embraced these giant betting parlors, and he still does, as surely as the Bush Administration protected and threatened to veto any attempt to regulate the credit default swap market.  We can call it fascism, communism, plutocracy when trillions of dollars are spread by the government to cover and pay off sleazy casino bets of capitalists.

On June 5, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt entered America into bankruptcy and into the hands of 115 creditors in receivership and new government securities as monetized debt; effectively, America had become The New World Order.


“Bond said angrily, ‘Shut up, Marc-Ange. If you think I’ll take a million pounds from you or from anyone else you’re mistaken. I don’t want my life to be ruined. Too much money is the worst curse you can lay on anyone’s head.  I have enough.’” James Bond, speaking to ‘Spectre’ villain, in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service; Signet Books, 1963.


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“Money, get away
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Money, it’s a crime
Share it fairly, but don’t take a slice of my pie
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re
Giving none away, away, away.”



Mind Control





Jesse Ventura



Bond, James Bond



Auric Goldfinger




Black Friday – 1929



The Schwarzman Birthday Bash




Steve Schwarzman on His 60th Birthday




Dick Fuld




From left to right, Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs Group, Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, John Mack, chairman of Morgan Stanley, and Brian Moynihan, chief executive of Bank of America are sworn in before their testimony at the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) and its first public hearing in Washington January 13, 2010. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS IMAGES OF THE DAY.)
Some of the 2008 Corporate ‘Gang’ Swearing-in Before Congress



Reporter Craig Hulet




Some of the 2008 Corporate Ring-leaders Testifying Before Congress




Sam Zell, “The Grave Dancer”






The Findings of Randle on Roswell


Randle’s Roswell Report


Steve Erdmann


The proceeding article is reproduced with permission from the June 5 and June 11, 2015 issues of The UFO Digest.





Kevin Randle, a full-time writer of more than 100 books of fiction and nonfiction, over 15 books about UFOs (was also an Army helicopter pilot and Air Force intelligence officer, including a Ph.D. in psychology), speaks about his investigation into the infamous crash of an alleged alien aircraft on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico about July 2, 1947.

The book has chronologies of events that Randle discovered over the years, including interviews with witnesses that were still alive during his research.  Consequently, Randle begins to discover a number of discrepancies to the popular “spaceship crash” theory. Likewise, Randle cannot completely ignore the testimony of various witnesses and documents that, if authentic, would mean a cover-up of sorts existed concerning the July, 1947 “crash.”

(Roswell Revisited, Kevin Randle, Ph.D., Glade Press, Inc., P.O. Box 460, Lakeville, Minnesota 55044-0460,, 2007, 176 pages, $12.95.)

Kevin Randle

“On the pro side there is little documentation, but solid eyewitness testimony.  These were the men who should have known about the crash based on who they were,” says Randle.  “Many of them, when interviewed, did confirm they knew and even suggested an extraterrestrial explanation. There is limited documentation, but there is some…and there is the reacting to something extraordinary…this lack of information about what was happening at the top of the military pyramid is not surprising.”  (pp. 174-175.)


Some of the early comments of witnesses somehow attached to the Roswell UFO incident can also be divided into “against, for, or undecided” categories.

Major Jesse Marcel, the Air Intelligence Officer at the Roswell Army Field, was ordered by Colonel William Blanchard to investigate a “debris field” discovered by ranch foreman Mack Brazel on a ranch near Corona, New Mexico.  Marcel took along counter-intelligence corps officer Captain Sheridan Cavitt.  Brazel’s discovery seemed to be around July 2 to 5, 1947; however, Brazel told the Roswell Dailey Record the discovery had been in June, 1947.

Major Jesse Marcel

Randle constructs a list of witnesses and their opinions as to what they saw.  Erdmann summarized a few; the reader can search further in Randle’s book.

#  Mack Brazel: “Rubber strips, tin foil, a rather tough paper and sticks.”   “…a bundle about three feet long and seven or eight inches thick, while the rubber made a bundle about 18 or 20 inches long and about eight inches thick…”   “…I am sure what I found was not any weather observation balloon.”


Mack Brazel and Wife

(Erdmann theorized that this description may have been due to military intimidation during Brazel’s so-called ‘arrest.’  There was, also, possible confusion of his ‘find’ of a genuine balloon crash earlier in June, 1947.)

#  Technical Sargent Ernest Robert Robbins, according to his wife Anne, was a participant in the recovery of a “saucer-shaped (craft) and that was a top layer that was oblong and had windows in it…three people…one was dead and two were alive.”

#   Master Sargent Lewis Rickett, on a visit to the crash site, handled “a light weight piece of metal that was slightly curved and about eighteen inches long…feather light and may be flimsy…he could not bend it.”

#  Sargent Thomas Gonzales, a member of the Transportation Section, was asked to assist in the “sweep” of the 1947 crash site.  He said he witnessed an “air foil” and “little men.”

#  A “Sargent Johnson” was a member of the 1395th MP Company, and took about a dozen soldiers to the crash site.  The craft appeared to be about fourteen feet in diameter, very light, and shared four creatures, three were dead.  Johnson was told that the bodies were taken to the Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio.

(Discrepancies existed as to how many crash victims were found, and how many were alive or dead, and when the deaths happened.)

#  Major Jesse Marcel described the material as being as thin as “newsprint,” yet so strong that a sledge hammer couldn’t dent it. There were small I-beams. “…it could not have been part of an aircraft, not part of any kind of weather balloon or experimental balloon…was not part of an aircraft, not a missile or rocket.”

Jesse Marcel and Phony Staged Photograph 

#  Colonel William Blanchard was the commander of the 509th Bomb Group at the Roswell Army Airfield in July, 1947.  It was Blanchard that directed Lieutenant Walter Haut, the Publicity Information Officer, to release a press release on July 8 that “flying saucer” wreckage had been recovered and sent to higher headquarters.

Randle tells of some of the officers who defended the claim but also some who debunked the story of a 1947 alien craft.


#  Colonel Thomas Dubois, Chief of Staff of the Eighth Air Force, said that orders had come down from the Strategic Air Command headquarters and Major General McMullen “that the officers were not to talk about this among themselves.”  In August 1990, DuBois said:  “Nobody, wife, me, with Ramey, with anyone.”

Colonel Thomas Dubois

#  Joe Briley, operations officer for the 509th, told Randle that in July 1947 he was a squadron commander at that time, and he did know that Blanchard had gone out to the crash site.  Briley said that most stories were “changed and hushed up immediately as soon as the people from Washington arrived.”  Briley said that Blanchard, who had been a close friend, “was not stupid enough to call a weather balloon something else.”

#  Patrick Saunders was the base adjutant and member of the primary staff on the Roswell Air Field in July 1947.  Saunders wrote on the first page of the book The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell:   “Here’s the truth and I still haven’t told anybody anything!” Saunders told close friends that officers of the 509th Group were “confronted with a technology greater than that of Earth.”

#  Edwin Easley was the Provost Marshal at the Roswell Army Airfield in July 1947, responsible for security and police functions.  Easley usually avoided conversation on the topic by saying it was classified and that “he had confirmed” in February 1991 that Mack Brazel had “been held at the guest house on the base.”  (Brazel referred to this as ‘jail.’)  “If you are not allowed to leave and there is a guard on the door, it is, basically, the same thing,” says Randle.

When questioned if the craft was of extraterrestrial origin, Easley said:  “Let me put it this way.  That’s not the wrong path.”

#  Former 1st Lieutenant Chester Barton was told by Easley to go out to the crash site.  “…the remains of a crashed aircraft…military police were using Geiger counters and that they did detect some radiation in certain spots,” says Randle, “…weren’t any large pieces.”  Barton said:  “I know it was a hush-hush deal and Easley told us to keep our mouths shut.”

#  Oliver “Pappy” Henderson flew some of the wreckage on to Wright Field.  Henderson told his wife, Sappho, that he had seen the bodies of the crash victims:  “These were drawings of small creatures with big heads and large eyes,” says Randle.  “Slender creatures with big heads and large eyes,” says Randle.  “Slender creatures that seemed to be frail.”

#  Lloyd Thompson and Robert Slusher were part of the crew that flew the bodies out of Roswell on a B-29 to Fort Worth where they were met by six people.  One person was an undertaker, Lieutenant Felix Martucci, who has fervidly refused to comment to date.


Some testimony raised questions about the authenticity and connections to the 1947 crash.

#  Lieutenant Colonel Robert Barrowclough was an executive officer that said (during various interviews) that he was one of the pilots who flew the strange metallic debris out of Roswell.  Robert Porter and other members of the 509th Bomb Group suggested that Barrowclough had flown with Major Marcel on the July 8 trip to Fort Worth as Aircraft Commander.

Records showed, however, that Barrowclough was on leave.  Morning Reports showed that Barrowclough returned from leave on July 9:  he was not there to take the July 8 flight.

#  Martin Jorgans claimed to be a civilian working for the military in 1947 in search of drone jet aircraft that crashed near Roswell on July 3.  They discovered a craft with “stubby…curved-back wings…about twenty feet long and only 12 to 14 feet wide.”  There were three reported creatures.

However, “there are no records to corroborate this,” (unfortunately) says Randle, “…using radar to track it is also a worry, given the nature of the terrain and the locations of the various radars in 1947…the search probably would have been conducted by aircraft and not guys in a jeep.”

#  Counter-intelligence corps officer, then Captain Sheridan Cavitt (who accompanied Jesse Marcel to the “debris field”) told Colonel Richard Weaver that “he (Cavitt) knew immediately that it was a balloon.”  Captain Weaver was the author of the July, 1994 23-page “Report of the Air Force Research Regarding the Roswell Incident.”

#  Bessie Brazel Schrieber, the daughter of Mack Brazel, said that she, and her brother Vernon, helped pick up debris into four burlap sacks.  Bessie recalled the material as nothing but pieces of a balloon (there possibly was confusion over a balloon found earlier in June, 1947, as well as, Mack Brazel’s intimidation by the military about his descriptions of the material).

Sun-burnt Mogul Balloon

#  Former Captain and Ph.D. (doctor) Lorenzo Kent Kimball was the medical supply officer at Roswell in July 1947.  Randle says that Kimball knew doctors, nurses, enlisted men, pilots and officers at Roswell Air Field.  “He is emphatic in his opinion that nothing happened,” says Randle, “that the story of the preliminary autopsy at Roswell is false, and the whole idea of a flying saucer crash is without merit.”


In 1947 Colonel (later Brigadier General) Thomas J. DuBose was the Chief of Staff of the Eighth Air Force stationed at the, then, Fort Worth Army Air Field.  He was ordered by Major General Clements McMullen (Deputy Commander of the Strategic Air Command) to inquire about the material at Roswell.  DuBose was ordered to send the material to McMullen, who, in turn, forwarded it to Nathan F. Twining at the Air Material Command.

Randle explains:  “In interviews conducted in the early 1990s, and videotaped for the inclusion in the Fund for UFO Research’s video library, DuBose elaborated…McMullen ordered Ramey to cover up the whole thing.”   DuBose further stated “McMullen told me you are not to discuss this and this is a point at which this is more than top secret…highest priority and you will say nothing.”


General Arthur Ernest Exon, according to researcher David Rudiak in an interview before Exon’s death, “made it clear” that Exon talked to participants in the “analysis of the debris and the bodies.”   Exon was a lieutenant colonel in 1947 assigned to Wright Field. “…that he knew…the rumored bodies and the ‘residue’ from New Mexico,” says Randle, “were being brought to the base for analysis.”  (p. 61.)

General Arthur Exon Gravesite

Exon mentioned officials that belonged to an overnight committee to the Roswell crash, none of which seemed to match those that supposedly were on the infamous Majestic-12 document.  Steve Erdmann speculated that either the MJ-12 documents were faked or early “compartmentalization” that separated mention of various officials involved.


Randle covers quite a few of the disproven testimonies of Roswell-related witnesses: Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso, Jim Ragsdale, Frank Kaufmann, Glenn Dennis, and several others that seemed to be confirmed witnesses at first but eventually crumbled into disbelief and discrepancy by the skeptics.

Equally puzzling was the analysis of a “memo” photographed by J. Bond Johnson as being held in the hand of Brigadier General Ramey on July 8, 1947 in his office at the Eight Air Force headquarters; when blown-up and magnified, various analysts said that some of the text could be made out, showing indications of a “crash” and “victims”  (p. 140).  Other analysts saw less discernable characters or none at all.  Analysis by Don Burleson and associates highlight certain texts as “Roswell disk,” “victims,” and “Denver crews.”  David Rudiak’s analysis seemed to show similar text.

“What it seems to boil down to is that there is no real consensus on what the message says,” mentions Randle, “no matter how much argument there is about it.”


The Air Force explanation that the material was from a special train of a balloon and sensitive equipment to detect Russian atomic bomb explosions (called Project Mogul) seemed to fall short because the debris description did not match.  Additionally, the launch of Mogul No. 4 consisted of Neoprene and no Rawin target to create metal debris.  According to the Roswell Daily Record of July 9, 1947, the June 4 Mogul experiment “suggests that Brazel found the balloon first on June 14, ten days after the launch,” says Randle.


Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, two investigators that highlighted additional facts in their book Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright-Patterson (New Page Books, a division of the Career Press, Inc. 220 West Parkway, Unit 12. Pompton Plains, N.J. 07444, 288 pages, $16.99).  The authors added stories from other historical encounters:  Captain Joseph Toth, Norma Gardner, Robert Thompson and several others.  Special notice was made of June Crain and squadron leader Marion “Black Mac” Magruder.

June Crain was present at Wright-Patterson originally by way of the U.S War Department on three occasions from 1942 through 1952.  She carried a top-secret “Q” security classification.  It, however, was not enough to allow Crain complete knowledge of “Project Caucasian” (suspected to be the UFO crash).  A Richard V. Wheeler was suspected to be the officer who allowed Crain to handle a piece of “a space ship”.  Crain said that the truth about UFOs and crashes was “common knowledge” among the scientists and engineers at Wright-Patterson.  Wernher Von Braun was one of those scientists.

Randle'sRoswellReport junecrain

June Crain

Mark Magruder, the son of Lieutenant Colonel Marion Milton “Black Mac” Magruder, highly decorated World War II fighter pilot, told of his father’s witnessing the bodies and remnants of the Roswell UFO crash during April of 1948.


Their book covered several interesting avenues.  Alleged physical descriptions are given from the files of Leonard Stringfield:  Dr. Lejeune Foster who examined bodies retrieved at Roswell, Dr. Leon E. Kazarian, who specialized in biomechanics, and was a senior-level scientist with the Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson in the 1960s and 1970s, were probable witnesses.  Dr. Leon B. Visse, a French expert on biological elements connected with cellular tissue, did a 1959 examination of alien corpses at Wright-Patterson.  There were other scientists.  John Mosgrove in October of 1979 was party to a dental specimen of an alleged alien jaw bone from Wright-Patterson.

The authors additionally uncovered the testimony of Robert L. Marshall Jr., an iron worker who helped construct some of the special hangers and sites at Wright Field.  It was through his testimony, and a few witnesses, that the puzzle about “Hanger 18” became clearer: there was a Building 18, and in fact a “building 18 complex of A, B, C, D, F and G.”

Scientists Elroy John Center and Fred Wang supposedly worked with the Roswell material.  Several UFO investigators followed their trail into the development of “Nitinol,” a laboratory attempt to mimic the mysterious qualities of the fragments.


Randle’s book and investigation was not privy to many of the Carey-Schmitt findings, which came later than the publication of his Roswell book.  One of the more interesting stories is the deathbed affidavit of Walter Haut (a writer for UFO Casebook summarized):

“The prize witness is Walter Haut, as most of us know, the Roswell base public information officer, who put out Colonel Blanchard’s recovered flying disc press release on July 8, 1947.”

Haut in 2002 filled out a notarized affidavit, to be sealed until after his death.  Here the affidavit is revealed in full.  Haut, as he first did in an oral history with Wendy Connors and Dennis Balthaser in 2000, revealed seeing the crash object and several small bodies with big heads at Hangar 84, being taken there by Col. Blanchard.  This was on Tuesday, July 8 in the afternoon, after the press release had hit the wires.

Walter Haut

Haut also revealed first hearing about the Brazel debris field and another crash location 40 miles to the north, where the main craft and bodies were, on Monday afternoon, July 7, after returning to the base from home after the 4th of July weekend.

The northern site had just been found by civilians and rumors of the two sites were beginning to break out in town and on the base.

The following morning at 7:30, Haut attended the senior staff morning meeting where everybody was briefed as to what was happening.  Marcel and Cavitt described their findings at the Brazel debris field and Blanchard filled in everybody on the second crash site.

Haut also stated that Gen. Ramey and Col. Dubose were there, meaning they had flown in from Fort Worth.

Debris was passed around for everybody to handle and nobody could identify it.  Much of the meeting was devoted to discussing how to handle the situation and what the public should be told.

Here Haut discussed some of the rationale behind the issuing of the puzzling press release.  According to Haut, it was Gen. Ramey’s idea to divert public attention away from the closer and more important craft/body site.  Haut felt Ramey was just carrying out orders from the Pentagon.

Haut also stated that he went out to at least one of the sites and brought back some debris of his own.  He was aware of two teams that went out for months afterwards to try to uncover any physical evidence that might have been left behind.  Although he doesn’t say it, Haut is here providing some corroboration for various tales of debris confiscation afterwards, such as told by Bill Brazel Jr.

Haut’s affidavit plus other testimony below revived the crash site 40 miles of north of Roswell where the main craft and bodies were found.

Haut also presented a new timeline of the discovery of the site on July 7, which means recovery began at this site at the same time Marcel and Cavitt were out at the Brazel debris field investigating it.”

Additionally, Casey-Schmitt conducted further chronologies of witnesses of some type or degree in their Area 51 book, which the reader should review for themselves.

Cosmic Conspiracies Magazine surveyed a series of scientific findings at Langley’s Air Force Base “Morphing Project” and DARPA’s CHAP (Compact Hybrid Activation Program), as mentioned by researcher Andy Lloyd as he spoke of the Carey-Schmitt book:

The ‘CHAP’ Program

“The author’s present new research by Anthony Bragalia, who also contributed to ‘Witness to Roswell’,” said researcher Andy Lloyd, “this time, the focus is on first-hand accounts of early research into memory metals, leading on from the reported ‘shape-recovering’ properties of fragments of metal that did the rounds post-Roswell.  In this regard, mention is made of Colonel Philip Corso’s testimony about back-engineering of Roswell material, and its consequent widespread seeding in US industry – although the authors appear cautious about Corso’s own ‘deathbed confession’ material.  Surprisingly, no mention is made of ‘actuators’ or DARPA during this section of the book.  Readers should find a Google search bringing those terms together with ‘shape recovery’ very illuminating.”

Memory Metals and the DARPA Group

A few others had sober comments concerning the Schmitt-Carey endeavor:

“I am also very impressed with the consistency of the accounts as they often neatly fit together into a cross-corroborating narrative of what happened, which I’ve tried to indicate in the presentation of the various witness accounts.

“It is also hard not to be impressed with the sheer numbers of witnesses that have been compiled.  Can all of them be lying?  Would a Mogul balloon cause this?

“I have some quibbles about the organization and writing up of some accounts in the book. Tables summarizing witnesses would have been very useful. There are very large numbers of them to keep track of and they are often scattered throughout the book.

“However, in general this is a very impressive body of testimony that Carey and Schmitt have collected and has given me a lot of things to think about.”


Tim Printy was one of the most stringent critics of UFO Cases and the Roswell mystery and went to great lengths to analyze the statements of Roswell witnesses exposing what he feels are obvious lapses in witness logic and statements.  In his website, Vultures in the Desert, Printy showed how easily this can be done when one is dedicated to likewise brutally analyzing the issues (though one wonders at what expense this is done to the full truth and fairness).  He concluded his arguments, thusly:

“Don Schmitt and Tom Carey have presented us the truth as they see it.  However, their version of the truth is nothing more than rumor and stories, that can’t be checked, being presented as fact.  Recall that Glenn Dennis, Gerald Anderson, Frank Kaufmann, and James Ragsdale were honest credible witnesses as well and swore that they were telling the truth.  By rationalizing problems with their testimony, investigators allowed them to appear as star witnesses and contaminate the witness pool with lots of ideas for new stories.  It took years for investigators to finally admit they were not so credible and their testimony was discarded.  Like the mythical Hydra, which grew back a head (or two) when one was lopped off, new ‘credible’ witnesses began to show up to fill the void left by the discredited ones.  Are they any more ‘credible’ than the discredited ones before them?  What prevents these ‘new’ witnesses from just repeating new versions of the tales previously told?  It is these ‘astonishing eyewitness reports’ that serve as the carrion of Roswell.  They feed these sensationalist writings about crashed spaceships and alien bodies.  One can expect more revelations from the vultures that continue to hover near the dying veterans of the 509th waiting for some vague utterance that they can twist around into another ‘undeniable truth’.”

“No there is no positive evidence on Roswell, and after 65 years it is safe to say there never will be.

“All we shall ever get is a repeat of the 3 things you elucidate (regurgitating old Roswell facts, being obsessed with this case and not searching out new evidence).  And it goes without saying that conspiracy theory is an essential part of the Roswell ‘story’.  Yes, essential, since the whole tale is based on the USAF gathering up and storing the wreckage and bodies.  But they have never admitted this, and never released the documentation.  Ergo, they have hushed it up – hence conspiracy theory inevitably follows from this.

“So, yes, you are right. The case is as dead as a dodo; unless and until the actual debris, wreckage or paperwork is found and produced. I’ll leave you to work out the chances of this.”

Terry: Saturday, April 07, 2012 [].


Perhaps in an ‘roundabout’ exercise and response to UFO critics such as Tim Printy in their largesse to ‘clear thinking,’ UFO researchers Mark Rodeghier and Mark Chesney likewise destroy the Air Force argument that the Roswell object was a Mogul balloon, illustrating that there was no possible way it could have been, and also showing the subversive and inaccurate logic of said critics:

  1. Extent of debris. Sheridan Cavitt mentioned the debris as 20-feet in length at most.  The Air Force report, however, further mentioned a July 9, 1947 news report that the debris field was 200 yards in size.  Both could not be correct.
  1. General appearance. The Air Force report mentioned that a possible balloon lay out in the desert for ten days, June 4 to 14, 1947:  the neoprene would have turned to grey or black flakes or even ash.  This is not what was found by Cavitt or Brazel. This is, as it stands, irreconcilable.
  1. Type of balloon. Brazel had found two weather balloons previously, and he stated this is not what he found.  Irving Newton and Sheridan Cavitt were the two that insisted the object was a weather balloon, however.  Mogul flight 4 was stated already by Mogul employees as normal balloons and not unusual, but they were definitely not standard weather balloons.
  1. Symbols. When grilled on what he saw, Cavitt insisted that he did not see any kind of writing at all or “anything like that.” Then how could claims about children’s decorative tape with writing become substantiated?

“There is one other flagrant lacuna that confirms to us, at least, that the Air Force was not interested in conducting an in-depth investigation into Roswell:  the lack of thoughtful and insightful questions by Weaver as he interviewed Cavitt.  Earlier we noted the bizarre situation in which Cavitt was able to recognize balloon debris immediately, but Marcel and Blanchard could not.”

Similarly, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman challenged another UFO critic, Kent Jeffrey, in Jeffrey’s attack on Roswell theories:

Kent Jeffrey’s anti-Roswell conclusions (MUFON Journal, June, 1997) are based on the same kind of false reasoning that led to his pro-Roswell views:  Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind’s made up; be enthusiastic and ready to put one’s money where one’s mouth is, but don’t have the facts in hand first; don’t bother finding out how security works; believe what one wants to believe.  Do one’s research by proclamation rather than investigation.  Select from the data available to back up your conclusions, and ignore the facts that don’t.

“Kent stated on a recent radio show with me that he has never had a security clearance and his article certainly shows over and over again that he doesn’t understand:  that higher classification info cannot be presented in lower classification documents; that having a particular level clearance is not enough to gain access to classified information; that one must have a need-to-know for that information; that people with high level security clearance do not pass on classified information to people not having a clearance and need-to-know for the information…In short, Kent Jeffrey’s enthusiastic ‘definitive’ article is a splendid example of propaganda, NOT investigation.”


“In a podcast interview with Canadian filmmaker Paul Kimball released on August 25, 2013, Kevin Randle stated that while he still personally believed that an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed in New Mexico, the evidence does not support that conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt.  ‘We really can’t get to the extraterrestrial,’ stated Randle.  ‘We can eliminate practically everything else that you care to mention, but that still doesn’t get us to the extraterrestrial.’”—1947.html.

Randle collects the major testimonies both pro and con, leaving it to the readers’ inquisitiveness to discover further evidence.  “Now we need to finish the job, learning exactly what fell, and letting the world in on the greatest secret of the last thousand years.”

Randle'sRoswell CrashSite10

The Supposed Roswell Crash Site



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Kevin Randle




The DARPA Morphing Aircraft Structures (MAS) Phase III Project team.




The combination of biologically inspired technology, engineering and IT could allow ‘morphing wing’ aircraft to be developed, offering huge operational benefits, and improved efficiencies and enhanced safety performance.



A concept design illustration developed by NASA during its ‘Morphing Project’; the core goal was to identify enabling technologies but this model famously caught the public eye in 2001.



Nitinol memory metal foil.html.                                                                        




Nitinol: memory metal.




Below: debris of a Mogul balloon, which has been exposed to the sun.

  •    Photograph source: US Air Force.

Mogul balloon in the Sun





Maggie and Mack Brazel in 1951, four years after the
Roswell Incident. Photo courtesy of Bill Brazel Jr.




  Walter Haut Biography

Military Leader (1922–2005)

“When that hit the news wires, the world came to an end, as far as I was concerned. My phone rang and rang and rang.”

Born in 1922 in Chicago, Illinois, Walter Haut worked as the public information officer for the U.S. Army’s 509th Bomb Group in Roswell, New Mexico.  In 1947, he was instructed to issue a press release stating that a “flying disc” had landed near the base.  The Army quickly retracted the statement, saying the object was a weather balloon. Haut later claimed to have seen such a spacecraft.  He died in 2005.  Speculation about UFOs and aliens at Roswell has persisted.





Major Jesse A Marcel

Jesse did well in intelligence school—well enough that his next assignment was to be an instructor at this school.  Eventually the Army granted his request for combat, and in October of 1943, 1st Lieutenant Marcel found himself assigned to the 5th Bomber Command in the southwest Pacific Theater.  For the next two years, Marcel fought the war first as a Squadron Intelligence Officer then Group Intelligence Officer, participating in several campaigns that resulted in the retaking of the Philippines Islands.

During his combat tour, Jesse performed his duties well.  His commanders rewarded his work and abilities with two Air Medals, the Bronze Star, a promotion to Captain, and then to Major in May, 1945.

Just before the dropping of the Atomic Bomb, Major Marcel was sent back to the States to get training in the use of Airborne Terrain Mapping Radar systems.




DENVER – UNDATED: Major Jesse Marcel from the Roswell Army Air Field with debris found 75 miles north west of Roswell, NM, in June 1947. The debris has been identified as that of a radar target. The Air Force released a report on 24 June debunking reports of a UFO crash near Roswell, NM, in 1947. (Photo by: UNITED STATES AIR FORCE/AFP/Getty Images)


Major Jesse Marcel holding planted UFO evidence in 1947.




General Thomas J. Dubose was the highest ranking Air Force officer with direct knowledge of the Roswell case who went on record about the weather balloon cover-up plus other important details about what was really happening in Gen. Roger Ramey’s inner circle.

However, he was relegated to the role of a complete nonentity in the 1995 Air Force Roswell report, even though he was Gen. Ramey’s Chief of Staff in July 1947 and had a great deal to say about what happened in recorded interviews and in his affidavitDespite his pariah status in the report, the Air Force history Web page lists him among their founding generals.

General Thomas J. Dubose





Stanton Friedman


Stanton T. Friedman received BSc and MSc degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas on such advanced, classified, eventually cancelled, projects as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and nuclear power plants for space.





Gravesite of Brigadier General  Arthur E. E xon




Crash Site of Roswell UFO




Randle'sRoswellReport junecrain

June Crain witnessed the Roswell UFO Material





























Joseph Farrell’s Hidden Empire Trilogy

Joseph Farrell’s Hidden Empire Trilogy




Steve Erdmann



Joseph P. Farrell has written many interesting tomes on the occult, esotericism and mysterious happenings, and equally fascinating is his trilogy on the emergence, continuance and conquest by Nazism as revealed in  (1) Nazi Fourth Reich: Nazi International: The Nazi’s Postwar Plan to Control, Finance, Conflict, Physics (2008), (2) Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations (2012), (3) Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations (2016), Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois 60946, $19.95.

Joseph P. Farrell


  Extraterritorial Nazi State
 Part I

His Nazi International analysis centers on how various high-ranking Nazi officials—particularly Martin Bormann—envisioned a long-range plan for control in the form of World Corporate socialism.  Patterns of incestuous relationships existed between American corporate elites and Germany, involving companies such as Morgan Stanley, Standard Oil, and DuPont Chemical, I. G. Chemical and the German I.G. Farben Company, whereby Prescott Bush had business dealings with German Fritz Thyssen.

Under codename Akton Feurerland (Operation Fireland), such an elite movement created underground vaults and U-boats to connect to the far reaches of Argentina.  In 1942, Bormann’s Project Bernhard created $600,000,000 of counterfeit British pound notes.  Such tactics were all a part of Bormann’s Auslandsorganization, a Fifth Column Network utilizing dummy corporations, finance agents, lawyers and research ventures.

SS Obergruppenfuhrer  Dr. Ing Hans Kammler headed a think tank harboring German secret weapons research and a slave labor pool of about 14 million people.  One of the suspected inventions was a revolutionary device called The Bell.   Obergruppenfuhrer  Dr. Johann Friedrich Scheid (Hermadorff & Schenburg Company) headed a secret conference where he coalesced and aligned many major firms of great importance as far as Spain South America and the Middle East.

A strange relationship existed between Bormann, German military intelligence mastermind Richard Gehlen, and Allen Dulles, brother of John Foster Dulles of the law firm involved in the eventual forming of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Martin Bormann next to Himmler


Farrell gives concern to increasing pro-Nazi movements around the world in Arabia, Eygpt, Italy, and many other locations (pp. 193-200).

A typical case was that of German Intelligence agent Andreas Strassmeir who worked undercover for U.S. intelligence.  Additionally, Strassmeir was seen in the company of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.  He was arrested once, and every effort was made to release him.  The German GSG-Security Force was deployed to protect him.  Strassmeir had joined white supremacy religious activities in Oklahoma and he trained groups in survival and guerilla operations.

Coordinated efforts by Gehlen’s spy organization used double and triple agents, along with a computer system called the Thule Network. The bundesnachrichtendienst smuggled Nazi personnel to safe havens in Latin America and the Middle East.

Scientific endeavors by the Reich were typified by Cornelius Jan Bakker, a leading nuclear physicist working on the Southern American Huemel Island, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the political endeavors by Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld of the Netherlands, a founder of the mysterious Bilderberger Group.  Bernhard was a former Nazi SS solider, employee of the I.G. Farben, and official in Butch Oil.

Continued Reunification and Plans

 I.G. Farben conducted exotic technology of a laser isotope enrichment facility:  the Bariloche Fusion Project.  Argentina’s Juan Peron supposedly owned fusion power.  Likewise, German scientist Ronald W. Richter researched advanced shock wave research, the A-bomb, high spin nuclei, levitation, a torsion bomb, space-time energies and The Bell. German scientists, along with Walther Geriach and Kurt Drehner, experimented with deuterium in convergent shockwaves beyond hydrogen bomb technology. Dr. Jose’ A. Balseiro spoke of the use of magnetic field production with lithium-7 and radio frequency generators.

Farrell cites Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara’s Dark Mission which speaks of deep occult practices that the Nazis similarly operated under. Lunar landings of 1967 and 1972 happened on Hitler’s birthdate, April 20.

Carlos Miguel Allende wrote letters to Dr. Morris Jessup (1955-1958) speaking of a Philadelphia Experiment, Albert Einstein’s unified Field Theory, and anti-gravity.  A Varo edition talking of the experiment, tells of how Wernher von Braun connected to the German Burkhardt Herm and his theory of sixdimensionalspin and fullquantized spacetime.

A Torbitt document spoke in 1970 of Wernher von Braun and his connection to the John Kennedy assassination.  It was New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison that uncovered in 1967 the Nazi connections to the assassination.  Clay Shaw, a major player in the assassination, vetted Operation Paper Clip Nazis.  Operation Paper Clip was an induction of Nazi scientists into America as well as the U.S space program:  a front to cover deeper and more crucial technological space programs secretly advanced behind the scenes.

J.P. Morgan and also Nelson Rockefeller were paying big dividends to Martin Bormann through American banks as late as 1967.


Hidden Finance and Technocrats
 Part II

 Farrell’s second book in this trilogy, Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, speaks of the further advancement of the Fourth Reich.

 Farrell speaks of discovered multi-billion dollar slush funds of counterfeit currency described as gold bonds but encoded to mean drugtrading in trading coups used to finance revolutionary technologies such as The Bell and flying saucer experiments.

The trading coups ran under many names.  Operation Golden Lily, Japan’s M-Fund, Foundation X, Operation Bernhard, the 57 Bond, Federal Reserve Bonds, Operation Morganthaus, Federal Reserve Bonds, and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), among others.

Described as a Breakaway Civilization mixing in with special secret technology, this cabal utilized intelligence agents such as Edward Lansdale, whose CIA and intelligence training preceded his, once again, going back to the Philippines to oversee the recovery of the Golden Lily loot.

Lansdale was interfaced with the UFO phenomena, Nazi-CIA International havens, Allen Dulles, and various front organizations, such as Permindex Corporation and World Trade Centers throughout the world (similar to Clay Shaw’s International Trade Mart [1948-1985]).  It became known as The Enterprise.

Clay Shaw’s New Orleans Trade Mart


The Enterprise engineered the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. Such ability to accomplish such feats became known as full spectrum dominance.

“…control everything, everywhere, including the high seas, land, air, space and even cyber space…from the galaxy to the mind…to win a war at any level of violence including nuclear war.”   (Covert Wars, p. 215.)

What probably began as discoveries and inventions by the famous scientist of 1908, Nikola Tesla, had been developed by The Enterprise over the years to include weather warfare and various uses of Maser, Laser, X-ray, gamma-wave and scalarquantum potential weapons.  Catherine Austin Fits (former Bush administration assistant financier) said that this Breakaway Civilization had so much money and power that they would have no compunction to obey any laws and would not hesitate using such invisible weaponry.  (p. 272.)

The 1887 Airship Mystery was possibly borne out of the scientific minds of the Senora Aero Club and its parent Nymza from Germany.  The modern Nazi Bell was reminiscent of the Dellschan airships’ NB Gas.

“…what began in the nineteenth  century as a secret ‘Airship’ program,” says Farrell, “quickly morphed in the postwar era into a secret program…the development of technologies that could, to some extent, do double duty, but have the vast system of finance to achieve it.”  (p. 312.)

Several shutdowns and mysterious startups at various missile bases about the globe would indicate the growing advancement of this Airship Cabal, possibly using directed energy weapons—a further progression of fusion experiments in Argentina, and Dr. Ronald Richter’s lithium-7 fusion reactor of rotating plasmas, and zero-point energy.  This UFO phenomenon would indicate “a parallel group owing ultimate allegiance to something supranational,” says Farrell.

Vast Psychotronic Technology

 A rogue and breakaway nation operated in esoteric, metaphysical and occult symbolism—vast ritual magic.  Scientist Dr. Jacques Vallee said that UFO sightings and some UFO abductions seemed to be “deliberately designed to be psychotronic technology.”  (pp. 349-350.)

United Kingdom subject Gary McKinnon indicated the vast nature of such a nation when he allegedly tapped into secret U.S. military databases disclosing an extensive, hidden space fleet and program.

Farrell talks about the true nature of this Breakaway Civilization that could “coordinate psychological operations on a truly celestial, cosmic, scale…whose lust for power of all kinds is virtually boundless…manipulation systems of a planetary scale…as the technological capacity of emulation grows, so too does the scale of finance and secrecy.”  (pp. 357-358.)


9/11 Coup d’état
Part III

The third Farrell book in this selected trilogy, Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery, is perhaps the most climatic and fatidic tome in this triad: Farrell centers on the infamous 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers of New York and, again, how the aforementioned Rogue Power used superior events to destroy and terrorize.

Writer Webster Griffin Tarpley is cited that this case, was an orchestrated coup d’état of sponsored synthetic terror.  Again, as mentioned, a Breakaway Civilization was exploiting secret funds, Axis loot, and vast war chests to fund exotic technologies—in this case, a Nazi and German International played a part in the 9/11 fiasco.

Questions Raised

 The antics of the suspected hijackers of Flight 77, Mohammed Atta, al-Omari, and Hani Hanjour included erratically rented automobiles, heavily edited videos of themselves, the surprise discovery of their passports, their peculiar packaging of their luggage, suicide notes, and peculiar personal associations, all brought questions against the hijackers.

Mohammed Atta’s association with the Hoffman Aviation flight school was one such suspicious factor.   Rudi Dekkers, owner of the Hoffman Aviation, had a rather risqué criminal past, including smuggling aircraft into the U.S over the Artic, despite radar tracking by American, British and Russian equipment.

Mohammed Atta had previous flight experience and even attended an International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base.  Hijackers Abdul al-Omari and Sajed al-Ghandi attended similar military flight training at Brooks Air Base in Texas and the Dense Language Institute in Monterray, California.  (pp. 22-23.)

Mysterious parties were leaking vital facts before the actual attacks on 9/11.  Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was aware of the pending attacks and told Washington.  Mubarak was a trained pilot and he also told Washington how impossible it would have been to perform a spiraling descent in which hijacker Hanjour was said to have conducted.

There was Operation Northern Vigilance, a simulation attack with false radar blips in the air traffic control system: these files had been purged.  The Hidden Players threatened that Air Force One was to be attacked next, and demonstrated that they had knowledge of top secret codes.   Apparently, the Pentagon’s five missile defense batteries had been shut down.

Witnesses claimed to have seen a strange aircraft travelling about 500 mph that made a sharp turn; one witness said it resembled a “cruise missile with wings.”  After the attack, data recordings and Black Boxes simply disappeared.  Air Traffic controllers said they saw the aircraft do a strange maneuver on their radar equipment, but Flight 77 transponders had been turned off.  An Amalgam Virgo drill was engineered, however, to produce fake radar blips.  A mysterious Flight X at the Cleveland Airport, according to researcher Michael Rapaport, showed slightofhand with passengers.

Wreckage of Flight 93 was strewn over eight miles, indicating it had been shot down while in flight.  There was no debris at the alleged Pentagon crash site. A second smaller aircraft was witnessed near Flight 93.   One woman said it was a military aircraft.

The  9/11 Pentagon Blast Site


Patsies and Players

The Bush family, the Bin Ladens (and their Caryle Group), had intimate ties to the CIA and all were used as patsies when Level Three Controllers turned the plans of all four inside out.

Delmart Vreeland appeared to have intimate knowledge of the Level Three Conspirators and gave knowledge of same in a sealed  warning containing shocking details of the 9/11 attacks well before the attacks.   Vreeland was suspected to be connected to American Naval Intelligence.

Vreeland indicated that trillions of dollars had been taken out of the United States Treasury, and he spoke of the Bush’s, the Clintons, and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

The use of doubles indicated a higher level of planning. Hanjour al-Hazini and al-Mihdhar were in San Diego through the month of August up to September 8, 2001.   However, they were contradictorily seen on the opposite coast, crossing back to Las Vegas, returning to Baltimore and spending days in Newark.  Likewise, there appeared to be a Ziad Jarrah #1 detained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, while Jarrah #2 was in flight school in Venice, Florida.   (pp. 124-125.)

Farrell says that 46 drills existed closely aligned to the 9/11 events.  Researcher Webster Griffin Tarpley said:  “Terror events were largely camouflaged, assisted, conducted, and bootlegged through these drills.”

Russian economist and member of President Putin’s inner circle, Dr. Tatyana Koryagana, said that this rogue network, beyond al-Qaeda, had access to a financial war chest of approximately $300 trillion.

Mohammed Atta, through the Carl Duisberg gesellschaft, the I.G. Farben cartel, appeared to be a part of a postwar Fascist Breakaway Empire.  

 The ‘Enterprise’ and 9/11 Crimes

 More than $100 million in illegal transactions were rushed through the World Trade Center computers before and during the 9/11 disaster.

One such bank was Deutsche Bank (along with Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Jardine Matheson, UBS and HSBC).  Mohammed Atta and many of the 9/11 hijackers, the bin Laden family, the Bush’s, and many others, had kept accounts with Deutsche.

Farrell refers to this polycentric network as the Enterprise which housed hidden code names and words that engineered a slush fund to the tune of trillions of dollars which were used to fund highly secret black technologies.  The Enterprise could hide all trades, all traces, with the use of modified PROMIS software, as everything would become off the record and invisible.

Researcher Laurent Guye’not mentioned that Bryan C. Jack, a Pentagon worker responsible for various aspects of accounting for the American budget, was on board the Pentagon-hijacked-flight.

9/11, Directed Energy, and Mega Rituals

There were several murder weapons used on 9/11, says Farrell, but the ultimate weapon would appear to be some form of directed energy with electromagnetic beams.  While normal explosives and Nano thermite may have been used, the ejecta and plumes from the destructed Tower show something extraordinary was utilized.  There was the disappearance of about 1100 victim-bodies.  There was the matter of a high percentage of nuclear fusion/fission material: barium, yttrium, chromium, tritium, strontium, thorium, uranium, lithium, lanthanum, and the subsequent cancers to victims (pp. 195-196).

Secret Technology of 9/11


Nazis may have inaugurated this exotic science in March, 1945 at Ohrdruf, Germany using plutonium 239 of extremely high purity with deuterium and tritium to boost yield: chemical laser isotope enrichment technology.  Only Level Three Players could obtain such technology.

Dr. Judy Wood concurred with this in her book, Where Did the Towers Go? (The New Investigation, 2010).  Farrell talks about masers, interometry, and approximately 90,000 tons of concrete converted to a homogeneous mixture consisting of sub-100-micron particles of pyroclastic clouds.  The clouds appeared to be five times the volume of the amount of the original building.  Farrell says about this:  “Indeed, ‘intergranular melting’ seems to describe a process where the molecules of steel themselves were exploding internally.”

Destruction of the 9/11  Attack

Farrell speculates about sophisticated phase conjugation in the microwave range of the spectrum using conjugate mirrors of great ability to breakdown material and recombine it again.  He says some unknown spacebased technology was used.

Versions of PROMIS software had been given around the globe to numerous defense contractor networks, such as the Financial Criminal Enforcement Network (FINCEN) and the U.S. Treasury.

The Ultimate Deep Black Magic

 Farrell sees 9/11 as the ultimate deep black magic, an alchemical wedding of high technology, mega ritual, and some subconscious Group Mind of the Masses.

The Desolation of 9/11


Farrell quotes at length researcher S.K. Bain’s exposure of 9/11 as ritual magic—the Twin Towers of the Masonic pillars of Jachin and Boaz, Egyptian gods, Pillar of Hercules, the veil of Isis, the Sixteenth Greater Trump of the Tarot Tower, the Twin Towers of Deutsche Bank in Frankfort, and president G.W. Bush’s reading of the story at Booker Elementary, My Pet Goat, symbolizing Baphomet, the sacred androgyny god Pam. Farrell compares many structures and constructions as C.G. Jung’s meaningful coincidences.

Russian economist Dr. Tatyana Koryagina spoke of this Network, Enterprise, and Breakaway Civilization as having access to over $300 trillion, lending to (in the words of Peter Levenda) “a massive magical ritual of human sacrifice” and “technology in the form of exotic means of destruction of the Twin Towers.”

A Player that is Everywhere and Nowhere

 Farrell sees this continuation and rise of fascism as “jingoistic plastic patriotism.”  He says:  “Finance of terrorism…technologically sophisticated cyber warfare to exotic weapons of destruction…sacrifice of innocent lives for ultimate evil.”

He continues (p.262):  “Money, power, occult knowledge, exotic technology, and financing in the trillions of dollars, do signify a much deeper player, a player with an unrecognizable center of power, a player everywhere and nowhere.”

The Destruction of 9/11


Farrell owes much credit to numerous researchers who are cited throughout his books: Webster Griffin Tarpley, Thierry Meyssan, Jay Kolar, Daniel Hopsicker, Nafeez Mossaddeg, David Ray Griffin Michael Rupport, E.P. Heidner, Mark H. Gaffney, Eric Hufschmid, Laurent Guyenit, Jim Hoffman and Bonnie Faulkner, Rodney Stich, Peter Lavenda, S.K. Bain, Peer Dale Scott, Gladio Cottrell, John O’Neill, Catherine Austin Fitts,  Michael Busby, Dennis Crenshaw, Richard M. Dolan, Ross Bellant, Martin A. Lee, Jim Marrs, Henry Stevens, Rich C. Hongland, Anthony Sutton, Dr. Judy Wood, and several other dedicated authors.


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