Haunting Roswell Legacy

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Steve Erdmann

Click below to open the Magazine: Steve Erdmann article, pages 19-22 on The Haunted Children of Roswell, Issue No. 22October 2019.


“Since that memorable 1947 summer, the American media and the United States government have been embraced in an elaborate dance around the most important revelation in all of human history. The media could report the UFO phenomena, but it was not allowed to challenge the cover-up with imposing questions asked of authority. In The Children of Roswell, you will learn how the families were affected by that deafening silencing and media control. That media dance continues to this day, but the music has slowed and the tune is changing, because this story just won’t go away.” (Cheryll Jones, Broadcast Journalist, p. 22, Foreword

(The Children of Roswell: A Seven-Decade Legacy of Fear, Intimidation, and Cover-ups, Thomas J. Carey and Donald R, Schmitt, New Page Books, The Career Press, Inc., 12 Parish Drive, Wayne, N.J. 07970, www.careerpress.com, 2016, 255 pages, $16.99) 


Haunted Children 41G2OOpVagL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_


According to the Air Force’s Project Blue Book there were more UFO sightings at that time in New Mexico “than anywhere else in the nation.” Civilians reported hearing an explosion during heavy thunderclaps the night of July 2nd caused a suspicious alert.

Ranch foreman W.W. “Mac” Brazel inspected the property after a heavy thunder storm, and explosion, on the night of July 2, 1947. Brazel found a rough 2-mile area which the sheep circumnavigated because of “strange material” which “…no one could cut, burn, or identify the unusual material…Brazel…(drug) a large section of the ‘unknown’ wreckage to a livestock shed 3-miles away…word was spreading quickly throughout the surrounding region…” (p. 31)


Haunted Children brazel

Rancher Mac Brazel


Rumors of the crash began to spread and a number of “souvenir hunters” emerged, “exotic pieces” to hide in caves, water tanks, fruit cellars, other obscure places.

Brazel approached the Lincoln County state police, but still received no answers; the sheriff dispatched two of his deputies north to check out the crash story. Radio station KGFL contacted Brazel about a “smoldering fire.” The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF), the 509th Atomic Bomb Wing, including the head of the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC), then Fort Worth Army Air Field, and finally Washington, D.C were included in short order.


Haunted Children Desert roswelldebris


The crash remains extended for about a mile, probably from a mid-air explosion resulting in a fan-shaped explosion-pattern. Brazel spoke on a wire-recorder about “little men.” Suddenly, a second crash site was discovered 40-miles north consisting of “a small ship and additional bodies.” (p. 34)

Military “subterfuge” began to cover-up the true events with phony headline strategy such as a downed RAB balloon. Balloon crashes were not new to Brazel and ranchers who would collect the parts of ordinary balloons and even “dump” them in special containers over time. But this crash was definitely different.


Haunted Chidren Debris dufo_roswell3


Fifty to 60-men descended on the range on a mission of recovery and clean-up, shoulder to shoulder, with burlap sacks, wheel barrows, wooden crates, heavy equipment, flatbeds, engineers and ‘crash investigators’ (p. 35). Every piece of physical evidence was to be located and confiscated; civilian rights were secondary. The FCC and Washington threaten to sanction media. A news blackout was in effect “until a new story could be substituted.”  (p. 36)




Disguised packages of the UFO material would be sent in a short-cut to Fort Worth on a B-29. Top Brass wanted Marcel there to be on display at a late afternoon press conference when Marcel would be touching the debris in a pile of substituted Neoprene rubber, wooden sticks, blank masking tape, string, and one-sided reflective foil. As if scripted, Marcel was ordered to make some comment and examine the material and then quickly leave the room; “And keep his mouth shut.” The real material had been sent to Ohio  (p.37).


Haunted Children marcelsr2

Major Jesse Marcel


High Security prevailed at the 509th intelligence office, and a “weather balloon” became banner headlines throughout the nation and other countries. Every trace of the element at Roswell had to be collected and tracked, sometime under harsh military and MP threats, local media outlets floor boards, water tanks, sacks of feed, and many other suspected spots. The White House had become a “war room.” Mack Brazel was forced to make a complete recantation. The Roswell material was loaded into a B-29 named Straight Flush bound to Ohio. New Mexico was blanketed by a “full-scorched–earth” policy, RAAF and Roswellians were forever strained and cursed. The Pentagon ‘damned’ all flying saucer reports.

The Foreign Technology Division at Wright Field and Project Sign were established in 1947 and involved that Bureau of Standards, General Electric, Rand Corporation, Hughes Aircraft, Battelle National Laboratories, as well as individuals such as lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining and Brigadier General George Schulgen.

“One needs not point out that this entire full-scale response was over a mere weather balloon device – or so they say,” say the authors.

Timothy “Dee” Proctor was the 7-seven-year-old boy who helped Brazel discover the debris in July, 1947. Researchers had some difficulties tracing “Dee” over the years, but researcher Kevin Randle was able to interview him and “Dee” disclosed that year, indeed, “Dee” was with Brazel on July 3, 1947 and helped discover a large field of metallic-like debris which appeared not man-made. “Dee” was interviewed by the military (p. 57). 

Timothy Proctor died of a heart attack at 66-years-of-age on January 22, 2006.




Roswell Army Air Field, as a Strategic Air Command Base, was historically under critical security, and prevented from ever talking about base operations. The “cleanup” crews of the debris were detained and sworn to secrecy. Witnesses to the “bodies” were threatened with long prison terms and other bribes.

Civilians were a different matter.

Dennis Chavez was a highest-ranking civilian authority as the then junior U.S senator from New Mexico. He was enlisted by the Army Air Force to have threatened Walt Whitmore, Sr., KGFL’s majority owner with the loss of it broadcast license. Jud Roberts, KGFL’s minority owner, was also threatened. Announcers Frank Joyce was not only given a threatening call from Washington, but also had a secret desert-meeting with Brazel in which Brazel order him “to say no more” about Brazil’s disclosures of the crash.

Likewise, Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox also worked alongside of Army Air Forces to “contain” the story, allowing himself to be used as an “enforcer.” Glenn Dennis, a Roswell mortician, had been threatened by an officer at the base hospital, followed by a visit to Dennis’s father, also by Sheriff Wilcox and a deputy, allegedly giving “death threats.”

Joseph Montoya as the lieutenant governor of New Mexico was on the Roswell airbase for another function when wreckage and bodies arrived at Hanger P-3. Montoya requested Pete and Ruben Anaya to “rescue” him to Pete Anaya’s house where Joseph confessed to seeing the “spaceship and aliens.”  Again, threats and intimidation were later involved. 


Haunted Children Mary___Pete_Anaya_1947

The Anayas


Rancher Arthur Farnsworth is said to have visited the crash sites and, along with other “sightseers,” and was given threats of “terminal action.”

According to researcher Anthony Bragalia, Army Air Force Officer Hunter G. Penn was ordered to use extreme threats, even weapons, to silence witnesses, confirmed former Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) Base’s adjunct Major Patrick H. Saunder: “We didn’t know where they were from, or what their intentions were.” Penn would sometimes “brandish” a military pick axe to emphasize his threats. 




Many person and family lived under the shadow of the 1947 scenario of the New Mexico UFO invasion.

Chief deputy Leslie O. “Tommy Thompson,” Sheriff Gorge Wilcox, Phyllis and Elizabeth McGuire, Barbara Duggar, Inez Wilcox all fell under the heavy haunting  of the mysterious events and threats from July, 1947.

George Wilcox died a “broken man,” acting strange, and the military had given him some kind of injection. Jay Tulk confided to investigators to “keep on going. You’re on the right track.” Barbara Duggar refused interviews. Inez Wilcox swore that her husband’s life was cut short, “snuffed out,” for “protecting the boys over at the base.” 

Frankie Dwyer Rowe was a 12-year-year-old school girl in July 1947 and she saw a piece of the “mystery metal” do seeming “magic” when handled by Robert Scruggins at the firehouse where her father was crew chief. The material seemed to “flow like water.”

It was the fire department crew chief Dan Dwyer and companion Lee Reeves that arrived at the “crash site” before the Army could secure the area and saw the “egg-shaped vessel” and “two or three” small bodies near the craft—“from someplace else.” (p. 89).


Haunte Children Crash newroswell


Because of her intrinsic connections to the Roswell UFO, Frankie was visited by a rather menacing character later identified as a security officer of the 390th Air Service Squadron (ASS – which was part of the Roswell Army Air Field 509th Bomb group in 1947) Lieutenant Arthur Philbin (who would pound a Billy Club into his open palm for emphasis): “You did not see anything, do your understand?” he threatened. “If you say anything, not only will you be killed, but we will come back for your family. There’s a big desert out there. No one will find you.”

Frankie Rowe, Ken Letcher, Dan Dwyer, and other family members forever remained on a “watch list.” In 1997, a QUEST technician repairing downed phone wires discovered a “wiretap” had been placed on their phone line—a “listening device.”  


Haunted Children anne-robbins


Sergeant Melvin E. Brown was part of the 509th Bomber Group in 1947 that had a Top Secret clearance. In a “death-bed confession” Brown told his family that he had been dispatched to one of the ambulance treks where iced alien bodies were hidden beneath tarps and he was told not to speak—which he did at his first opportunity. Later, they were offered $10,000 bank accounts which somehow never materialized.

Captain Oliver W. “Pappy” Henderson, a member of the First ASR Transport Unit at Roswell Army Air Field, had knowledge of “small beings” and that he had flown “the planeload of wreckage from Roswell to Wright Field.”  The debris was, he said, strange (pp. 100-102).

John G. Tiffany’s father was part of a group that supported the 509th Bomb Group in Roswell, and transported “metallic debris and a large cylinder that reminded him of a giant thermos bottle.” High-ranking officials told the personnel involved that “the flight had never taken place.”

Major Edwin Easley was involved with such fragments at Hanger P3 RAAF in 1947. President Truman thanked Easley for his level of cooperation during the “special incident” in 1947.

The flight crew of a B-29 bomber called STRAIGHT FLUSH (tail no. 7301) was used to ferry several dead aliens from Roswell to Fort Worth. The crew consisted of Captain Frederick Ewing, Lieutenant Edgar Lzard, Elmer Landry, Jame Eubanks, Lieutenant Felix Mantucci, Sergeant Arthur Osepchook, Robert Slusher, Loyd Thompson, and Corporal Thaddeus Love. They all were placed under strict High Security.

Operations Officer Major Edgar R. Skelley turned out to be the hardest ‘clue’ to pin-down, Anne Skelley confessing that they had a number of calls from the government in an attempt to deter the investigators’ visits.




The authors revisit the events of Major Jesse Marcel’s connection into “flying saucer” fragments, his son’s, Jesse Marcel, Jr.’s, viewing of same in their kitchen in 1947, as well as official intimidation to all those connected to those events. Marcel belonged to the 509th Bomb Group in 1947 and a full Colonel. Jesse Jr., graduated with a medical degree from the Louisiana School of Medicine in New Orleans. These events also included the successful hypnotic regression by John Watkins.

UFO witness and First Lieutenant Walter Haut and his wife (Haut had been the IPO of the old Roswell Army Air Field) described 30-years of threatening telephone calls at odd hours: nicknamed the Norseman and the Shadow. Sergeant Lloyd Thompson, RAAF’s 393rd Bomb Squadron, on the B-29 flight out of Roswell to Forth Worth in 1947, also began getting harassing phone calls, especially about a forthcoming trip to Washington. Thompson cancelled his trip. Jesse Marcel, Sr., and his wife Linda, began getting mystery calls which caused them to suspect their phone was tapped.

Marcel met eleven other witnesses in Washington, and was introduced to a “D’Amato” who confessed that the Roswell incident was buried “deep within the black budget.”  D’Amato gave Marcel a special telephone number that Marcel might need when endangered, which Marcel refrained from using before his death.

Executive Secretary Mariam “Andrea” Bush observed child-like, big-eyed aliens while servicing the RAAF base hospital. Bush eventually became very paranoid of her experience in December, 1989, and subsequently was found dead in a motel showing aspects of murder because of the bruises and scratches on her arms (p. 132).


Haunted Children Miriam_Bush

Mariam Bush


Dan Richards was said to have been one of several children that had come upon the UFO crash site and then had been badly intimidated by the military. Richards was killed in an auto accident a few years after 1947.

Bill Brazel would brag about his souvenir that he kept from the crash which caused Air Force Captain Emerson Armstrong along with three non-commissioned officers to appear at his home demanding the UFO artifact: “You have something we want and your will give it to the officer,” said the military man.

Brazel’s daughter, Fawn Fritz and her mother, Shirley, were besieged by six soldiers, three of which came into her home and ransacked the property looking for UFO artifacts throughout the premises (p. 161).




The authors, as well as several others involved, spoke out against crazy debunking theories: The “Mogul balloon theory,” as well as the “anthropomorphic dummy theory,” failed to holdup as based on the evidence. After hearing enough of those absurd theories, a Top Secret stenographer at Wright–Patterson AFB spoke out in June 1997 and told how she had “personally tried to cut, tear, bend the weightless material she was shown from the crash” — all to no effect. (TELL MY STORY, June Crain, THE AIR FORCE AND UFOs, James B. Clarkson)


Haunted Children Adeline_Fanton

Adeline Fenton


Thomas Jefferson Brookshier was 15-years-of-age in the summer of 1947 and was certainly caught-up in the rumor and mysticism of the Roswell crash. He recalled the AF base being closed down for a week to outsiders. News respondents approached him about the “flying saucers.” It was Brookshier that may have had a “clue” as to whom the mysterious “nurse” was that confided a witness story to Roswell mortician Glenn Dennis—still under investigation.

It was Roy Taylor and his wife, Jo, that confessed to hiding a piece of the UFO crash—until it somehow disappeared.

The book is peppered with many similar incidents which the reader will welcome in the jig-saw mosaic of the Roswell UFO crash mystery. A question that comes to Erdmann’s mind is that there were many accounts of UFO crashes over the years, and one can only wonder about such heavy threats were part of these incidents and entangled by heavy government intimidation.

The book ends with the question, loss and disappearance of another Roswell witness: “…who was the real Vernon Brazel, and what he was supposed to have witnessed?”

Other books on this topic written by the authors include Witness to Roswell, Inside the Real Area 51, Cover-up at Roswell, UFO Secrets inside Wright-Patterson, and Confessions of the Children of Roswell.




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Below is a list of firsthand eyewitnesses to the Roswell incident. They were all interviewed personally by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt. They have all confirmed their involvement and that the event did happen.”
Quote from the below article:


“French says he was told about the UFO ‘shootdown’ by another military officer — a confidential source — from White Sands Proving Grounds, an area of the New Mexico desert where the U.S. military tested many weapons systems.
“His source told French there was a second UFO crash near Roswell a few days after the first one.”
Quote from the below article:




Roswell UFO aliens Charles Forgus saw crash site

“The Roswell case has been at the heart of the UFO scene since the US military sensationally announced in a press release it had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the desert. But the following day it retracted the statement, saying it was in fact a damaged US Air Force air balloon. A series of conspiracy theories over what really happened were sparked after witnesses later came forward to say there had been alien bodies within the ‘crashed craft.’ It was also alleged that the bodies, along with the wreckage were then taken to a top-secret military base as part of a cover-up. Roswell conspiracies, UFO sightings and theories below.”
Quote from the article below:




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Steve Erdmann – Investigative Journalist – 1967 – far left

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  1. Yeah, they saw “alien” bodies… Asian prisoners of war burned in the crashes. If you want to know what REALLY happened at Roswell check out Douglas Dietrich, who actually worked at the Presidio Military Base and saw first hand documentation. First of all, extra terrestrials don’t exist, and even if we did make contact with extra terrestrials, the government wouldn’t be able to hide it.


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