Synchronism, UFOs and the Owl Phenomena

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“Brent Raynes has been investigating and researching UFOs since 1967. He is the author of Visitors from Hidden Realms and the editor of Alternate Perceptions magazine. Brent has traveled extensively across the US and into Canada interviewing numerous witnesses and researchers. He has taken a comprehensive global and historical perspective on the Ufological landscape. He has also participated in Native American rituals and ceremonies, gaining valuable insights and information from his interactions with these wisdom keepers. Brent is able to make revealing comparisons between the interrelated experiences and disciplines of parapsychology, shamanism, Jungian archetypes, and ufology.”









Steve Erdmann




This is Mike Clelland’s introductory work into the bizarre world of J.G. Jung’s synchronicity and how it connects to the mysterious world of UFOs and the sightings of  “owls.”

Clelland journeys through complexed scenarios where the appearances, antics and paranormal communications by “owls” suggest that they are not what they appear to be at various times.

“I can’t help but think that the owl is playing the role of an alarm clock, trying t wake up the experiencer,” says Clelland. “Something is happening and it implies that there is a lot more to reality than what we have been taught…I am now at these points where I feel that something far more bizarre and far more complex is going on than simply metal spaceships filled with scientists…whatever is at play, it is unreal enough to see the patterns, yet elusive enough to remain a mystery. There is a mood to these stories, a great feeling that goes far beyond just the nuts and bolts collected by most UFO investigators. These are hunches that lead nowhere, except perhaps within.”

Mike Clelland, The Messengers, pp. 21, 25, 88.

Based on his personal experiences and those episodes of other “experiencers,” Clelland appraises the appearance of “owls” (or what certainly appeared as owls) to be “psychic projection” as well as physical owls. He says it is “carefully orchestrated” and seemed to operate “in tune” with the Earth’s magnetism: Some “psychogenic” and unknowable instinct of UFOs, also called the “Oz Factor.” He questions the exact nature of “reality” as owls seem to have a genuine connection to the UFO phenomena and apparitions known as “flying saucers” that question “the very fabric of reality.” [1]

(THE MESSENGERS: OWLS, SYNCHRONICITY AND THE UFO ABDUCTEE, Mike Clelland, http: //richarddolanpress, 2016, second edition, 384 pages, $24.95.)

Clelland affirms owls as archetypal “winged mysteries,” some as psychic projections, others as a pure paradox, appearing at “perfect moments,” often in conjunction with UFO sightings, even ‘contactee’ abductions, all part of a “crack in the cosmic egg.”  Many times, these “experiments” occur along “ley lines” about the Earth, in some type of crazy synchronism and “altered reality” (a “swirling mass,” “boiling soup” of altered reality), sometimes told in metaphor but always telling of the “underlying pattern” between “inner and outer worlds” in persons’ lives.[2]

pp. 72, 75, 76, 77, 88, 98, 101, 103, 105, 106.

Clelland details cases that highlight this weird world of owls, UFOs, and synchronicity.  Sometimes owls alone seemed to be the center of a mystic experience. Other times, they are seen in conjunction with actual UFOs, flying saucers, and other orb-like objects.




Christopher Bledsoe, Sr., and his son experienced a typical Owl-UFO incident involving “missing time” and a “small glowing humanoid” near Cape Fear River in North Carolina on January 8, 2007.  Later, an entire crew saw multiple UFOs at close range.

Bledsoe said he often saw owls making loud hooting sounds. Somewhat mysteriously, the owls would visit a 131-foot tower near his home, which was struck by lightning on June 25, 2011. Lightning struck his CB antenna, the equipment, and destroyed a lot of documentation.  Chris felt that the owls came into his area as a kind of warning.

Following this incident, Chris became “withdrawn” until he had a 2013 “owl” incident as he saw two owls outside his window in a hickory bush.

Another typical episode was that of Susan Kornacki who seemed to be in telepathic contact with owls—once helping her to avoid an auto accident. Susan was plagued by sightings of owls about her home for years. She also had synchronistic episodes involving birthdays, childhood memories, experiences of different people with different backgrounds, blending into the usual Jungian-type synchronisms.


Photos Extra Silver Ship ( httpswww.facebook.comphoto.phpfbid=10157289211983266&set=a.10150170403518266.369436.756268265&type=3&theater ) 29432911_10157289211983266_5535314620990196221_


Leslie Shonaugh also had similar experiences, along with those of friend Susan Kelly: all here of the aforementioned ladies had experienced UFOs on many occasions intertwined with sightings of owls. One UFO was described as “a brilliant white light…cone-shaped object with millions of facets.” (pp. 135-138.)




Similar events were recorded in an April 1976 “camping trip” with sisters Vicky and June. The sisters encountered a creature “big as a man, pointed ears, and red eyes, and (which) shot up through the evergreens.” There were many UFO sightings in that area, one reported as a pulsating blue-white object and at another time a “rectangular orange-red” object.  

Clelland says these reports are similar to “Owl Archetypes” mentioned in mystic happenings resembling the famed Mothman Creature that harassed the West Virginia town of Point Pleasant as portrayed in the book and movie THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES. Such a ‘wide-eyed, winged humanoid creature’ was also called the Flatwood Monster. There was also the “Brighton County Monster,” the “great grey owl” of the 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville case, the Cornwell- England “man-sized flying creature” with glowing red eyes.


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Similarly, in 1998 in the town of Mawnan Smith, witnesses that parked on the shoulder of the road reported a “huge-owl-like creature” having human qualities, but used its “wings” to stabilize its fight.  In this case, the witnesses also reported about two hours of missing time.

“The entirety of the UFO mystery is not what it seems,” says Clelland, “…the deeper mystery of both owls and UFOs…shamanism…falling into their own deeper selves…(the) Oz-Factor…more real than real…(another separate) real world.”

The resemblance of owls to the “quintessential grey alien,” sometimes demonstrating the characteristic “bobbing” motions, as was reported in the case of Lucretia Heart where a gray alien “morphed” into an owl on several occasions. Some owls validated “gliding” motions as in UFO reports and seemed to be “paired together…conjoined” with physiognomies of UFOs.  

pp.  216, 220, 221, 235, 240.




As mentioned earlier, one of Clelland’s appraisals had to do with owls or owl-types and that these unusual sightings may  be  “psychic projections”  of a type, but he also added that they were obviously physical and that they operate in connection to the Earth’s magnetism along “ley lines”—part of a “psychogenic Oz Factor” (pp. 32, 33, 56).

Clelland and his friend Natascha experienced the “straight line mystery” in their May 13, 2010, and March 10, 2013, traveling episode through and to Dolores, Colorado (please note the curious interpolation of numbers in the dates). On both occasions, strange and mystifying things happened. Clelland’s “confirmation event” of March 10, 2013, took place in a “cold dusty corner of Southern Utah.” During the night, Clelland became gripped with fear and later both saw a vision—to Clelland, it was a vision of himself.  These events designated an eastern “point” on a map, with two other “points,” one concerning a camping spot of March 10, 2013, off of Utah Highway 20 east of I-15.[3]

Photos Extra Aime Michel 22708247897

At this second spot, Clelland observed a “round house with many rows of windows,” located between two hills.  He jokingly referred to it as a “landed flying saucer.”  He also saw at that spot a “motionless white glow.”

Later, Clelland tried to locate this “house” on Google maps, but there was nothing resembling this house at those exact coordinates. He made a trip to the exact spot and saw that there nothing even resembling a circular building.  At 1.6 miles away, it would have been enormous.

“These two points were at each end of a 231-mile-long straight line,” says Clelland.

Surprisingly, there was a “third point” that fell along the 231-mile-long line: A March 2011 campsite on Burr Trail Rod, Boulder, Utah. It was here that Natascha also experienced the hooting of an owl, a feeling of ‘transcendence,’ and the sighting of a “glowing orb of “light.”

Clelland treks through historical accounts of Totems, Shamanism, religious artifacts and other testimonies that all lend credence to Jung’s “meaningful coincidence,” owls and UFOs.

“From my direct experience, there is a blurry line between synchronicity and owls…overall UFO mystery has such a sweeping strangeness…a big bucket of weirdness…complicated and bottomless,” says Clelland, “…owl(s)…some sort of stand-in-for the prototypical bug-eyed gray alien…we are being told over and over, that there is more to all of this then we dare to imagine…the entirety of the UFO mystery is not what it seems.”

pp. 18, 188, 209, 220.




Clelland continues in the same fashion in his second and follow-up book STORIES FROM THE MESSENGER: ACCOUNTS OF OWLS, UFOs, AND A DEEPER REALITY (Richard Dolan Press, 2018, 377 pages, $24.95) giving even further detailed accounts of owls, UFOs, and synchronicity.

One typical story concerns “Cindy” of Little Rock, Arkansas, as owls and “orbs” follow her about, even after she relocated to the town of Benton

She gave further insights: “These orbs moved like nothing on Earth that is flying. They don’t disturb the environment at all. It’s like they are part of the air. No wind, no light shining out, no sound. It’s very hard to explain.”

Whitley Strieber expounded on this: “…it turns out that something is being explained to us. Like the owl, our mysterious visitors come by night. Like the owl, they are silent and all-seeing. And like to owl, they reach right into our little burrows and carry us off into transformative experiences…symbolically represent something otherworldly.”

Psychic Laura Bruno summarized the book this way: “…these contemporary stories resonate with the oldest stories___our myths, legends, and lore…invite us to remember these are living stories…we are…part of the mystery.”


Steve Erdmann, June, 2018




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[1] This reviewer reminds everyone that Jung’s archetypes and synchronism include many types of animals. “Animals whose natural habitats include both the light/aboveground and the dark, water, or underground are symbolic of entities that can serve as guides to the unconscious, for they reflect the fundamental nature of the Self.  The Self knows the light and dark, the surface and hidden, the conscious and unconscious aspects of our being. Examples of animals that are frequently used as symbols of the Self include: snakes, owls, ducks, swans, geese, frogs, turtles, and occasionally bugs and bees. Whales, dolphins, porpoises and other fish (excluding sharks) are also frequent symbols of the Self (e.g., the symbol of Christ as a fish) because they are at home in the water (the unconscious).”
[2] “Much controversy was inevitably aroused by the original discovery that UFOs, or some of them at least, have traveled across certain territories in straight lines. Researchers in many countries had reported the existence of these straight lines, a factor in the mystery that ruled out all the objections put forward by the sceptics. Aimé Michel, in the following letter, addressed to the Editor of the Flying Saucer Review, points out that his latest discovery puts paid to many of the criticisms leveled against his original theory. Orthoteny is now a research method and a fact. It can well lead to the predictability of sightings. As a fact it will have to be regarded sooner or later by those scientists who refuse to admit the existence of the flying saucers. The letter that follows must surely rank as one of the most important contributions to Ufology that this Review has been privileged to publish.”

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