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Part I

Sumer Mysteries


“in the seized documents were plans for a global revolution and it was clear this was to be accomplished by clandestine groups using secrecy and deceit. It was also clear that was to be the work of only the most illuminated (educated) well-placed individuals” (p. 211)


“According to many theories today, while the Bavarian Illuminati may have faded away, its goal and doctrines continue on through various individuals and groups seeking to control the world.” (p. 327)


“There appears to be something darker behind the effort to subjugate humanity and wreck the environment than simple corporate greediness or political power grabs. Even animals know not to dirty their own nests. Why would corporate leaders want to kill the Golden Goose that provides golden eggs by poisoning the Earth and killing its inhabitants?”  (p. 345)


Best-selling author of CROSSFIRE: THE PLOT THAT KILLED KENNEDY, RULE BY SECRECY, and several others, the late Jim Marrs takes us on one of his final excursions into the largely unknown, infamously hidden cabal called the “Illuminati.”

(THE ILLUMINATI: THE SECRET SOCIETY THAT HIJACKED THE WORLD, Jim Marrs, Visible Ink Press, 43311 Roy Road , #414,  Canton, MI 481187-2075,, 734-667-3211, 2017, 410 pages, $19.95.)

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The Late Jim Marrs


All studies have a beginning and an origin of their beliefs and science. For the Illuminati, origins must go far back into history, mythology, religion and even technology, and how it composed the structure of our present-day.  Following the dots through history are complex, as Marrs will testify, and Erdmann will simplify and stay connected to the content as best can be done..

Control: Far Back in History.

“This theology included the desire to control others, to operate in secrecy, and adhere to the idea that the end justifies the means. Thus, the shadow of the Illuminati has been cast right up to the events of today.” (p. xxvi)

Over 600 secret societies, said Adam Parfrey of Feral House, operate about the globe, some are Druidic colleges.  But Marrs says that the deepest secrets are traced back to ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia, called Shinar and the Sumerian city of Uruk. Sumer issued basics for all ensuing western cultures. Sumerians constructed great water works and pyramidal structures called ziggurats.

The Code of Hammurabi, says Marrs, was issued by the Sumerian King Ur-Nammu along with the sexagesimal math, spherical astronomy, the first calendar, geometry, and the Platonian Year that inspired secret societies. The “Book of Light” told of “mysteries of wisdom” that reached Noah, Abraham, and other descendants. All “came from beings who came from the skies.” (p. 6) According to author Zacharia Sitchin, these were “beings who could fly through the air” —-the Anunnaki—-who possessed genetic engineering, interplanetary travel, technological formulas, and, perhaps, atomic physics and could produce atomic blasts.

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Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn, relays Marrs, speak of the ‘Shining Ones” who “fought amongst themselves using humans as pawns.” “The secret doctrines of the Shining Ones have steered the developments of humankind for possibly 50,000 years, and continues to do so today,” said Gardiner and Osborn.

Knowledge of the Shining Ones were passed to the list of Sumerian Akkadians and subsequent pantheon of “gods.”  “Anyone who failed to offer allegiance to his or her one true god was castigated as a blasphemer, heathen, devil worshipper or worse,” says Marrs.

“The Earth, or at least the Near East, was devastated at some point, either through natural cataclysm or some prehistoric war,” says Marrs. “The Anunnaki gods withdrew from overt human contact.” (p. 10)

This “golden age” was followed by the ‘Fall’ of mankind, and only “Illuminated ones” relayed this knowledge by means of “Mystery Schools”: The Knights Templars and the “inner core of modern Freemasonry and on into the Illuminati.” (p.12)

Erik von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin each offered works about the “messengers,” the Anunnaki, who initiated “organized religion” with “rulers over humanity” as an “administrative body” who also “got a taste of wealth and power.’’  Mystery Religions such as the Freemasons and Rosicrucians dated back to ancient Babylon and the Tower of Babel.  The Anunnaki “sky gods” were instrumental in recreation of society “and invented the use of monoatomic gold.”

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David Hudson discovered a mysterious “something” composed of a single atom that could be made to disappear through a process of “disaggregating,” a strange white powder which he called “Orbitrary Rearranged Monatomic Elements (ORMEs).” Dr. Hal Puthoff found these monoatomic elements were also “superconducting,” and when heated had anti-gravitational properties in that it would ‘disappear,’ but would ‘reappear’ when cooled.

As a form of ancient Alchemy, monatomic white powder appeared to have medicinal properties that could cure cancer and AIDS and eventually explain legends of white or black magic. The Egyptian Book of the Dead  called it “schefa food” in Egyptian history.

Moses (Mosis) was Tuthmosis’s son. However, any male child could not inherit the throne and had to be killed. Because Tuthmosis married Tiye who, unfortunately for her, had this son who was then floated down the Nile to be found and raised by a Jewish family and named Akhenaton.

The mystery of Moses/Akhenaton was just one of the “Mystery School” doctrines in a long line of mystery doctrines. Moses/Akhenaton was exiled. Pharaoh Ramesses II and his army chased after Moses, but the Pharaoh was destroyed near lake Timsah..

The Shining One’s Secret.

Both Akhenaton and Nefertiti had elongated skulls said to be from a lineage from the Anunnaki —-the Biblical Nephilim.  The Schefa food was known as shem-anwa by the Babylonians and mfkzt by the Egyptians. It was called manna by the Israelites.

Apparently, not only the powder, but also traces of rocks turned into glass-like material, said some researchers, indicated a superior technology in which atomic explosions had taken place, and even though “the Anunnaki had maintained their  spacefaring facilities in the Sinai … (eventually) was destroyed in the  atomic fires about the same time as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.” (p. 24)

These feats were also the part of alchemy of the “Shining Ones,” and their high-spun monoatomic gold powder. Babylonian lore of moon-god Nannar traced back to Anunnaki commander Enlil and his wife Ninlil. Egyptians, such as Amenhotep III, knew of the legendary white powder known as mfkzt. Marrs says the Egyptian civilization was directly connected to that of Sumer in all sciences and the “miraculous white powdered gold.” It is noted the Biblical Methuselah of having lived almost 1,200 years.

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(Marrs gives us an ‘aside’: Nazi Germany elite were in search of such “ancient relics and knowledge’’ for anti-gravity, “scientific breakthroughs,” occult practices, V-weapons, The Bell, and other “building blocks of the Universe” (p. 37). This included the atomic bomb. Many secrets remained with Obergruppenführer SS Hans Kammler, secrets going back to “the ancient astronauts.” In the Fall of 1947, these secrets were placed in the U.S government arsenal under the control of the National Security Council and Truman’s National Security Act. Anti-gravity experiments lurched even deeper into American Black Projects. That “shadow government,” Majestic 12 and MJ-12, all classed as “deniable,” “tightly controlled,” “well-organized,” and in excess of 60-billion-dollars [2012]).  (p. 44)

Gnostic Beginnings: The Elder Secrets

The “Mystery Schools” were many branches from one stim that allegedly grew multiple beliefs of central gnosis, some found in the many Holy Books of this story. This can be found, says Marrs,  at Qumran and Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea scrolls, as well as the Alexandrian cult in the first century C.E which taught about the strange beings called “Aeons” who came as messengers from the “between the heavens and earth.”  Zoroastrianism and Gnosticism originated in Iran, Asia Minor, Syria, Babylon, but also carried back to Palestine and Egypt.

These schools became the basic religion of the Cathars in France, decimated by the Albigensian Crusade around 1209, with the gnosis passed onto Bavarian Illuminati.

The Eyes of Adam-Weishaupt


The Cabala, the Kabbalah, the Qabalah Torah also called unto special Hebrew texts titled sefer yetzirah (Book of Creation) and the sefer hazohar (Book of Light), traced back to two versions of the Talmud , one originating in Babylon, the other to Jerusalem and the legend of Adam’s Garden of Edin with the Sumerian term Edin, talking of the first settlement of the Anunnaki in southern Mesopotamia. The heritage of said ‘doctrines’ were passed through Adam’s son, Noah, and then carried out of Sumer by Abraham with the “secrets of Enoch and the further initiation of Israel.” (p. 46)

The “Book of Raziel” tutored King Solomon and others with its ram as the “highest expression of cosmic knowingness” in ab-ram or av-ram associated with the alchemical records of Egypt, the Biblical Ham, pyramid construction, the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucian movement tracing back to Anunnaki roots. Judeo-Christian “mysteries” introduced Free Masonry, as well as the Cabala, Rosicrucianism on up to the Illuminati and further into modern groups.

Moses Mendelssohn was also a Cabalist and mentor of Adam Weishaupt (founder of the so-called Illuminati) as well as banker of Mayer Rothschild. Michael Hess was the tutor of Jacob Rothschild’s children and headed a Philanthropist school for Jewish children in Frankfort.

Five-hundred pages written by poet John Byron connected Byron to Freemasonry, the Royal Society, Jacobites, and the “Cabala Club.”

Illuminati teachings existed in the Mystery Schools of Greece and Egypt, Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, the Rosicrucians, and the Babylonian Mystery Schools.

One “Mystery School” trait was to speak in ‘codes’ because “only truly mature minds” existed in the world that could comprehend Anunnaki secrets.

Anunnaki Technology

With many similar parables (stories) Jesus spoke the word to them, as much as they could understand. He did not say anything to them without using a parable. But when he was alone with his own disciples, he explained everything. Mark 4:33, New International.”  (p. 50)

Initiates of the Mysteries were said to be able to “communicate directly to the gods and they received replies” as the Illuminati, the Illuminati Ones, tracing back to the earliest civilization of Sumer. Sumerian cuneiforms told of a similarly Great Flood when the Anunnaki leadership realized that the planet Nibiru would return in its 3,600-year orbit causing havoc, while the Anunnaki “waited events out in orbiting evacuation ships.”

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The Anunnaki science officer, Enki, and his prized assistant, Utnapishtim, the “Sumerian Noah,” with the Anunnaki gods (compressed here into the monotheistic God of the Bible) constructed a waterproof ark. In the Gilgamesh account/version Utnapishtim was told to take aboard “the seed of all living things.” Enki had been the science officer of genetic engineering with DNA samples to be used in a grand salvation of humankind. The Great Flood was more than just heavy rains, but also described darkness, colossal winds, and appeared to be a “planet-wide catastrophe.”

The “ancient schools” carried myriad parallel teachings of a virgin who had a son, gods who taught all basic sciences and did so far and wide. It was Abraham who brought Anunnakian knowledge to Palestine and Egypt, and this technology sprung up in Egypt after 3100 CE.

The Essenes were undoubtedly one of the Mystery Schools, and later a branch of the Egyptian Great White Brotherhood of Therapy including the Temple of Melchizedek (Hebrews 6; 20).  Little was known of “Mystery Christianity” until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 hear the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi: the Essene authors carried parts of the Old Testament that “were similar to the interpretations of Jesus’s brother James and the Jerusalem Christians.” (p. 54)

Roman Emperor Constantine quelled the various religious “conflicts” by declaring a hybrid religion to “appease all influential factions by declaring a common and unified world-religion at the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE” where he ordered destruction of all works that questioned “the newly constructed orthodoxy.” The Essenes carried on with “the hermetic traditions of the Greeks.”

An Essene Master in an Indian monastery also heralded “musical doctrines” of Greek philosopher Pythagoras was connected to Plato, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati by speaking of the Messiah as a “New World Order.”  The Essenes of Jesus’s time had built around the Mason’s Trowel and other allegories of “Mystic Christianity” with texts such as The Gospel of Truth, The Gospel of Thomas, and others.

Author Nesta Webster said that the Essenes “were a secret society” clearly invested in Cabala and Cabalists. Author Laurence Gardner, however, said that the Christianity of the Roman Empire “was closer to the original teachings of Jesus than any other.”

Likewise, the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Sion) is allegedly to have been filled with Grand Masters who created the Knights Templar; but his story turned out to be a complete hoax.

“Nevertheless, it is highly significant that so many esoteric beliefs can be traced back to Egypt, Palestine,” says Marrs, “only more specifically, the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia.”

.Growth and Conjoining Schools.

“The House of Wisdom,” the Roshaniya of Afghanistan, called the “enlightened ones,” “the Helpers,” had practices strikingly similar from the Illuminati ranging from abolition of private property, a Supreme Being who desired a class of perfect men and women to carry out control of the world, as well as other Illuminati plans, and in complete secrecy. “The Roshaniya believed members of the Order gained power from the spirits of dead members.” Some of the same parallels can be seen in the doctrines of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and the legendary Knights Templar.

Freemasonry and Knights Templars became intertwined with Cabalism, the Mystery Schools, and the deflating the Roman Catholic Church: antiestablishmentarianism.

The Jesuits, formed in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola to be a protector and defender of the Roman Catholic Church by being an “aggressive militant force” against heresy, soon became a cult unto itself in which “Adam Weishaupt used as a template for his Illuminati.’’ Those of the privileged class who possessed true esoteric and hermetic knowledge were “savagely” persecuted by the Dominicans of the 14th century Inquisition to the point that “the last vestige of free thinking disappeared.” (p. 70)

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The seeds of control go back many centuries


Joining with other noted cults and secret societies, the Assassins, Assasseens, “guardian of the secrets,” with its founder Hassan bin Sabah, escaped to Egypt to be further indoctrinated in ancient secrets, including Hebrew Cabala. Hassan‘s system of apprentices was like later Masonic degrees in the Templars and Freemasons: The Illuminati and only Assassin leaders “knew the underlying truth of their Order.”

Rosicrucians were a creation of Freemasonry and the Illuminati “secret traditions reaching back into antiquity,” called the Oder of the Rosy Cross (1188). Rosicrucian Manifests, by Johahn Valentin Andreae, a German Lutheran cleric who became a spiritual counselor that connect to William of Hesse and the Rothschilds. 


Part II

The Spread of Illuminati Cults.

Marrs also lists the fifteen or so secret societies that existed in the world at one time such as the Knights of the Golden Eagle, The Thule Society, and several others (pp. 75-78).

“One is the International Order of St. Hubertus, which came to public attention in February 2016 when Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia was found dead at the hunting ranch of one of the Order’s member’s in Texas.”

The Order was rooted in Catholicism in the exclusive Bohemian Grove group wherein housed members U.S Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Richard Nixon.

Another aspect was from the 1954 Bilderberg Club which had grown to great power amidst a “rotten core of bankers, royalty, arms industry, and media barons.” Inner core leaders included the Council for Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, and the 1919 Paris Peace Conference.

Edward Mandell House authored Philip Drew: Administrator  which described a ‘conspiracy’ in the United States of a central bank, graduated income tax, and a plan to control both political parties; which came true in 1923 with two Institutes of International Affairs “to guide public opinion toward acceptance of a one-world government or galvanism.”

The Eyes of rothschild-illuminati-party-1972-3

The secretive Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was incorporated on July 21, 1921 and had financers such as J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Jacob Schiff, and corporations such as Xerox, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Fund, and several others. The CFR created the Committee with thirty-seven committees in the early 1980s, which had far-reaching plans of world domination “through multinational business, international treaties, and world-government.” The CFR reached its goal through a larger ‘web’ of outside sources: The Business Enterprise, the Business Round table of the Hoover Institute, and a plethora of America’s global activists.

Journalist J. Anthony Lukas said that the CFR influence “flows as well through more intricate channels…if the Council has influence___and the evidence suggests that it does____then it is the influence its members bring to bear through such channels.”

With such as a “control hierarchy” of the CIA, CFR, and the Trilateral Commission, Journalist Robert Eringer said: “…one now in position of power…It is for this reason that the Commission has acquired a reputation for being the Shadow Government of the West.”  Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater called the Trilateralists “…truly intend(ing) the creation of a worldwide economic power superior…of the nation-states involved…As managers and creators of the system they will rule the world.”  (p. 82) Funding came from tax-exempt corporations, and new members had to be screened by a membership committee to make sure they had globalist views.

The Stylized Weishaupt.

The Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons and the Bilderberg Group were all part of an ongoing conspiracy with deeper levels where the Satanic influences and the power of Zionists in the globalist plot of the League of Nations and the and the United Nations connected.

Texe Marrs, a former U.S Air Force officer and University of Texas faculty member, said: “Eventually, they think that no one is able to stop or even delay their bold plot to murder—-yes, murder—-America.”

Several Trilateralists became convinced that democracy needed to be overridden, involving the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), The Department of Energy, and the Treasury for International Affairs. Closely following, Paul Volcker was made head of the Federal Reserve, and then this was followed by Alan Greenspan, both members of the CFR, TC, and the Bilderberger Group. In 2006, there was Bob Bernanke and in 2014, Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve.

“(The) Trilateral Commission may be following in the steps of Weishaupt,” says Jim Marrs, “and his original Illuminati.”

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President Barack Obama appointed eleven Trilateral Commission appointees in his administration and 12 percent to top-level government positions.

All U.S presidents and vice presidents, six of the last eight World Bank presidents and more than half of all U.S secretaries of state and three-quarters of the secretaries of defense have been Trilateralists.

“The global banks and corporations now dominate the nation states, including the United States,” says Jim Marrs, “with no regard for due process, Congress, or the will of the people. Adam Weishaupt would no doubt approve.”

The Core Tactics:  Masonic Ordo ab Chao.

Masonic lore was derived from so-called prehistoric “gods,” as had been mentioned, who Illuminated certain individuals with their knowledge as Mystery Schools connecting Jewish and Christians religions ending with an “inner core” of Freemasonry, Knights Templar and the latest Illuminati.

These secret societies were concerned not only with political and communist issues, but also loyal bloodlines, ancient religions, and spiritualism. These also attracted corporate leaders, high-level society members, European royalty but also intelligence agencies.

The Masonic symbol “G” stood for geometry and masonry as well as ‘sacred geometry” or “gnosis.” Freemasonry predates ancient Egypt back to the construction of the biblical Tower of Babel and King Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem.

During the Middle Ages, only guilds of stonemasons or lodges that proved “an ideal vehicle for the flow of information and the covert distribution of anti-clerical teachings”: Order of Knights Templar fleeing persecution by the church known as “speculative Masons.”

The Eyes of Washington ham16_vid_flawed


Mason Albert Pike spoke of two levels of doctrine, of which the most secretive and second level most Masons never reach. Freemasons and the Illuminati, the illuminated, of the 1700s were a blending of elder esoteric lore and mixed Cabalistic tradition. Many American presidents were also Masons, ranging from George Washington to Gerald Ford. Famous Americans from John Hancock to Hubert Humphrey were also Masons. Historical foreign Masons included Cecil Rhodes, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and many others.

Author Texe Marrs wrote that Ordo ab Chaos was a “Secret Doctrine of the Illuminati” based on German philosophies of Georg Hegel’s concept that “crisis leads to opportunity,” seen as Hegelian Problem, Reaction, Solution  and that out of chaos is given advantages to reorganizing  society into a new system.

Captain William Morgan (1826), a 30-year-old Masonic defector, was going to create a book exposing Masonic secrets, but was kidnapped and disappeared.  It was discovered that wealthy and powerful Masons were found at every level of government and even affected the news media.

“Jacobites,” such as Sir Christopher Wren and Isaac Newton, knew that masonic lore related to Cabala wisdom-philosophy tracing it back to the ancient Babylonia, Pythagoras, Plato, Egypt, and “the shadow of King Solomon.”  The Rosicrucians and Freemasons merged in 1762 and incorporated the “two pillars” of Solomon’s Temple story.

Sir Francis Bacon, said Master Mason Lawrence Gardnor, produced Masonic texts, but he also was part of the editorship of the King James Version of the Bible (KJV) in 1717.  (p. 94)

Further Historical Webs: The Illuminati.

Illumined doctrine, said Polish philosopher Josef Maria Hoene-Wronski, had many associations going back into history from the Pyramids, astrologers of Rome, and the Rose-Croix Group and others called “Illumines.”

Weishaupt’s teachings were often seen as a “proto-communistic-organization” composed of noblemen, intellectuals, progressive politicians, and those involved in the Age of Enlightenment.

The 1700s were a “halcyon” age for secret societies in Europe, while Jesuits hindered Martin Luther’s Reformation. Any clericalism or book that suggested “liberal free-thinking” was forbidden. On May 1, 1776, the Bavarian Illuminati was formed by Johann Adam Weishaupt, a professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany. Johann Weishaupt read many forbidden books of the ancient mysteries, cults, paganism, and Age of Enlightenment sources.

The Eyes of founding fathers declaration


Weishaupt went through several stages of Freemasonry: The Perfectibilists, the Rite of Strict Observance, The Teutonic Knights, The Lodge, Society of Bees. Member Franz Xaver von Zwack said that members needed to be molded: “We cannot use people as they are but, begin by making them over.”    

Member and author, Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwig Knigge, promoted the Illuminati’s growth. Illuminati member William IX employed Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild as his general agent and banker, as well as Hashanah, Mystical Cabalist and Freemason. The Rothschilds wrote in Judendeutsch to disguise their methods.

Nathan Rothschild took control of the Bank of England as well as the Rothschild fortune.  Mayer’s other four sons had become central bankers in Europe.

“Acting together,” says Marrs, “the Rothschild dynasty promoted financial booms and busts and even wars to continually gain immense profits and control.”

The Bank of Cleveland, a registered Rothschild bank, loaned the money necessary for John D. Rockefeller so he could eventually buy the entire oil industry.

Author David Livingston reported that Meyer Rothschild, in 1773, had invited twelve other wealthy and influential men who represented all the thirteen bloodlines of the Illuminati, including Adam Weishaupt, to “plot to bring about a New World Order.” Adam Weishaupt emphasized the destruction of existing governments, religions, all “goyim” to be ruled ultimately by Satanic and Luciferian despotism.

The tutor for Jacob Rothschild, Michael Hess, was a devoted follower of Moses Mendelssohn, a Jewish Cabalist, who said that various Illuminati factions were out to destroy Catholicism, Christianity, and to set-up classical in-fighting.  The Illuminati began waning in Florence. On June 22, 1784, the Duke of Bavaria, Karl Theodore, “issued the first of several edicts banning all such societies.”

Zionism as part of the Illuminati

Zionism began in Russia (far removed from Palestine), while others trace it back to Biblical Patriarch Abraham, who was neither a Jew nor an Arab but rather a Sumerian nobleman. The earliest history had a lot to do with a text called Deuteronomy which was the basis for the Torah and the Pentateuch or Talmud. 

The Jews in Israel today are not from the Middle East but are called Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe that “migrated ward from the Kazazian Empire in an area between the Black Caspian Seas” (presently called Georgia). There they entered the business of exchanging and lending money. One-third of the Khazar population, the Jews, charged interest on a home loan. This population was over-run by Scandinavian migrants called the “Rus” and the area called Russia.

Non-Jewish Khazars called themselves Ashkenazi Jews and spread across Europe and America, subject of Talmudic government with no Judahite blood. The Sabbateans or Sabbatean Franks also included a belief that the Rothschilds believed themselves as descended from the Sumerian god King Nimrod, as Albert Salomon Nimrod Rothschild noted (1922).

“From the Illuminated Freemason lodges of Germany and London, Jewish socialists Karl Marx and Frederick Engels devised the plan for communism.” (p. 143)

It was the Sabbatean Jews who started Zionism, says Marrs, and, in 1815, Zionist Second Lord Walter Rothschild, eldest son of Nathan Rothschild, declared the Belfour Declaration, which was also approved by the 1922 League of Nations. Baron Edmond de Rothschild, founded the Israel General Bank in order to gain “a foothold in the oil-rich Middle East.”

With the event of the sinking of the Lusitania and the “Zimmerman note advocating a German invasion from Mexico,” Zionists became anti-German and heralded the unfair Treaty of Versailles, the rise of Hitler, his Third Reich, and World War II.

With the help of many foreign banks and corporations, the 1930s Adolf Hitler was “consolidating” his power, thanks to Big Businesses such as the Bank of England, Ford Motor, Union Banking Corp, and many others.

A forceful exit of Jews was made by the Transfer Agreement in 1933, but the election of Hitler caused a worldwide boycott of Germany proclaimed by Jewish leaders forcing many Jews to go to Palestine.  “…real Holocaust was more about destroying he Orthodox Jewry, and particularly its leadership,” says Marrs, “to further the aims of Zionism…(and) Sabbatean-Frankish Zionists…characterized as being immoral and subversive…Illuminated initiated movements like communism, Nazism, and today’s New World Order.” (p. 144)

Illuminated Proclamations of ‘Invisible’ Superiors.

Most Masons held to an upbringing to trust and revere both Church and State; others like Knigge Zwack, were “envisioning revolutionary ideals,” even from “invisible superiors,” possibly supernatural entities.

The 1782 Congress of Wilhelmsbad, the Masonic Order of Strict Observance, was discarded as well as even references to the Templars. This resulted in a great number of Illuminati as headquartered in Frankfurt Germany as the center of finance controlled by Illuminati Rothschild’s Freemasonry. Master Mason Albert Pike said in the late 1800s that the infusion of Ancient Mysteries had true explanations reserved for the adepts and the Princes of Masonry.

 The Illuminati, having conquered Freemasonry in Europe, turned their attention to infiltrating the Church, partly because of the Protestant printing of the Bible since 1454 and the freedom it gave to people to read and investigate.

For the Bavarian Illuminati, the Roman Catholic Church was still controlled by lending money and largess to European royalty. The Church also “kept a close eye on the daily lives of peasant through the confessional system of the priests, which proved,” says Marrs, “to be sort of any early day National Security Agency.”

“Secrets of the ancients” were kept by the Church by word-of-mouth, clay tablets, scrolls and papyrus and the Church’s vast collection of written or printed libraries from over the centuries. Pope Clement XII condemned Freemasonry (1738) which were secretly worshipping Lucifer through “universal expression of Divine Wisdom…(by) illuminated minds.” (p. 162) The movement was first to Deism—eventually to Satanism, the “Shinning Ones.” The Old Testament was originally actions of the early Anunnaki which also had later sponsored Freemasonry teachings.

Bavarian Duke Karl Theodor issued several edicts beginning 1781 aimed to wipe-out Freemasons and the Illuminati. Weishaupt hid in Regensburg.  In 1785, Pope Pius VI also published another edict causing illumines to commit patet exitus, rather than live in public. Documents in the home of Franz Zwack proved the Illuminati to be “men of disgusting morals and depraved taste dedicated to the overthrow of religion and government.”

These crackdowns caused the spread of the Illuminati to other countries such as France, Italy, England, Russia and the new America.  Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, a Grand Master of German Freemasonry, said the Illuminati “have come under the power of some very evil and occult Order, profoundly versed in science, both occult and otherwise…”

Researcher Nesta Helen Webster wrote in 1921: “Weishaupt …knew how to take from every association, past and present, the portions he required and to wield them all into a working system of terrible efficiency.” Researchers such a Texe Marrs and Ralph Epperson agreed that a “secret organization, based on wealth, race, and bloodline,” which continued to try and make economic slavery of humanity. Texe Marrs included financial backers of Karl Marx.

The Eyes of wilhelm


“Other commenters see history unfolding according to the Illuminati’s long-term plan,” says Jim Marrs. “They see wars being plotted decades in advance and designed to destroy whole nations and their elites, along with depopulation, demoralization, and the quest for power and profit.” 



Revolution, Symbols, Whistle Blowers

There was no doubt that the early American colonists were greatly influenced by an Illuminati presence, their Masonic lodges traced directly back to the French Revolution and “agitators” by the cells of the French Freemasonry and the German Illuminati: A brotherhood taught by Freemasonry in secret societies, rationalism and the illumines. In 1789, and the outbreak of the French Revolution, some 266 lodges of the Masonic Grand Orient of France were established with carrying Illuminati philosophy.  Their philosophy was to cause confusion and revolution such as when The Duke of Orleans bought all the grain in 1789 causing starvation.

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Couriers of the secret societies spread a warning that the King intended to attack the colonies. Fear and discontent continued to rise when King Louis XVI refused to sign the Versailles Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen resulting in war in 1792 as the Reign of Terror; as Napoleon Bonaparte declared an end to the revolution, soon followed by German Elector Karl Theodor’s banning of all secret societies.

American Founding Fathers were in possession of Illuminati literature and attended existing Freemason lodges. The slogans of Enlightenment of Liberty and Equality were based on goals from Illuminati lodges in Europe. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and other Colonists were Illuminated Freemasons. The Boston Tea Party was carried-out by members of the St. Johns and St. Andrews lodges. Many of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. The growing Freemason population promoted the Anti-Masonic Party resulting in more than 2,000 lodges closing because of resigning members.


Alexander Hamilton’s and Robert Morris’s The First Bank of the United States created a government banking interest involving the Rothschilds. The Second Bank of the United States (1816) was in the Bank War of 1836 with President Jackson declaring the central bank “a curse to a republic …(as) that administering a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.”

Second Bank president, Nicholas Biddle, was an agent of Jacob Rothschild in Paris, but failed to get Congressional approval, which was succeeded by the Federal Reserve System in 1913.

With the decline of Masonic lodges also came confusion and lack of understanding of their prehistoric lore and deep traditions. Similarly, it had been disclosed by Masonic scholar Laurence Gardner that Sir Francis Bacon ‘masterminded’ the forty-six scholars who created the King James Bible in several forty-six Bacon cyphers.

True to Illuminati tradition, the Rothschilds began financing major projects on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. Nathan Rothschild (cotton) and the Bank of the United States. August Schoenberg (finance to both sides), August Belmont (pro-Union finance), and Solomon Rothschild (pro-Confederate finance). German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck conceded that the Illuminati’s purpose was to keep the country divided so that the Illuminati would remain in “their financial denomination over the world.” (p. 269) President Abraham Lincoln seemed aware of these mechanizations happening.

Assassin John Wilkes Booth was a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) secret society: Founder Dr. George Wil Bickley had close ties to the French branch of The Seasons Illuminists. Confederate secretary of state Judah Benjamin was a confessed Illuminist.

A rather harsh reconstruction of the south U.S states led “to suffering under punitive economic policies into the 1960s” leading into other secret societies such as the Ku Klux Klan. However, the “planning and funding” for the revolution in Russia came from financiers in Germany, Britain, and the United States operating under Illuminati theology.” Their anti-authoritarian socialism was also part of the world revolution under communism: The International Working Men’s Association, a forerunner of  communism, appeared in 1864 under the leadership of German-born Karl Marx who was part of a long line of Jewish rabbis who was adequately familiar with the Torah, the Cabala, and Illuminati theology. Marx’s goals were basically those of historical Illuminates and the wishes of the New World Order—-abolition of all orderly national government, destroying inheritance and private property, national sovereignty, as resembled in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion cherished in the Nazi Party.

These were all models of German philosopher Georg Hegel and his “dialectic theory” of thesis-antithesis-synthesis wherein the “conflict” was purposefully created.

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In 1847 Karl Marx and Fredric Engels joined the League of the Just  (Engels had been converted to socialist humanism by Rabbi Moritz Moses Hess, and a Utopian socialist and Spiritualist, Robert Owen), and shortly following, Rabbi Hess suggested the League’s title be changed to the Communist Party.  It was the Russian Bolsheviks who became the forerunners of Communism which was “funded by bankers in London and New York.” (p. 278)

Both Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin were aided by German intelligence services which included Marx and Paul Warburg. Paul Warburg came to America in 1902 and helped create the Federal Reserve System and the Council on Foreign Relations which helped fund the war effort. In typical Illuminati fashion, “the two brothers ran the war from opposite sides” of their political agenda.


One of Leon Trotsky’s backers was Jacob Schiff, whose family had lived with the Rothschilds in Frankfort. Grandson John Schiff said that Schiff’s family spent about $20 million for the triumph of Bolshevism in Russia. Paul Warburg’s Kuhn, Loch & Company, and Warburg’s attorney, Elihu Root, did not seem to fear Communism. “Since they did not fear it,” says Marrs, “they must have controlled it.”

The Communist Party in Russia was largely composed of Jewish Zionists and Internationalists ready for any worldwide social revolution. Jewish people, however, were victimized as well. Anti-Communism had become a prime motivator behind subsequent wars of the Twentieth Century as supplied by the “synthesis” of the Cold War. “Often during the past fifty years, it was said that the United States was getting more like Russia,” says Marrs, “and Russia was getting more like the United States.” The principles of Illuminism continued “to thrive within Freemasonry and other offshore secret societies.”

Francis “Fanny” Wright, a British Illuminist in 1829, associate of the socialist Robert Dale Owen (son of Utopian socialist Robert Owen) was being developed along the lines of Illuminati principles of fomenting wars. World Revolution Movement (WRM) members and high offices of Europe’s Illuminized Freemasonry met in 1912 when the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand brought about World War I.  Assassin Serb Gavrilo Princip (June 28, 1914) and his wife Sophie were Freemasons. The assassination was performed on behalf of Milan Ciganovic, leader of the Black Hand, another related group.

Albert Pike, a Master Mason and former Confederate general, was despised for his hoax prophecy about World Wars I, II, and III in which Islam (and the Muslim Arabic world) would war against political Zionism, destroying each other. Pike appointee, Adriane Lemmi, a 33rd degree Mason, a banker and a supporter of revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi, was also into the Luciferin Society founded by Pike. The activities of Lemmi, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were financed by British, French, German, and American international bankers—-all dominated by the House of Rothschild.

World War II, however, was brought on “by agents and members of secret societies,” says Marrs, “connected to the Illuminati and Freemasonry in both Germany and Britain.” These were modern secret societies concerned only with wealth, power, and control. The Nazi cults were far more than just a political movement but born out of secret organizations whose goals were “the same as those found in the Illuminati and Illuminized Freemasonry,” including Bavarian Illuminati, the Germanenorden, Teutonic Knights, Oriental Templars, the Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Thule Society.

Dietrich Eckart of the National Social German Workers Party (NAZI) said that the Thule Society was deeply into Black Magic and the Master-Adept of non-human Intelligences. He also referred to Thulists that were a Society of Assassins related to the Assassins of Hassan bin Sabah and his connection to the Knights Templar. Hitler’s English nephew, William Patrick Hitler, claimed that the German Fuehrer had a background traced to the Rothschilds. Marin Anna Schicklgruber was his mother and she worked for Baron Rothschild in Vienna. In ensuing years, this was partially the reason Hitler gained enormous support he received from “the international banking fraternity” and the Rothschild family.

Author Grey Hallett in 2005 claimed that Hitler was a British agent that operated to fulfill a greater New World Order and Illuminati purpose of Hitler’s magical expansion into the Rhineland. Hitler’s war machine, Henry Makow wrote, was part of the extremely wealthy elite that had a part into a Satanic cult prying on mankind and hopes of their fine hegemony over the entire global usury at the cost of “paper and ink” and guarded by social mind control of “you and me.”

World War II accomplished goals of the Illuminati: Nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan were devastated; sixty million people died in world population; the Jewish Holocaust established Rothschild’s “world government” headquartered in Israel; peace candidates were killed; all nations that were smothered in debt succumbed into the United Nations.

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The Illuminati experimented with various musical variations of ‘A’ at 440 HZ as experiments “to alter the consciousness (as) not the only mind-control technique in use today,” CIA modification; promoted consumption; hyper-sexuality; psychotronic mind manipulation; targeted individuals; sleeper agents; the Cold war; 2008 inflationary depression  and corporate failings.

Rhodes Scholar, James H. Billington, wrote in his 1980 book Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith, pointed at Bavarian Illuminism, while author William H. Mcilhany pointed at European Grand Orient Freemasonry, Marxist “Utopianism,” Fabian Socialism, Leninist Bolshevism, Liberalism, Progressivism,  and several other “isms.”


Some people feel investigations tell of Illuminati membership today:  Gaylon Ross, Mimi L. Eustis (about her father Samuel Todd Churchill).

Bill Ryan, a founder of Project Camelot, told of ‘Charles’ who revealed that thirty -three individuals, a board of directors, made decisions for controlling the world, and was on a higher level of society than the customary Illuminati. This group was in possession of ancient documents and artifacts (some of these were at the Vatican), and operated according to no calendar, just unfolding events.

Author Fritz Springmeier said that the modern Illuminati is led by thirteen prominent families: Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, and the Merovingians. He said that the Illuminati were in control for some time now, and the U.S Constitution ineffective since World War II,

Linda Anderson was raised in a “trans-generational Satanic family” where her father was a Grand Master of the Illuminati.

“Svali,” once a “a high-level programmer and trainee” in an Illuminati branch of government, implicated as to what was needed in their ranks was more leadership, scholarship of spiritual aspects, and the military. Svali’s lodge consisted of links to the ancient mysteries of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic Druidism, worship of El, Baal, Astarte, Isis, Osiris, and Set. Civic values are no longer taught to children, said Svali, and such tactics went back in history. Illuminati children were taught strict secrecy.  Widespread economic collapse, joined to martial law, will usher in the New World Order.

“Hidden Hand” spoke in Above Top-Secret Forum site of the “Family” as thirteen inner circle blood-line-families oriented in antiquity as extraterrestrials, Illumines, Watchers of Advanced Beings (none were ‘reptilian’) but were “Group Souls” confused by polarity battles. Michael E. Salla of the Exopolitics Institute agreed that Hidden Hand was genuine.

Leo Lyon Zagam, Former friends of grand master of the Oracle Illuminati Orium Universalis in Florence, Italy, said the Illumines were a “web of deceit and total world control” going back before the dawn of human civilization: They included “wealthy and influential members of society.”

Katherine “Kay” Griggs said her U.S. Marine husband colonel husband described a “clique” called “The Firm” or “the Brotherhood” and “was above the law and employed assassination.”

Ron Rosenbaum, in an investigative article for Esquire Magazine, wrote that the Skull and Bones Order at Yale University was descendant from the Bavarian Illuminati. George H.W and his son George W Bush were Bonesmen —-and Bonesmen had “achieved ranking positions within government agencies, particularly the CIA.”

The Knights of Malta is another modern secret society composed of prominent and wealthy members in highest positions of within government and intelligence agencies. The Knights, linked to the Knights Templars, sought alliance and the protection of the Vatican. The name of those joined or had connection to the Knights of Malta, included the CIA, Presidents, and numerous high-ranking individuals. The exposure of the P-2 Freemason Lodge that plotted treason against the Italian government during the Reagan years is but one such illuminati crime. Leo Lyon Zagami claimed the Knights of Malta as one of the most powerful groups known to man.

Sometimes, claims about the Illuminati are grossly lacking in documentation or hard evidence: however, “their stories are generally and remarkably consistent.”  (p. 325)

“According to many theorists today,” says Marrs, “while the Bavarian Illuminati may have faded away, its goals and doctrines continue on through various individuals and groups seeking to control the world.”

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The Control of Media and Everything.

Fiction and science fiction have long been thought of as more than entertainment but perceived as a means for consciousness to perceive hidden or future events without being confined to strict laboratory rigor, but also an adjunct realm of perception. This can be found in books as well as Hollywood film and esoteric symbols, showing widespread and ingrained Illuminism has become.

Its origins are ancient, its purpose has always been control   and esoteric reality. As researcher Charles Fort said in his 1919 The Book of the Damned: “I think we are property. I should say we belong to something: that once upon a time,  this Earth was No Man’s Land, and other worlds explored   and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but now its owned by something…perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon this earth, a cult or Order…as a superior slaves or overseers…” (p.348)

Jim Marrs concludes: “Whatever the answer may be, it is Illuminism, the theology of deceit and the power-seeking that the thread connecting the ancient astronauts and their knowledge to the Bavarian Illuminati and the Illuminized organization of today.  And it is this Illuminism philosophy, not just the attendant societies and Orders that must be resisted for the sake of peace, harmony and true individual freedom.”




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The hard ugly reality is being told and has been told in many fiction and science-fiction stories and writers: our reality has been created by those with Power that are behind the curtain and wear masks! They cry out for us to listen, but we have been so brainwashed and so controlled and so distanced from this truth that only can phantasmagoria somewhat reach us—if at all.

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